Disney Characters That Start with A: All 40 Names

Disney Characters that Start with A

Disney and Pixar have always been associated with some of the most inventive and interesting cartoons, dealing with all different kinds of topics and presenting us with various unforgettable characters, both heroes and villains. 

We could talk about them endlessly and with this list, we are going to remind you of some of the most memorable characters whose names start with. 

Abel Rivera (Coco)

Abel Rivera Coco

Abel is Roberto and Carmen Rivera’s eldest son, a 19-year-old shoemaker from Santa Cecilia. He adores football and is a character known for his goofiness, humour and friendly attitude. Abel is one of the minor characters, often seen together with his siblings Rosa, Benny and Manny. 

Abby (Chicken Little)

Abby Chicken Little

Abby Mallard is a female duck with an orange beak, buck teeth and orange feet. She is always wearing a purple shirt with a pink flower and two hair bands. She is an adorable creature, a sweet, caring, gentle and supportive and intelligent, but also a sarcastic duck, used to being mocked for her unusual appearance. 

Abigail and Amelia Gabble (The Aristocats)

Abigail and Amelia Gabble The Aristocats

Even though these twin sisters have a minor role in the beautiful cartoon The Aristocats, they are so special and specific that everyone immediately remembers them. They are British travelling geese, Uncle Waldo’s nieces who are distinguished by the colour of their hats. Abigail wears a blue bonnet and Amelia a pink one.

Abu (Aladdin)

Abu Aladdin

Abbu is one of the main characters in Aladdin, a mischievous and kleptomaniacal monkey who is ready to steal anything that catches his eye, food, jewels, or anything else. He can be very greedy and selfish, but despite his numerous unattractive traits, he is one of Aladdin’s most loyal and loving friends, with a soft heart and ready to help.

Adella (The Little Mermaid)

Adella The Little Mermaid

All mermaids from this cartoon are named with and a and Adella is one of Ariel’s sisters and Triton’s and Athena’s daughters. Her tail is greenish and she has dark brown hair tied in a ponytail. She appears at the beginning of the cartoon and we later see her only in a few cameos next to her sisters.

Aladdin (Aladdin)

Aladdin Aladdin

Aladdin is a street rat and a thief who lives in the city of Agrabah and spends his days trying to find or steal food to survive his difficult days, together with his monkey Abu. Aladdin is a witty young man, good-tempered, fun-loving and optimistic. He is also very intelligent and this aspect of his has always helped him in being better than his enemies. 

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice Alice in Wonderland

Alice is a bookworm who spends her time reading and learning things her sisters teach her since she is homeschooled. She is much more mature than a regular seven-year-old, an extremely brave little girl who is not afraid to try new things and venture into an adventure she knows nothing about.

Alma Madrigal (Encanto)

Alma Madrigal Encanto

Alma Madrigal is the matriarch of the Madrigal family, the one keeping her big family together and at the same time the head of the Encanto Village. She is strict and film and wants her family to be connected to their ancestry and the gifts they possess, urging them to use them to help the community. 

Am (Lady and the Tramp)

Am Lady and the Tramp

Am is one of the two Siamese cat sisters, a sinister individual and, together with her sister, one of the most unusual characters in this cartoon. She is spoiled, sneaky, cunning and mischievous, causing problems with her sister whenever she can. 

Anastasia (Cinderella)

Anastasia Cinderella

Anastasia is one of two of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters, portrayed as ugly both outside and inside, selfish and extremely ungraceful. She always causes problems for Cinderella with her sister, not being able to hide her jealousy toward her caring stepsister.


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But all she wants is to find someone who will like her for what she is, which is not so ugly as presented.

Andy (Toy Story)

Andy Toy Story

One of the main human characters in this beautiful cartoon is Andy, a boy who used to play with his toys when he was a child. He eventually grew up and stopped playing with his toys, in the end giving them to a girl named Bonnie Anderson. He is portrayed differently as a child and a teenager but always remains a compassionate and kind young man.

Anger (Inside Out)

Anger Inside Out

Anger is one of the five emotions living inside the mind of a young girl Riley, a red emotion, is responsible for some of the most explosive reactions belonging to Riley. Anger is short, very serious and intelligent and not really ready to express happiness or sadness, but literally explodes when things don’t go as planned.

Angus (Brave)

Angus Brave

Angus is Merida’s most trustworthy and loyal companion, a strong black Clydesdale who helps her escape her castle to a deep forest and dangerous mountains. He can be stubborn and decisive, but he is always a good friend and great help to his beloved friend. 

