How Old Are the Disney Princesses? Every Princess Age

Disney Princesses Ages Find Out How Old Are They

Disney princesses are often embroiled in a variety of problems and dangerous situations, the majority of which are linked to sorcery and villains attempting to steal something from them. These can make them appear mature at times, particularly since the majority of them end up marrying a prince or ruling a country by the end of their respective stories. This being said, how old are Disney princesses?

If you want to know the specific age of every single official Disney princess keep reading.

1. Snow White

snow white 4654008

Snow White is the first Disney princess, with her animated movie being released in 1973. The story adapted one of the classic fairy tales from a German collection by Brothers Grimm. As such she is one of the most memorable Disney princesses and an important part of many people’s childhoods.

Snow White was born a princess in her Kingdom, as the daughter of the King and Queen. Her skin was snow-white, her lips were rose-red, and her hair was ebony black. Her mother, however, died when she was a child. Her father, the King, remarried a cold-hearted and cruel Queen after some time. The King sadly died not long after their marriage, leaving his daughter alone with her stepmother.

The Evil queen was focused on her physical appearance and valued it over anything else, which is why she resented Snow White after her magical Mirror revealed that now that Snow White has grown up a bit she is the most beautiful woman in all of the land.

This prompted the Evil queen to send a loyal hunter to kill her, however, he had no hearth to do such a thing, which is why he let her escape and presented the Queen with the Hearth of a random forest animal.

Snow White escaped into the forest and eventually settles in with 7 dwarfs in their little house, where she was safe until the Evil Queen realized she was alive and decided to kill Snow White herself.

From the context of the story, we can conclude that Snow White is on the younger side and probably a young child when the story takes place. As for the specific age, Snow White is 14 years old when the events depicted in the movie take place.

2. Cinderella

Disney Princesses Ages Find Out How Old Are They

Cinderella is a character from a Disney animated movie first released in 1950. The story adapts to one of Charles Perrault’s most popular fairy tales with slight changes to the plot. Although most critics found the character interesting, some pointed to the fact that she was too passive.

Cinderella is portrayed as a mistreated young girl who wants to escape her stepfamily’s cruel treatment. Her father married Lady Tremaine, who has two daughters about her age, Anastasia and Drizella because he believed she wanted a mother’s love. Lady Tremaine, on the other hand, reveals herself to be a passive-aggressive bully who is envious of Cinderella’s charm and beauty after her father’s death. 

Cinderella is abused and mistreated by her mother, her daughters, and their pet cat Lucifer, who eventually forces her to work as a scullery maid in her own home. Lady Tremaine repeatedly silences her because she believed that Cinderella is supposed to do household chores.

After Cinderella sneaks out to a ball hosted by the royal family in hopes to find a wife for the young prince and future King, she catches the eye of the prince himself.

Unfortunately, Cinderella needs to leave before midnight, since the magic Fairy godmother used to help her get to the ball will disappear. While running to avoid getting seen by others when the magic disappears she loses one of her shoes.

The prince liked her so much that he ultimately let every single woman in his kingdom try the shoe on in hopes that the action will help him find the girl that made such an impression on him during the ball.

The story doesn’t give the viewers a lot of clues as to what Cinderella’s age actually is and it would be hard to determine it from the original movie, but based on the official information Cinderella is 19 years old.

3. Aurora


Aurora, better known as the sleeping beauty is the main character of Disney’s 1959 animated movie Sleeping Beauty. The story is a combined adaptation of Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty and Brothers Grimm’s retelling of the Little Briar Rose.

The adaptation was a commercial failure and would discourage the studio from releasing more princess-centered movies for almost thirty years. The story got revisited in 2014 when the live-action movie, Maleficent, was released. The movie was such a great success that it got a sequel in 2019.

The story starts with Princess Aurora’s christening ceremony. Many people were invited, but the one person that wasn’t invited is the evil witch Maleficent.

Upon realizing this she decides to show up to the ceremony herself and curses the young princes. She enchants her, making it so that she will stab herself on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die.

After she leaves, Aurora’s third fairy uses her magic to change Maleficent’s curse so that instead of dying Aurora falls in a deep sleep alongside the rest of the Kingdom, until she gets awoke by her true love.

