Disney Characters that Start with T: All 42 Names

Disney Characters that Start with T

There are countless Disney characters we like to remember, from the supporting ones who play a great role in the story to the main protagonists who we follow throughout the whole movie. All of them are unforgettable and need to be remembered in a certain way. This is the list of 42 Disney characters that start with the letter t, the most famous and loved ones.

Tadashi (Big Hero 6)

Tadashi Hamada is a gifted robotics student, the older brother of Hiro Hamda and the creator of Baymax. His sudden death triggers everything and leads to the main addictions in the movie. Tadashi was everyone’s favourite, an incredibly kind and hard-working student and a great brother and friend, always there for everyone who needs him.

Mr. Toad (Ichabod and Mr. Toad)

Mr Toad is a truly lovable character, a nice and kind toad, a true friend with a close relationship with his horse, Cyril Proudbottom. Mr Toad loves his friends and enjoys their company, but can at times get obsessed with material things, such as caravans, motorcars and planes.

Tae Young (Turning Red)

Tae is one of the members of the popular band 4*Town, an animal lover who fosters injured doves between his tours. He is mild and good-natured, a young boy of Korean-Canadian origin. He has bleached blonde hair with his red roots showing. He has silver earrings and his nails are painted teal.

Toby (The Great Mouse Detective)

Toby is a Basset Hound who belongs to Sherlock Holmes and lives above Basil. He helps Basil solve his cases and is probably his most loyal friend. He likes catching villains and solving crimes and dislikes cats. 

Taffyta Muttonfudge (Wreck-It Ralph)

Taffyta is a skilled racer from the game Sugar Rush and Vanellope’s greatest rival. She drives a pink, hard candy kart and her racing theme is strawberry hard candy. She is a small girl with a large head and a small body, with platinum blonde hair and dark blue eyes. 

Tod (The Fox and the Hound)

Tod is a fox who becomes best friends with a hound dog named Copper. As a small fox, Tod is sweet and lovable and likes to be mischievous. When he grows up, he remains true to his friends and would do anything for the pens he loves.

Tala (Moana)

Gramma Tala is Moana’s grandmother, known for her love of myths and legends. She is the “village crazy lady”, independent, spirited and eccentric. She has always been true to herself and is teaching Moana to be the same and always listen to her heart.

Tamatoa (Moana)

Tamatoa is a villainous giant crab who collects everything that shines, all kinds of valuables which he exhibits atop his golden shell. He is not a lovable character, with many skills that help him chase away the unwanted and gather things he likes, such as immense strength, camouflage and bioluminescence. He might be insane, with his weird sense of humour and the enjoyment of torturing others. 

Tong (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Tong is a good giant, a tough and serious guy who can relax from time to time. He is tall and strong, with very dark brown hair on the sides of his head and a bald top of the head. He has a moustache and a goatee. He has a patch on his left eye and keeps his Dragon Gem shard on a necklace. 

Tanana (Brother Bear)

Tanana is a female Inuk human and a shawoman of her tribe. She has bronze skin colour, black eyes and white hair wears long braids and has red paint on the bridge of her nose. She is maternal and good-hearted, in touch with nature and her spiritual side and extremely wise.

Tony Rydinger (The Incredibles)

Tony is Violet Parr’s boyfriend, a 14-year-old boy and a part-time worker at The Happy Platter. He has brown hair and brown eyes and is portrayed as kind, calm and friendly and very approachable, despite his popularity at school.

Tantor (Tarzan)

Tantor is an African forest elephant and Tarzan and Terk’s childhood friend. He is huge, but despite his size and physical strength, he is incredibly gentle and kind. He suffers from phobias and is very cowardly, but when in need, he can be very bold and daring, especially when Tarzan needs help.

Tarzan (Tarzan)

Tarzan was rescued and raised by a colony of apes after the gruesome death of his parents. He grew up to become a great protector of apes and the jungle in general.

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He is strong, tall and muscular, with long brown hair and green eyes. He is extremely brave, loyal and honourable and would do anything to help the ones he loves.

