Tinker Bell Movies in Order: The Magical Guide

Tinker Bell Movies in Order: The Magical Guide

Tinker Bell is an animated fantasy film series produced as part of the Disney Fairies franchise. The series revolves around Tinker Bell, the fairy character that was featured in the 1953 Disney story  Peter Pan. The series is a spin-off and takes place in an earlier time before Tinker Bell meets Peter Pan.  

It is produced by DisneyToon Studios and features six films: Tinker Bell (2008), Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009), Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010), Secret of the Wings (2012), The Pirate Fairy (2014) and The Legend of the NeverBeast (2015). Let’s see which is the ideal order to watch Tinker Bell movies and what each movie’s storyline is like.

Best Order To Watch Tinker Bell Movies

The Tinker Bell films are listed in chronological sequence of release. Let’s say you wish to view the Tinker Bell movies in chronological or timeline sequence. In that scenario, you must follow the release sequence, since the Tinker Bell films are released in chronological order.

Tinker Bell movies in order of release:

  • Tinker Bell – (2008)
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure  – (2009)
  • Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue – (2010)
  • Secret of the Wings – (2012)
  • The Pirate Fairy – (2014)
  • Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast – (2015)

Tinker Bell movies in order

1. Tinker Bell – (2008) 

Tinker Bell Movies in Order: The Magical Guide

Tinker Bell is a fairy, born from the first laugh of a baby, and is brought by the winds to Pixie Hollow. She learns that she has the talent to be a tinker, the fairies who make and fix things. She develops a strong desire to go to the mainland but learns from Queen Clarion that only nature-talent fairies visit the mainland. 

She tries to develop nature-skills but fails in her attempt. Even though she is encouraged by her peers to continue what she’s good at (tinkering), Bell still expresses a desire to visit the mainland. As a last resort, she turns to Vidia (a fairy who dislikes Bell because of her strong talent in tinkering) for help in becoming a fast-flying fairy, who sets her up to fail by telling her to capture sprinting thistles. In the attempt, Bell inadvertently destroys the preparations for spring. 

Disappointed by her actions, she attempts to leave but decides to stay and fix the situation after some encouragement from a fellow dust-talent fairy, Terence. She redeems herself by inventing machines that quicken the process of decorating flowers and ladybugs among others, saving the arrival for spring. 

In a heated confrontation with Vidia, Vidia exposed herself as the fairy who tricked Bell to capture the thistles. Vidia is punished for leading Bell to cause chaos. Queen Clarion authorizes Bell to join the other nature-talent fairies when they bring spring to the mainland. The ending message of the film states that when lost toys are found or a broken clock starts to work, it means that one very special fairy is close by. 

2. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure – (2009)

Tinker Bell Movies in Order: The Magical Guide

Every eight years, the light from a blue harvest moon passes through a moonstone to create blue pixie dust that strengthens and rejuvenates the Pixie Dust Tree. Tinker Bell is entrusted to build a new scepter in order to raise the moonstone. Tinker Bell works with Terence who accidentally breaks the scepter, causing her to then accidentally break the moonstone. 

She attends a theatre show about the Mirror of Incanta that grants its wisher wishes. Bell sets out to find the mirror with the intention to use the wishes to fix the moonstone. Bell encounters a friendly firefly, Blaze during her journey. Somewhere along their journey, they are lost. 

Eventually, they stumble upon the mirror. Bell mistakenly wastes the wishes, wishing Blaze to be quiet for one minute. As she begins to despair, she is found by Terence who brought her the moonstone pieces. Along the way home, Bell is able to fix the scepter using a white gem from the mirror, together with the scepter and moonstone pieces.

Bell presents the scepter to Queen Clarion. All the fairies are shocked and alarmed as they noticed the precious moonstone is broken into fragments. However, unexpectedly, the moonstone shards maximize and enhances the rays of the blue moon pass, creating the largest supply of blue pixie dust ever experienced in Pixie Hollow. 

3. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue – (2010)

Tinker Bell Movies in Order: The Magical Guide

Tinker Bell and Vidia stumble upon a fairy-sized house made by Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a human girl who wishes to meet a real fairy. As curiosity gets the better of her, Bell is discovered by Elizabeth who brings her to her own home. Meanwhile, Vidia rallies the fairy gang to rescue Bell. 

Bell and Elizabeth develop a friendship where Bell teaches Elizabeth about fairies. Elizabeth records the information in a book given by her father, Dr. Griffiths. As Bell leaves, she noticed Elizabeth attempting to show her father her research. However, Dr. Griffiths is busy fixing the leaks in the house to pay her any attention. Instead of leaving, Bell decides to fix the house leaks. She also releases the captive butterflies Dr. Griffiths was collecting for his research. Dr. Griffiths grounds Elizabeth thinking that it was her doing. Elizabeth explains about Bell which only makes him more furious as he proceeds to discard all her fairy-related artwork and research book into the trash. 