Anita (101 Dalmatians)

Anita 101 Dalmatians

Anita Radcliffe is one of the few humans in this 1961 Disney cartoon, a beautiful and caring young woman, devoted to her husband and a beautiful owner of her Dalmatian pets. We find out that she was Cruella De Vil’s school friend but when they grew up she broke it when she realised how eccentric and weird Cruella is.

Anna (Frozen)

Anna Frozen

One of the two main female protagonists in this beautiful cartoon is this witty, loving and optimistic young girl who has a heart of gold and is braver and more resolute than many men and older women who might be considered that way. Anna is energetic and sometimes awkward, but everyone seems to like her due to her always cheerful personality.

Anton Ego (Ratatouille)

Anton Ego Ratatouille

One of the main antagonists in this cartoon is this cold-hearted and strict food critic who became infamous for his too honest and often ruthless reviews. Despite his unkind words, he is one of Paris’ most famous and acclaimed food lovers and connoisseurs. He is described as arrogant, with a cruel sense of humour, but a great passion for food.

Aphrodite (Hercules)

Aphrodite Hercules

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty, loved by both gods and men. She is kind, benevolent and optimistic but can get annoyed at times. She understands love and knows how to deal with it and often helps others to become braver in finding it or getting closer to a person they like.

Apollo (Fantasia)

Apollo Fantasia

One of the minor characters in Fantasia, Apollo is seen somewhere near the end of a segment after the storm, driving his chariot during the evening. He is the God of the Sun in Greek mythology, often seen riding through the sky in the mentioned chariot.

Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone)

Archimedes The Sword in the Stone

Merlin’s pet and one of the main protagonists of this inventive cartoon, Archimedes is a talking owl, an intelligent creature who can communicate like humans. He is known for his sarcastic personality, accompanied by complaining, especially in the morning. He is well educated and has no problems telling Merlin when he is wrong.

Arianna (Tangled)

Arianna Tangled

Queen of Corona and Rapunzel’s mother, Arianna is a beautiful woman and a loving queen, who needs to live with the fact of losing a daughter. Portrayed as a caring mother when Rapunzel was born and an accepting future mother-in-law when she meets Eugene who brings her daughter back to her after so many years.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Ariel The Little Mermaid

One of the most popular Dinsey characters ever is this mermaid who dreams of the unknown, of the world she heard stories of, the humans’ world. Ariel spends her days singing and daydreaming, followed by her loyal friends Flounder and Sebastian.


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She is playful and at times spoiled, convinced that there is more above the sea surface and determined to find that out by herself.

Arlo (The Good Dinosaur)

Arlo The Good Dinosaur

Arlo is a young Apatosaurus who lives with her parents and siblings, the youngest and smallest in the family. When he grows older he becomes in charge of feeding the chickens in his family’s pen. This wouldn’t be a problem if Arlo doesn’t suffer from pantophobia, a fear of everything connected with chickens.

Art (Monsters University)

Art Monsters University

Art is a furry monster with purple stripes on his body. He is a student at Monsters University and a member of the Oozma Kappa fraternity. He is a bit strange, with a good heart, but often oblivious of the things that surround him. He has many interests and is quite skilled at dancing, acrobatics and flexibility.

Arthur (The Sword in the Stone)

Arthur The Sword in the Stone

Arthur is a 12-year-old blonde-haired boy, known for being somewhat weird and scrawny, but also very polite and kind. He dreams of becoming a knight and going on all kinds of adventures. But, as an orphan, he is well aware that his most probable occupation would be the one of a squire to his foster brother, Sir Kay. But fate has something else planned for Arthur.  

Atta (A Bug’s Life)

Atta A Bugs Life

Atta is the main female protagonist in this cartoon, the princess and later queen of her colony. She is obsessed with perfection and pretty nervous and worried about everything that goes on in her colony. As the movie progresses she becomes more relaxed and starts accepting things as they come.

Audrey Ramirez (Atlantis)

Audrey Ramirez Atlantis

Audrey is the chief mechanic on the expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis. She is short and slender with black hair, brown eyes and tan skin. She wears a not very modern white shirt, blue overalls and a hat. She is very proud of her family and job and can be sarcastic and aggressive, but this is just her exterior. On the inside, she is very caring and is always there when someone needs help.

Audrey (Home on the Range)

Audrey Home on the Range

Audrey is a nervous red hen, kindhearted and always on good terms with everyone on the farm. She tends to become nervous when someone mentions problems and she often worries and panics hysterically. She cares for her cheeks and when it comes to protecting them, she is not afraid to show her feisty side. 