Tony (Lady and the Tramp)

Tony is a great dog lover, with black hair, but half bald. He is plump and has thick black eyebrows and an Italian-style moustache. He is an Italian culinary artist who runs Tony’s together with his best friend Joe. 

Taran (The Black Cauldron)

Taran is a farm boy and a pig keeper, a slender, 13-year-old boy with light brown hair and hazel brown eyes. He dreams about glory and enjoys being heroic, which he proves through numerous noble acts. He is honourable, courageous, headstrong and good-hearted

Toughy (Lady and the Tramp)

Toughy is a mutt, a reddish-brown and white mongrel and one of the dogs from the Dog Pound. He is a fun-loving dog who likes singing and joining around, he is friendly and silly and always helps his friends.

Toulouse (The Aristocats)

Toulouse is an orange furred kitten and Duchess’ oldest son. He has green eyes and wears a large blue ribbon around his neck, tied similarly to a bow tie. He always wants to show how tough he is, but in fact, he is very laid-back, easygoing and playful.

Terk (Tarzan)

Terk is Tarzan’s best friend, a fun-loving and adorable gorilla who enjoys spending time with Tarzan and Tantor. She acts as a “big sister” to Tarzan, being protective of him and always concerned about the things he does. She is absolutely convinced that Tarzan wouldn’t survive without her. 

Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)

Tramp or Butch is a slender, mixed-breed dog with a grey coat and short ears and tail. He is a stray mutt who falls in love with cocker spaniel Lady, becomes her husband and embarks on many adventures with her. He is flirtatious, laid-back and easy-going and shows a lot of love to Lady and their puppies later.

Terry and Terry (Monsters University)

Students at Monsters University and members of the Oozma Kappa fraternity, Terry and Terry are yellow, four-arms conjoined twins with horns and orange stripes on their seven tentacles. They have opposing personalities but still, love each other. 

Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)

Lady Tremaine is Cinderella’s evil, a cold-hearted stepmother who makes her do the most difficult chores, forcing her to sleep and eat alone. She doesn’t harm her physically, but psychologically, due to jealousy toward her good and beautiful stepdaughter, much prettier than her two spoiled daughters.

Terry (Soul)

Terry is an accountant who counts souls that go to The Great Beyond. She is very hard-working and a perfectionist and the only reason she pursues Joe is because her soul count is off and she must fix it.

Triton (The Little Mermaid)

Triton is the King of Atlantica and Ariel’s father, a strict, but a beloved ruler who changed a lot after his wife dies. He used to be much more relaxed but now he is the only one who must take care of his numerous daughters and has his whole kingdom underneath him.

Trusty (Lady and the Tramp)

Trusty is an old bloodhound and Jock’s best friend. He is a bit absentminded and clumsy, but he is a great and loyal friend to everyone around him. He is a true gentleman who can at times be a blabbermouth.

Thomas O’Malley (The Aristocats)

Thomas is a sweet-talking, music-loving cat who falls in love with the Duchess immediately when he sees her. He starts flirting with her and bonds with her three kittens sooner than he expected.

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He is a free-minded street cat who loves parties and dancing, but slightly changes his free-spirited behaviour when he starts going out with the Duchess.

Thomas (Pocahontas)

Thomas is John Smith’s best friend, a fellow soldier and sidekick. He is a cheerful young man who is very loyal to his friend and shows great admiration for him and his work. He is a real good-hearted man, often shy and innocent. Just like a child.

Thumper (Bambi)

Thumper is a rabbit named after his habit of thumping his left hind foot. He is Bambi’s best friend, has grey fur and hazel eyes. He is a playful little rabbit kitten who can be quite mischievous but never means harm. He likes to give advice to his friends but they often lead them to trouble.

Tui (Moana)

Tui is Moana’s father and the leader of the village Motonui. He suffers from aquaphobia and forbids his people to travel beyond motonui’s reef. He is a good and respected leader who is very proud of his island and their life there. He is a caring and a bit overprotective father who is afraid of his daughter’s big wish to sail and discover the world.