To protect his daughter the king orders all of the spinning wheels to be destroyed and sends Aurora to live with the fairies in the Forest. Despite all of this, once Aurora returns to the Kingdom on her birthday, she is lured to a spinning wheel by Maleficent and after pricking herself she falls into a deep sleep.

The fairies quickly realize Aurora’s true love is Prince Phillip, to whom she was betrothed at birth. With the help of the fairies, he defeats Maleficent after she turns into a dragon and then wakes up Aurora. The two get married and live happily ever after.

In this case, we are told in the move explicitly how old our main character is. Just like the curse states, when she falls asleep Aurora is 16 years old.

4. Ariel

Disney Princesses Ages Find Out How Old Are They

Ariel was the protagonist in one of the most successful Disney animated movies. She was so well received among the audiences that the Studio produced two prequels to the story and one sequel.

The story was based on the famous fairytale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. She was universally praised for being different than the previously presented princesses.

Ariel was the daughter of King Triton, the sea king who despised humans. She, on the other hand, was intrigued by humans and wanted to learn more about them by collecting small objects from sunken ships.  She fell in love with a human prince named Eric, after she saved him from drowning. 

Desperate to meet him, she exchanged her voice for three days’ worth of human legs with the sea witch Ursula. To remain human forever he had to be kissed by her true love by the time the third day ends, otherwise, she would turn back to a mermaid. 

Ursula took advantage of her, knowing that Prince Eric would recognize Ariel’s voice. She transformed into a human as well and used the voice to make the prince fall in love with her in order to have something over King Triton.

While Ariel regained her voice, her father was transformed into a polyp in Ursula’s garden to pay her debt and Ursula gained possession of the trident and the seven seas. In the end, Prince Eric killed Ursula by stabbing her with a broken ship. 

King Triton was moved by his daughter’s predicament and gave her legs which allowed her to stay with Prince Eric.

The two married and had a happy life together. Later they got a daughter who contrary to her mother strived to live in the sea which led to a similar set of adventures. 

Early in the movie, we get presented with the fact that she is the youngest of King Triton’s daughters more specifically being 16 years old.

5. Belle


Belle is the main character of Disney’s 1999 movie Beauty and the Beast. The story adapts to the fairytale of the same name originally written by Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve.

Belle is often referred to as the best Disney princess since she is the most opposing princes to the original idea of a passive princess waiting for a prince charming to save her from the predicament she is in.

The movie was so well received that it was nominated for three Oscar awards in 1992 and won in one of the categories it was nominated in.

At the beginning of the movie, we get introduced to Belle and her inventor father. They live in a small village where Belle stands out because she spends all her time reading and dreaming of a life in a big city.

Her father gets lost in the forest while on his way to deliver his new invention to the city. He hides in an abandoned castle to avoid the rain and cold, but once the owner of the castle finds him, he gets captured and he doesn’t allow him to go away.

After Belle finds her father and takes his place she starts keeping beast company and slowly warms up to him, however, she has to leave once she sees that Gaston, one of the residents of her village, wants to lock up her father since the villagers believe he is insane.

Once she returns to the village she uses the same mirror to show them that the Beast is real and villagers respond by deciding to kill it. Beast ultimately defeats villagers and Gaston who he fought on his own.

However, Gaston managed to mortally wound him. When Belle finds him, the Beast seems dead and as she is crying she admits that she loves him and breaks the spell that was placed over the prince. Once Beast comes back to life in his human form, the two get married and live happily ever after.

Although it is a bit unclear and we don’t get a lot of information in the movie, the official information states Belle is 17 years old.

You can check out our article on when does Beauty and the Best take place in the history.

6. Jasmine

Disney Princesses Ages Find Out How Old Are They

Jasmine is one of the most popular Disney princesses and upon the release of the animated movie in 1992 she continued the trend set a few years back of separating Disney’s new characters from the old-fashioned idea of a princess.

She was based on princess Badroulbadour from a classical Arabic story named The Story of Aladdin. However, Disney’s adaptation changed the original character quite a bit.