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Aurora Sleeping Beauty

Being cursed from when she was a little baby, Aurora grows up alone and far away from any kind of danger and people in general. Surrounded by her three fairy godmothers, she spends her days in the forest with her wild animal friends, completely unaware of the dangerous outside world. Aurora is calm, good natured and at the same time eager to find adventure and some excitement in her life.

Auto (WALL-E)


Auto is the autopilot for the Axiom, designed to never abandon any of his directives. He has the shape of a sailing ship’s steering wheel and his job is to assist the captain with his or her duties. He is the main antagonist in the cartoon with many abilities, such as shipboard control access, extendable arms and a taser to defend the Bridge against mutiny from rogue robots.

Abis Mal (The Return of Jafar)

Abis Mal The Return of Jafar

One of the main antagonists in this cartoon, Abis is a pretty tricky and merciless villain, even though he can be at times immature and clueless. He is the leader of many criminal swordsmen, but very often they are smarter and more competent in their crimes than himself. Regardless of that, he shows no mercy if they fail a mission.

Achilles (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Achilles The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Achilles is Phoebius’ horse, present in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and its sequel where he becomes sneakier, always answering Phoebius’ countless rhetorical questions by tapping his foot repeatedly. He is a Skyrian horse, a small but very strong breed that dates back to ancient times.   

A.J. (Up)

A.J. Up

Nurse A.J. is a minor character in this animated movie and one of the two main characters in the exclusive bonus cartoon George & A.J. He works at Shady Oaks Retirement Village and is in charge of asking the elderly to join this retirement home, but none of them is really eager to do so.

Akela (The Jungle Book)

Akela The Jungle Book

Akela is the leader of a wolf pack that came to adopt Mowgli. He is seen only at the beginning of the cartoon when his pack learns that Shere Khan has returned to their part of the jungle.


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Fully aware that even his strong pack couldn’t fight Shere Khan, he asks Baghira to take Mowgli to the Man Village.

Amos Slade (The Fox and the Hound)

Amos Slade The Fox and the Hound

Amos is the main antagonist in this cartoon, a slender elderly man with grey hair and a moustache. He is often wearing a white undershirt, blue pants and a brown coat and his olive-green hat. He is grumpy, cranky, and bad-tempered, showing his soft side only when it concerns his dogs, Chief and Copper. He is not a typical bad guy, but he doesn’t see anything bad in hunting. 

Anchor (Finding Nemo)

Anchor Finding Nemo

Anchor is one of the three sharks that Dory and Marlin meet on their search for Nemo. He is a frustrated hammerhead shark, a vegan and a member of the Fish-Friendly Sharks support group. He cares for his ocean friends, but never forgets to imply that dolphins are not among them.

Arthur (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Arthur Ralph Breaks the Internet

Arthur the Insecurity Virus is the main villain in this animated feature whose job is to duplicate and spread everywhere that can be infected. He is depicted as ruthless and destructive and shows a pretty big obsession with Venallope, trying to have her only for himself. His ability is to scan any object for any weakness that can be spread in order to create havoc. 

Azizi (The Lion King)

Azizi The Lion King

Azizi is a male hyena, a member of Shenzi’s clan and the biggest and strongest among all of them, besides their leader Shenzi. He has a dark coloured coat and a short mane and one chink of his ear is missing. He is not particularly intelligent, doesn’t understand figures of speech and takes everything literally, but still has the strongest sense of humour.

Auguste Gusteau (Ratatouille)

Auguste Gusteau Ratatouille

Auguste is one of the main characters in this cartoon, an extremely talented chef who wrote a cooking bestseller and founded the restaurant Gusteau’s. He wanted to share his love for food and convince people that everyone is able to cook, but after a negative review by the critic Ego, he died of a broken heart and left his legacy to other gifted cooks.

Andrea (Cars)

Andrea Cars

Andrea is a skilled reporter who studied journalism at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country and she speaks more than three foreign languages. She is a 2003 Roymack Sender, a fictional model. She is known for her signature phrase: “We have the right to know what’s going on around us, 85 miles per hour, 7 days a week!”

Abby Park (Turning Red)

Abby Park Turning Red

Abby is one of Mei’s best friends in this adorable new animated feature. She is a fun-loving girl, always smiling, but also a pretty chaotic teenager who is always there for her friends. She sometimes criticises herself, especially when making a mistake. She is a short Korean-Canadian girl with brown eyes, long sleek black hair and fair skin.

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