Thunderclap (The Good Dinosaur)

Thunderclap is a Nyctosaurus and the leader of a notorious gang of Pterosaurs. He used to be afraid of the world around him but everything changed when he got caught in a storm and lost his fear. He is obsessed with the storm’s power which turned him into a sadistic predator. He hates dinosaurs because they help his prey escape.

Tuk Tuk (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Tuk Tuk is Raya’s pet, third-pill bug, third-armadillo and third-pug hybrid who has the ability to roll into a ball when he wants to go somewhere. He is cute and sweet and loves his owner, enjoys riding, food and observing insects and other small animals.

Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

Tiana is a talented cook who lives in New Orleans during the Jazz Age and dreams of opening her own restaurant. In an attempt to achieve her goal, she kisses a prince who turns into a frog and she becomes a victim of the same curse, as well. She is intelligent and resourceful, but can be too uptight and concentrated on work who she misses a lot of fun with her family and friends.

Turnbuckle (Treasure Planet)

He is one of the pirates in John Silver’s crew, a sleazy grey octopus-like alien with slug-like eyes and two long tentacles for each of his arms and legs. He is in charge of numerous crimes, such as assault, kidnapping, theft and attempted murder. 

Tiger Lily (Peter Pan)

Tiger Lily is Peter Pan’s lovely and loyal friend and the daughter of Neverland’s indigenous Indian Chief. She is beautiful, with her tanned skin, long black hair and dark brown eyes. She is brave and very proud and can be seen flirting with Peter from time to time. 

Turkey Lurkey (Chicken Little)

He is the mayor of Oakey Oaks, a turkey with brown feathers, an orange beak and hazel eyes. He is a very incompetent official, somewhat ignorant and panics in certain situations. He can get easily distracted and is very anxious and tense.

Tigger (Winnie the Pooh)

Tigger is one of Pooh’s best friends, an energetic stuffed tiger who enjoys bouncing. He is the weirdest and most eccentric member of their group, very energetic and pretty thoughtless and often causes trouble for himself and his friends. 

Widow Tweed (The Fox and the Hound)

Widow Tweed is Tod’s caretaker, a farmer who likes cooking, baking and farm jobs. She is very kind, but often lonely, especially after her husband’s death. She is also very firm and knows what she wants and defends the ones she loves.

Timon (The Lion King)

Timon is an adult meerkat who roams the savannah with his best friend Pumba. He is small and slim and can be self-centred and thoughtless at times.

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He is a daydreamer, likes to sing and is not as clever as he thinks. He is a pretty complex character who shows his various personality traits in different situations. 

Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Alice in Wonderland)

They are a pair of identical twins, based on the nursery rhyme of the same name. They are small and fat, never contradict each other, are never seen apart and often complement each other’s words. 

Timothy (Dumbo)

Timothy is a Brooklyn-accented mouse, Dumbo’s mentor and guardian. He likes champagne and peanuts and enjoys helping Dumbo. He is shrewd and fearless and his main goal is to make Dumbo happy since he truly cares for him and wants him to succeed in life.

Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)

Tinker Bell is Peter’s companion, a sassy and cute little fairy who cherishes their relationship and enjoys going on adventures with him. She can get really jealous and spiteful in Wendy’s presence since she feels threatened by her. She is feisty, stubborn and hot-tempered and often shows this side of hers when she spends time with Wendy and other humans.

Tyler (Turning Red)

Tyler is one of Mei’s main opponents at the beginning of the movie and becomes one of her best friends by the end of it. He is of average height and has tanned skin, braces and very faint freckles on his nose. He might seem as provocative and cocky, but deep inside he is an insecure young boy who wants to be accepted and find true friends.

Tito (Oliver and Company)

Tito is one of Fagin’s dogs and the smallest member of his gang. He is a short and slender beige Chihuahua who wears a green headband. He is wise and proud and often forgets how small he is, thanks to his fiery and brave personality.

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