Jasmine is was a daughter of a powerful sultan, waiting to get married. Her father wanted her to marry her for political alliance and Jasmine wants to get married out of love. 

After another failed proposal, she disguises herself as a peasant and runs away from the palace in an act of rebellion and as expected gets in trouble. While running away she meets Aladdin who instantly falls in love with her.

Aladdin gets in the possession of a magical lamp with a genie who promises to fulfill three of his wishes. Obviously, Aladdin’s wishes are all focused on impressing the princess, which is why he presents himself as a prince from a distant country.

Jafar eventually steals the magic lamp and exposes Aladdin’s true identity and imprisons Jasmine. However, the two manage to defeat him and ultimately trap him inside the magic lamp. With his last wish, Aladdin frees the genie from his duties of fulfilling wishes and everyone lives happily for the rest of their life.

We are introduced to Jasmine as a young princess set to marry and inherit the throne, specifically, she is 15 about to turn 16 years old. 

7. Pocahontas

Pocahontas 1

Pocahontas is a Disney movie released in 1995, named after its main character. The story is a sugar-coated version of the real-life story of a Native American woman named Pocahontas.

Although the movie gets overlooked a lot the studio got a lot of praise for the representation of the Native and Indigenous people, however, some critics point out that the story romanticizes the true-life events of the real-life Pocahontas.

The story starts in England where captain John Smith is getting ready to set sail towards the New World in search of gold and other riches. At the same time, Pocahontas gets informed by her father that he wants her to marry Kocoum, one of his best warriors, however, she refuses that.

Once the English both come to America, John starts exploring his new surroundings and he is followed around by Pocahontas and the two eventually spend the day together.

After John informs the rest of the settlers that the land has no gold, they claim that the Native tribes are simply hiding it and that leads to a conflict. 

Sometime during the conflict, John gets captured and he is set to be executed, but Pocahontas saves him. Despite all of this a new conflict ensues since the settlers came to save John and he suffered a gunshot wound. This causes him to be shipped back to England and the story ends with Pocahontas seeing him off.

Although we do not know for certain how old real Pocahontas was, we do know that the Disney version is aged up and 18 years old.

8. Mulan

Disney Princesses Ages Find Out How Old Are They

Mulan was the center of a now-classic, Disney movie, named after her release in 1998. The movie interprets the story of an old Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, written down in the Ballad of Hua Mulan.

The story follows the protagonist as she decides to take her elderly father’s place in the army after the Hun army invades her country. Despite her family’s wishes for her to marry, she ran away in the dead of night disguised as a man to join the army.

She trains under captain Li Shang under the alias Ping and at the beginning, she isn’t successful and is even encouraged by her captain to escape while she still can. However, this became the thing that pushed her to work harder and become the best among the other soldiers that trained with her. 

After a fight with the Huns, she gets injured by Shan Yu and while she is treated to her true identity gets revealed. She continues toward the Emperor’s palace where the Huns are trying to take over and she fights with Shan Yu, ultimately defeating him and saving both the Emperor and China.  

Although the plot and the action would have you believe she is on the older side Mulan was only 16 years old.

9. Tiana


Tiana is the main character of Disney’s 2009 interpretation of the classical story of the princess and frog. The story was based on the Brothers Grimm’s story, The Frog Prince and E. D. Bakers The Frog Princess.

The story starts with young Tiana listening to the story of the Frog Prince and afterward stating that she would never kiss a frog. The story resumes with an older Tina working to achieve her dream of owning a restaurant.

During her best friend’s party, she finds a frog and jokingly asks if she should kiss him and after realizing the frog talks she reluctantly kisses it and turns into a frog herself.

The two have a rough time as frogs working diligently to avoid dying and trying to turn back into their human form. Eventually, everything gets resolved and the two have their happy ending after they turn back to human.

Although there are u a few hints which reveal her age it is never explicitly said, but Tiana is one of the older princesses with being 19 years old.

10. Rapunzel

Disney Princesses Ages Find Out How Old Are They

Rapunzel is a hero of Disney’s 2010 animated movie named Tangled. It is based on the e Brothers Grimm’s fairytale named Rapunzel. The movie was well received and remains one of Disney’s best movies, prompting Rapunzel to make numerous appearances all over other Disney properties.

