All 4 Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ Movies in Order

all 4 disney cinderella movies in order

Cinderella is one of the most famous fairy tale characters in history. The most well-known version is the European one, popularized by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, but the character truly reached a massive audience with Disney’s adaptation of the classic fairytale released in 1950. Since then, Cinderella has been associated with grace and elegance, and her sky-blue dress continues to inspire princess outfits to this day. Considering the popularity of the character, Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ franchise includes four movies in total, and today, we’re going to tell you how to watch them in order.

Editor’s Note: This watch order has been updated in November 2023.

All 4 ‘Cinderella’ movies in release date order

The first ‘Cinderella’ movie was released back in 1950, but little do people know that several sequels were made following the first successful animated adaptation. There’s also a live-action version of the movie released in 2015, but fans still refer to the original Cinderella as the flagship of the franchise. Let’s see the release date order of all ‘Cinderella’ projects.

  1. ‘Cinderella’ (1950)
  2. ‘Cinderella II: Dreams Come True’ (2002)
  3. ‘Cinderella III: A Twist in Time’ (2007)
  4. ‘Cinderella’ (2015)

Are all Disney movies featuring Cinderella connected? What’s the best way to watch them in order?

All of Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ movies are connected. The animated movies are generally part of the same series and are considered sequels to the original film. The live-action adaptation released in 2015 is a “reboot” of the franchise. It’s basically the retelling of the first story but in live-action.

The best way to watch ‘Cinderella’ movies is in their release date order.


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All 4 ‘Cinderella’ movies in chronological order

As we’ve already mentioned, ‘Cinderella’ movies follow a simple timeline even though there are 50 years between the first and the second movie. The timeline is relatively straightforward and it goes like this:

1. ‘Cinderella’ (1950)

Cinderella 1950

Set in a distant fantasy past, we met Cinderella. After Cinderella’s father dies, her stepmother and stepsisters mistreat her, assigning her to menial tasks. Despite the cruelty, Cinderella remains kind-hearted, befriending mice and birds while enduring her stepfamily’s mockery. When the opportunity to attend a royal ball arises, her stepsisters sabotage her chances, destroying the dress she had prepared with the help of her animal friends.

2. ‘Cinderella II: Dreams Come True’ (2002)

Cinderella II Dreams Come True

‘Cinderella II’ takes place shortly after the wedding. In the royal palace, Cinderella’s mice friends Gus and Jaq seek the Fairy Godmother’s assistance in continuing Cinderella’s story after the Happily Ever After. The first segment unfolds as Cinderella, back from her honeymoon, challenges traditional palace customs and organizes a party her own way, surprising the King but ultimately earning his satisfaction.

3. ‘Cinderella III: A Twist in Time’ (2007)

Cinderella III A Twist in Time

The third animated ‘Cinderella’ movie takes place exactly one year after the first film. To celebrate Cinderella and the Prince’s first wedding anniversary, the Fairy Godmother hosts a picnic, where Anastasia discovers the magical origin of Cinderella’s meeting with the Prince. Anastasia, seeking to improve her own fortunes, steals the Fairy Godmother’s wand and inadvertently turns her into a statue.

Lady Tremaine, seizing the opportunity, uses the wand to alter the past, ensuring that Anastasia is declared the Prince’s bride by fitting the enlarged slipper on her foot. Cinderella, with the help of her friends Jaq and Gus, pursues her stepfamily to the palace after Lady Tremaine destroys the evidence of her dance with the Prince.

4. ‘Cinderella’ (2015)

Cinderella 2015

‘Cinderella,’ released in 2015, is merely a live-action adaptation of the original movie, and as such, it’s out of the original continuity and sets its own universe. Ella, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, experiences a tragic turn of events when her mother dies, and her father remarries Lady Tremaine, a cruel woman with two daughters. After her father’s unexpected death, Lady Tremaine forces Ella into servitude, earning her the mocking nickname “Cinderella” from her stepsisters due to the ashes on her face from sleeping by the fireplace.

Where to watch the above-mentioned movies?

You can watch all ‘Cinderella’ movies on Disney+ streaming platform since it’s home to all movies based on Disney princesses.

Will there be more movies featuring Cinderella?

So far, there has been no news regarding the continuation of the ‘Cinderella’ franchise, at least when it comes to Disney. It seems like they’re focusing on other princesses and their live-action adaptations at the moment.

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