Did Kozue Cheat on Baki? Here’s What Happened

kozue hug alai

We know that Baki and Kozue are together in the events of the ‘Baki’ manga and anime. However, the thing is that Baki Hanma has been too focused on becoming stronger, and that makes sense because the storyline has always been about him and the other fighters becoming the best fighters that they can be. This made it more difficult for the author to include Kozue in the story, as we even saw her having a moment with Mohammad Alai Jr. So, did Kozue cheat on Baki?

Kozue didn’t cheat on Baki. In one instance, she can be seen hugging Mohammad Alai Jr. after he lost to Baki almost effortlessly. However, Kozue told him that she had no interest in him whatsoever and was merely hugging him as a mother figure who felt pity and cared for a boy who had just failed.

The thing about the ‘Baki’ storyline is that it has always been about the progression of Baki Hanma’s skills and strength as a fighter. That means that it was difficult to include Kozue in the mix of things, especially when she always hated violence. Still, her role as a mother figure was in full effect, especially when she saw someone who needed care. Now, let’s look at what happened between Baki and Kozue.

Does Kozue marry Alai Jr.?

One of the characters we met during the events of ‘Baki’ was Kozue Matsumoto, who was one of the few friends Baki Hanma made throughout the storyline. Of course, it goes without saying that Baki and Kozue ended up together in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, as it was clear that they both had feelings for one another. They even became intimate at one point in the storyline, leading to Baki becoming stronger.

But the thing about the storyline is that Kozue has always hated violence, even though her boyfriend was always in the mix of violent things happening throughout the manga and anime. One of the fights that Baki got into was with a strong and upstart boxer named Mohammad Alai Jr., who was clearly someone who wanted to overtake Baki’s place as one of the strongest fighters in the world.

kozue alai

While Alai Jr. did indeed want to fight Baki to replace him as the best young fighter in the entire world, he also wanted one more thing. He wanted to be with Kozue, who he was infatuated with. In fact, he even said to her:

“Baki Hanma has you and his title as the strongest in the world. They’re both things I want.”

In that regard, there was no doubt that he wanted Kozue and even proposed marriage to her even though she was still with Baki. He wanted to defeat Baki to prove that he was worthy of being called a strong fighter and Kozue’s love and affection.

Still, Baki didn’t care too much about Alai Jr., who he didn’t seem to believe was a threat to him or his relationship with Kozue. Nevertheless, he accepted the boxer’s challenge. Actually, he defeated him effortlessly even though Alai Jr. had boxing skills that were on par with his father, who was known as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Defeated, Alai Jr. broke down and lost all of his confidence. However, Kozue’s natural instincts kicked in as she embraced the defeated fighter and made him feel like she cared about him. And that was when fans thought that Kozue fell for Alai Jr.


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But as Alai Jr. wondered what was going on between them, Kozue dismissed any notion that something was between them. She merely told the defeated fighter that she wanted to comfort him and make him feel like someone cared for him. Meanwhile, the narrator spoke about how Kozue merely embraced Alai Jr. because she saw him as a defeated boy and that her motherly instincts kicked in.

As such, Alai Jr. embraced Kozue’s rejection and decided he wouldn’t pursue her hand in marriage. Of course, Kozue never cheated on Baki by embracing Alai Jr. and making him feel that someone still cared for him despite his defeat.

Did Baki break up with Kozue?

The thing about the ‘Baki’ storyline is that we hardly ever see Kozue together with Baki. In fact, during the entire first season of the ‘Hanma Baki’ storyline and the events surrounding the Pickle Wars, Kozue wasn’t shown. Only Baki and his enemies were shown during those storylines, as it was clear that Kozue had no place in Baki’s storyline at that time.

But the truth is that Baki and Kozue never broke up, even though Baki was now more focused on defeating his father. Baki was still with Kozue, who simply was just somewhere hanging around while her boyfriend was training and fighting other strong fighters. And she probably understood that Baki’s current focus was to become stronger than Yuujirou Hanma.

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Nevertheless, during the early portion of Baki’s fight with Yuujirou, Kozue appeared out of nowhere. Baki thought she was trying to stop him from fighting his father, only for Kozue to urge them to fight each other harder because this was their only way of telling each other their feelings. And this confused both Baki and Yuujirou.


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Yuujirou, of course, was impressed by the fact that Kozue had been fulfilling what he perceived was her role of providing comfort to Baki whenever he needed it. Still, some of Yuujirou thought that she wasn’t doing her job the right way because Baki wasn’t up to par in terms of his strength. And we all know that Yuujirou believed that having sex was one of the things that made men stronger.

Kozue allowed the two fighters to continue their slugfest as she watched the fight together with the crowd that had gathered to witness the two strongest beings in the world duking it out to see who was the strongest. And while Kozue was concerned about what Yuujirou was doing to Baki, she didn’t try to stop the fight because she understood just how important this was to her boyfriend.

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