The story follows Rapunzel on her adventures after she escapes the tower where she is kept hidden away from the world by Mother Gothel. She kept her hidden because of her healing powers.

Once she escapes she is accompanied by the kingdom’s most wanted criminal Flynn Rider, who promises to take her to see the Lantern festival if she helps him hide from the authorities.

After Flynn returns the stolen crown and apologizes for backstabbing his former partners they say they would rather take Rapunzel, since they learned about her magic powers. Feeling betrayed after his partners try to take her she returns to the tower and Flynn gets captured and is imprisoned while awaiting his execution.

However, he manages to escape and decides to return to the tower to save Rapunzel but he gets attacked by Mother Gothel and while Rapunzel is trying to heal him, Mother Gothel cuts her hair to stop her from healing him.

Flynn gets healed and Rapunzel gets revealed as the lost princess of the king and queen. She continues her life with Flynn and eventually becomes the Queen. 

Throughout the different properties, her ages change however, during the events of the movie Rapunzel is 18 years old.

11. Merida

Merida 1

Princess Merida is the main character of the 2012 Pixar project Brave. It is an original story, however, it does contain certain elements of Scottish folktale. 

The project was well-received by critics and audiences worldwide, mainly because it was different than everything already shown in the Disney princess genre.

Brave follows Merida, a Scottish princess striving to be anything but that. After she turns 16 her family is set on her getting married, but she refuses and runs away after a fight with her parents.

While in the wood, she meets a witch and asks her for a spell that would change her mother, assuming it would change her fate and the witch makes her a tart and instructs her to give it to the mother.

 Merida returns home and gives it to her mother, but discovers the next morning that the tart transformed her into a bear. She helps her mother escape into the forest and once they make it to the witch’s cottage she realizes that the transformation will be permanent after two days unless the two repair the bond.

While trying to figure out how to repair the bond, Merida and her mother have to avoid her father who lost his leg in a fight with a bear and is set on getting his revenge.

Once her mother was captured after Merida got locked inside the castle, she manages to escape and starts apologizing for what she has done to her. At that moment their bond is repaired and her mother turns back to human form.

Merida is shown to be young throughout the entire movie but her age is never explicitly stated. Despite this, we do know she is 16 years old.

12. Anna and Elsa

Disney Princesses Ages Find Out How Old Are They

Anna and Elsa are the main characters of what can be considered Disney’s most popular franchise today, Frozen. The first movie was released in 2013 and the sequel in 2019.

There isn’t a story Frozen is adapting, it can be considered an original story, however, the protagonists are based on characters from Han Christian Anderson’s fairytale called The Snow Queen.

Both movies follow the two sisters on their adventures as their relationship evolves once Elsa’s powers start causing some trouble. After Elsa escapes the Kingdom and Arendelle is left in a state of eternal winter, Anna sets out on a journey to find her and bring her back while at the same time trying to find the love of her life.

While on this adventure, Anna gets hurt and the only way to save her is through a true love’s kiss, however, her Prince Charming turns out to be evil and only after her kingdom. She is saved once Elsa returns and uses her powers to bring normal weather conditions back and free Arendelle from the ice and snow she created before escaping.

Elsa is the older one of the pair and during the first movie, she is 21 years old, while Anna is 18 years old during the events of the first movie.

13. Moana

moana 1

Moana is the protagonist of Disney’s 2016 massively successful feature-length animated movie of the same name. It is an original story heavily featuring elements taken directly from Polynesian mythology. 

Because of how well the character is written and the representation the character provides, Moana was well received.

One day while young Moana is playing she finds Te Fiti’s heart, which was stolen by Maui and then lost at sea. She sets out on an adventure to return the hearth to the goddess it was stolen for in order to stop the curse which would force her tribe to move away from their island.

On her way to return to the hearth, she meets Maui who eventually agrees to help her on her journey. She succeeds after minor setbacks and after that, the curse is lifted and Moana realizes who she wants to be. 

Moana is the one character that actually acts quite close to her age and it would be pretty easy to guess that she is 16 years old.

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