Boruto: Did Kurama Die? Will It Come Back?

Boruto: Did Kurama Die? Will It Come Back?

Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, was one of the principal characters from Naruto until its death in Boruto. Kurama defined Naruto’s story and through being intrinsically tied to Naruto, it made a lasting impact on the show and the characters. Kurama wasn’t always the good guy but it did help Naruto overcome a lot of obstacles over the years. In this article, you will find out whether Kurama died and if it’ll come back in the Boruto anime and manga.

After Isshiki’s defeat, Baryon Mode proved too much to handle for Kurama. Thinking it would be him, Naruto was prepared to die, but Kurama revealed that he would be fine, as it was Kurama’s life that was gambled through using Baryon Mode. Kurama revealed the double meaning behind its words and that Naruto interpreted it wrongly. Before fading away, Kurama warned Naruto that he would have to be more careful from now on.

As you might have deduced, this article is going to be focused on Kurama. You’re going to find out what exactly happened to the Nine-Tailed Beast and whether the aforementioned death scene is permanent or just a temporary thing. You’re also going to find out how Kurama’s death influenced Naruto and his future.

Does Kurama die in Boruto?

After Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, in Jigen’s body, used his connection to Kawaki’s Karma to transport himself to Naruto’s house with the intention of retrieving him, he quickly overpowered the Hokage, immobilizing him with black bars. Kurama berated him for shaming the title of Hokage, causing Naruto to retort and activate Kurama Mode along with Six Paths Sage Mode to free himself and engage the enemy.

Later, Isshiki transported Naruto to another world with the intention of leaving him stranded there, being stopped by the arrival of Sasuke. As the battle progressed, Naruto manifested Kurama performing attacks with his tails. However, they were immobilized by the black bars and Naruto was forcibly removed by an Isshiki who had unleashed his power with Karma, and despite their efforts, Naruto and Sasuke were defeated and subdued.

When Isshiki decided to kill Sasuke, Naruto was able to distract him long enough with Shadow Clones for him to escape with the Rinnegan. Naruto mocked Isshiki for what had happened. Kurama stated for him to stop, stating that from the beginning, Isshiki had never intended to kill him and that he should not give him an excuse to finish them both off.

Isshiki praised Kurama for what he said before sealing them in a giant coffin. Later, Team 7, along with Kawaki, arrived in that world to save Naruto, using the combined power of Boruto and Kawaki’s Karma. After fighting Boro out of control, Boruto and Kawaki used their Karma to open a portal in the seal and free an unconscious Naruto.

When Momoshiki took control over Boruto’s body, he absorbed Naruto’s chakra. After Boro’s defeat, the team returned to Konoha with Naruto. After being taken to the hospital for treatment, Naruto made a quick recovery. During the revived Isshiki’s fight against Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto, the Ōtsutsuki was far superior, managing to block Naruto’s sensory abilities through the cubes he released, a fact that Kurama noticed.

Seeing Naruto’s determination to stop him, even if it cost him his life, Kurama suggested using a form of last resort that would cost him his life. Kurama explained that it was like nuclear fusion, consuming both of their chakra to produce a new type of energy, warning him not to make unnecessary moves and move based on useless thoughts, as that would be the key to keeping Baryon Mode active.

Kurama also informed him that this mode reduced his life expectancies and, as all chakra was connected, it would drain Isshiki’s life expectancy, declaring Naruto to attack him until he consumed his life entirely before he killed her. of them will end. Once planted in front of Isshiki, Naruto agreed to use it, declaring that the moment he decided to become Hokage, he was ready to die.

Kurama then activated Baryon Mode on Naruto. With this new mode, Naruto pressured Isshiki, dodging and countering his attacks. Eventually, Naruto began to suffer from the effects of Baryon Mode. However, he was able to greatly reduce Isshiki’s life expectancy. Baryon Mode was subsequently deactivated after Naruto received a powerful blow from Isshiki.

After Isshiki’s death, Naruto passed out due to the effect of Baryon Mode. In his subconscious, Kurama prepared to have his final conversation with Naruto, who told him that he had no resentment for killing his parents and that he was happy that he was always by his side. of the. With Naruto prepared to die, Kurama reassured him by stating that his passing out was a shock from losing the Tailed Beast chakra from within him, revealing to Naruto that the cost of Baryon Mode was really only his life.

Kurama stated that he never really lied to him, he simply hid the truth from him since he knew that Naruto would not risk his life in exchange for power. Before disappearing, Kurama warned Naruto to be careful since he would no longer have access to his abilities and asked him to watch out for himself. After that, Kurama disappears in what seems to be his actual death.

Will Kurama come back to life?

At this moment, we have absolutely no hints that Kurama might come back in Boruto. Sure, it’s not completely impossible, but generally, when a Jinchuuriki’s Biju is extracted, the Jinchuuriki also dies; however, in Naruto’s case, Kurama’s Chakra has simply vanished, which is the reason why Naruto survived the whole ordeal.

There might also lie the key to Kurama’s potential return later on, but as things stand now – it’s very unlikely to happen, especially seeing how the narrative focus has in the meantime shifted towards other characters.

What happened to Naruto after Kurama died?

Naruto losing Kurama was indeed a big moment and most of the people were shocked by such a turn of events; namely, Naruto had survived and won so many battles before, without losing Kurama, that this one never really seemed like the one that would kill Kurama. But it did. Now, Naruto himself did survive Kurama’s death so the mere fact that Kurama is dead didn’t directly influence Naruto’s lifespan, but will he become so weak that he will eventually be killed without Kurama?


Does Naruto Die in Boruto and What Is His Fate?

Kurama’s death certainly did have implications on Naruto’s powers and abilities, but we don’t think that Naruto will become so weak that he will eventually die; on top of that, Kurama’s death happened some time ago and he’s still alive and kicking.

If you remember correctly, Naruto never used Kurama that often in the first place; sure, Kurama was always there for support, but Naruto rarely utilized the demon’s powers actively. So, even without using Kurama’s powers, Naruto has proven himself to be extremely powerful and resilient, so much, in fact, that he has not only survived, but also won in a large number of extremely difficult battles against very powerful and skilled opponents.

This is why we think that Kurama’s absence per se won’t mean that Naruto will die in some future battle in Boruto. He still has enough chakra, skills, and experience to come out alive from a battle and that is what we think is going to happen in the future. Naruto has been present in three narrative arcs since Kurama’s death and he’s alive and well.

Sure, these arcs did not see him get involved in any major large-scale confrontations, but from what we can see, Naruto is here to stay and Kurama’s death won’t directly influence his future and his life.

This is not us implying that Naruto will live forever, but just that Kurama’s death won’t be the direct cause of his eventual demise.

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