Did Homelander Kill His Son? Here’s What Happened to Ryan Butcher!

Did Homelander Kill His Son? Here's What Happened to Ryan Butcher!

The Boys are primarily known as a comic book series, but Amazon Prime’s streaming adaptation of the comic book – which contains a lot of changes and additions – has helped the series become a global phenomenon. Now, The Boys are full of mysteries and questions, regarding both specific characters and concepts. In this article, we are going to talk about Ryan Butcher, but only his TV series version, since the character is a completely different one in the comic books. You’re going to find out what happened to Homelander’s son in The Boys and whether Homelander killed him.

Ryan Buther is, as of the beginning of Season 3, alive and well. He has been saved by Billy Butcher, the unlikely savior, and given to Mallory, where he is supposed to be safe from Homelander. Homelander would probably have killed his son had the circumstances gone in his favor, but – luckily – Ryan managed to survive and is safe and alive at this moment.

In the remainder of this article, we are going to talk about Ryan Butcher and his story within the larger Boys narrative, at least when the series is concerned. The goal of this article is to answer the question that’s been bothering fans since Ryan was introduced and to give you some facts about the character as well. Be careful, as there are going to be spoilers.

What happened to Ryan Butcher in The Boys?

Ryan is the child of a rape committed by Homelander against Becca Butcher. During the year 2012, he was born and grew up in a Vought International complex. Ryan first meets his father Homelander when the latter took Billy Butcher to a Vought International compound to show him that Becca Butcher is still alive.

His father tries to encourage him to use his powers but Ryan is unaware of them. His mother picks him up to do his math. Ryan reluctantly goes back to the house. In the evening, his father comes to see him in his room and offers him a telephone so that he can call him. John confides to him that he had few friends as well as the fact that he has no relatives.

He tells him that as gods they should feel no pain and they should be able to do anything. Ryan is suspicious of his father and does not answer him on the pretext of wanting to sleep. Homelander tells him that he loves him and asks him to answer, which Ryan does without thinking a word of it. One morning, he has breakfast with his mother and father in a tense atmosphere.

He speaks with Becca in Spanish as usual. He defuses a shouting match by asking his mother for permission to go and play with John, which she accepts. While his mother is busy, the super takes him to the roof of the house to practice flying. Ryan is skeptical and refuses to jump, arguing that he does not look like his father. Homelander then pushes him off the roof and Ryan crashes to the ground.

He remains unconscious for a few seconds and wakes up in his mother’s arms completely panicked. His mother helps him up and he witnesses an argument between his parents. He sees his father threatening his mother. He then intervenes and pushes Homelander to the ground in anger. He accidentally activates his laser vision without firing and lets his anger explode at his father, having had enough of him trying to turn him into a mini Homelander.

He orders him to leave them alone and leave. A few days later, he is playing LEGO with his mother when his father arrives with his new girlfriend Stormfront. John apologizes for his behavior the last time, which Ryan accepts. Stormfront immediately tells him about his powers. Ryan cuddles up to his mother as she talks with the Supers.

Shortly after, he shows Stormfront his stop motions which tell him about internet culture and Homelander movies which amuses Ryan, who asks Becca to watch them. His mother promises to talk about it again when he is old enough, while Stormfront tells him of an amusement park. Ryan immediately asks his mother for permission, who tells him that they will talk about it again.

He stays with Stormfront for a few minutes while his parents talk. After his father shows him the outside world, he gets angry with his mother and leaves with the Supers. While his father is “working”, he remains under the supervision of Ashley Barrett. Ryan reviews his statements while he is away and asks his father to be able to call his missing mother. Stormfront tries to console him and offers him a date.

They go to Vought’s restaurant but Ryan panics when a crowd of fans come to their table because of the noise and the crowds. His father asks him if he’s okay and the boy asks for his mother. John then takes him in his arms and leaves with him. He leads him to an isolated chalet and leaves him alone at his request. Ryan recites his states when his father comes to see him.

Ryan apologizes and explains to him that he panicked. His father confides to him that he himself was scared when he took his first walkabout and that he too fled 80 km further and that he ended up in tears, which surprised his son. John tells her that maybe they’ll go flying together. Ryan tells him that he knows he wants him to be like him but that they are different.

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John explains to him that he had to learn how to use his powers on his own but that he is going to help Ryan learn. John tells his son he loves him and Ryan gives him his first hug of his own. Shortly after, John tries to teach him to control his powers but Ryan cannot. Stormfront steps in and tells him they need him against “white genocide”.

While watching TV after Stormfront leaves, Ryan and John hear ultrasounds, and his father leaves. Becca then arrives and puts on noise-canceling headphones and introduces her to Billy, her husband, before rejoining the car. They flee by car but make a stop along the way where his mother leaves him alone in the car for a few moments.

They leave with Cream but Stormfront arrives and overturns the car causing an accident. Billy and Becca retrieve it and the three of them flee into the forest. They are caught by Stormfront who tells Ryan to come with her. Billy and Becca protect him but the Super grabs his mother by the neck and slowly strangles her.

Ryan yells at her to let her go and accidentally uses her powers. He neutralizes the Super but his mother is seriously injured. Ryan feeling guilty, cries all the tears apologizing to his mother. Homelander arrives and asks Ryan if he was the one who injured Stormfront. He replies that he didn’t do it on purpose. He refuses to follow his father and takes refuge behind Billy who begins to protect him as he promised Becca.

Reine Maeve arrives and prevents the confrontation thanks to her video and Billy hugs Ryan before leaving. He promises Billy “not to become a cunt”. Billy gives him a St. Christopher medal that belonged to Becca and tells him that St. Christopher and his mother will protect him. Billy entrusts him to Grace Mallory for his safety. He checks that Ryan has kept his promise. They shake hands and Ryan gets in the car.

Did Homelander kill his son?

As you can see, Homelander did not kill his son in The Boys TV series. The situation was quite (in)tense and people were unsure, but we have told you what happened to Ryan in the end and we know that he is going to appear in the upcoming third season of the show.

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