Upon witnessing the situation, Bell reveals herself, telling Dr. Griffiths off. He then captures Bell but Vidia arrives in the knick of time and pushes Bell out of the way. As Dr. Griffths attempts to take Vidia to London for research, Bell and the other fairies are able to convince him otherwise. Vidia is then freed and she develops a friendship with Bell. whereas Elizabeth and her father are now closer than ever. 

4. Secret of the Wings – (2012)

Tinker Bell Movies in Order: The Magical Guide

Tinker Bell crosses into the forbidden Winter Woods where her wings start to glow. She goes on a quest to discover why. She learns that her wings glowed because she was close to her sister, a frost fairy named Periwinkle. They discover that they were born when a baby’s first laugh splits in two; where Bell journeyed to the Pixie Dust Tree and Periwinkle to the Winter Woods. 

Determined to help Periwinkle visit Pixie Hollow, Bell creates a contraption that keeps Periwinkle cold, allowing her to survive her visit. The contraption malfunctions and causes Pixie Hollow to freeze slowly. Bell seeks help from Periwinkle and her folk in Winter Woods to save Pixie Hollow. There they learn that frost protects the trees in Winter Woods from cold. The winter fairies all work side by side to frost the trees of Pixie Hollow to protect them from the freeze. 

When Bell crashed in Winter Woods, she broke her wing in the process. But when Bell and Periwinkle are near each other, their wings glow and heal each other – restoring Bell’s broken wing. The fairies discovered that winter fairies can frost the wings of their counterparts at Pixie Hollow allowing them to survive in the cold and make visits to the Winter Woods. 

5. The Pirate Fairy – (2014)

Tinker Bell Movies in Order: The Magical Guide

Zarina is a Dust Keeper fairy whose curiosity in Pixie Dust leads her to cause chaos and subsequently be exiled from Pixie Hollow. Zarina returns one year later and steals the Blue Dust (which is crucial for the formation of Pixie Dust). 

Bell and her friends track Zarina to the coast and find out that Zarina is leading a band of pirates. Bell and her friends fall under Zarina’s spell which swaps their talents with each other. The fairies discover Zarina’s secret hideout at Skull Rock where the pirates developed their own Pixie Dust Tree. 

Zarina sprinkles some dust onto James (a cabin boy) which allows him to fly. The pirates betray Zarina and caged her in a lantern. As Bell and her friends attempt to escape with the Blue Dust, Captain James threatens to cast Zarina into the sea. Bell gives up the dust and the pirates use it to make their ship airborne. 

The fairies battle Captain James and the pirates over the Blue Dust. They succeeded in defeating Captain James and they leave the pirates stranded in the water. Zarina is welcomed back by the fairy community in Pixie Hollow and she promises never to tamper with pixie dust ever again. At the Pixie Dust Alchemy festival, Zarina shows off her amazing talents, and subsequently, she reverts Bell and her friend’s talents back to their rightful ones. 

6. Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast – (2015)

Tinker Bell Movies in Order: The Magical Guide

Creature-loving fairy Fawn befriends a NeverBeast, whom she names as Gruff. Nyx is a scout fairy who discovers a prophecy whereby a green comet that passes will awaken the NeverBeast. Once awaken, it will form four rock towers and cause a lightning storm that will destroy Pixie Hollow. Queen Clarion has charged Nyx and the scout fairies to track and dispel the NeverBeast.

Tinker Bell and Fawn discover that Gruff is in the process of building the towers. In an attempt to warn Gruff, he runs off knocking Bell rendering her unconscious. Fawn is able to find him and realizes that he is still kind towards her. The scout fairies are able to capture Gruff, leaving Fawn crying as they transport him away. 

Despite his capture, a storm has formed over Pixie Hollow. Convinced that Gruff is truly good, Fawn helps Gruff escape. He transforms into the mythical monster as described by Nyx. Fawn realizes that Gruff was building towers to collect the lightning rather than to destroy Pixie Hollow. While collecting the lightning, he is shot down by Nyx. Realizing the error of her ways, Gruff saves her as she was almost struck by a bolt of lightning. 

Eventually, Gruff is able to catch all the lightning and end the storm. Gruff is then considered a hero to Pixie Hollow. The fairies of Pixie Hollow prepare a ceremonial procession to lead him back to his cave where he will hibernate for a thousand years. Faun makes a promise to be there for him whenever he needs her.

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