All Disney Princesses: Height, Age, Relationships, & Ethnicity

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Disney princesses have always been a part of society because a lot of children grew up watching Disney movies and idolizing their favorite princesses. This is why we just can’t get enough of Disney princesses and always talk about them. On top of that, Disney introduces new princesses all the time. That said, let’s look at the information that we know about the different Disney princesses that have become a part of culture for many years.

Editor’s Note: This guide has been updated in January 2024 to include Asha, Disney Princess from ‘Wish.’

NameHeightAgeRelationshipsEthnicityPowers and abilities
Snow White 5’2”14Prince FlorianCaucasianNone
Cinderella 5’4”19Prince CharmingCaucasianAnimal communication
Aurora 5’6”16Prince PhillipCaucasianNone
Ariel 5’4” (when human)16Prince EricMermaidMermaid abilities
Belle 5’5”17The BeastCaucasian FrenchNone
Jasmine 5’1”16AladdinArabianNone
Pocahontas 5’7”18John SmithNative AmericanTrained hunter
Mulan 5’4”16Li ShangChineseVarious martial arts skills, B\bojutsu and tessenjutsu mastery, expert swordsmanship, archery skills
Tiana 5’6”19Prince NaveenAfrican-American, frogEnhanced jumping and leaping, prehensile tongue, water-breathing, enhanced dexterity, animal communication
Rapunzel 5’1”18Eugene FitzherbertCaucasianHealing abilities aging control decaying abilities, glow-in-the-dark hair prehensile hair
Merida 5’4”16No PrinceCaucasian IrishMaster of archery, master swordsmanship
Anna (Unofficial) 5’3”18KristoffCaucasian NorwegianNone
Elsa (Unofficial) 5’7”21No PrinceCaucasian NorwegianMagical ability to create and control ice
Moana 7’6” (estimated)16No PrincePolynesianSkilled sailor
Raya  5’6”18No PrinceSoutheast AsianMaster swordsman
Mirabel Madrigal (Unofficial) 5’2”15No PrinceColombianAffinity with Casa Madrigal, athletic
Asha5’9”17No PrinceNorth African-IberianFairy godmother abilities

1. Snow White

snow white disney.jpg

Height: 5’2
Age: 14
Relationships: The Queen (stepmother), Seven Dwarves (adoptive family), The Prince (romantic interest)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Powers and Abilities: None

Character Information: Snow White is the very first Disney princess, as ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ was released at the end of the 1930s. That means she is as classic as any Disney Princess in every sense of the word. Snow White is an orphaned daughter of a royal family whose kingdom was overtaken by her evil stepmother, the Queen. The Queen became jealous because the spirit in the mirror told her that Snow White had overtaken her as the fairest in the land, and that was why she asked the Huntsman to kill her and how the Seven Dwarves met her.


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2. Cinderella

g cinderella1950 03 17805 4c9a7fe6

Height: 5’4”
Age: 16 or 18
Relationships: Lady Tremaine (stepmother), Drizella Tremaine (stepsister), Anastasia Tremaine (stepsister)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Powers and Abilities: Animal communication

Character Information: Chronologically, Cinderella is the second Disney princess because ‘Cinderella’ is the second Disney princess movie ever released. The story of the movie revolves around Cinderella and her relationship with her stepmother and stepsisters, who treat her like a slave in her own house after her biological father has passed away. However, thanks to the help of her fairy godmother, Cinderella was able to transform into a beautiful princess who charmed the prince.

3. Aurora

gallery princess aurora 3 7b8a0543

Height: 5’6”
Age: 16
Relationships: King Stefan (father), Queen Leah (mother); Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather (adoptive aunts); King Hubert (father-in-law)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Powers and Abilities: None

Character Information: Aurora is the third Disney princess chronologically and the star of the 1959 classic movie ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ This movie dwells around Aurora, who was cursed by the evil fairy Maleficent. Her curse involved her pricking her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and dying before her sixteenth birthday, and this caused the king to hide her as a peasant to make sure that the curse didn’t take her. However, the curse still ends up happening, as Aurora falls into a deep slumber that could only be broken with true love’s kiss.

4. Ariel

Disney The Little Mermaid Cropped

Height: 5’4” (when human)
Age: 16
Relationships: King Triton (father), Queen Athena (mother); Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, and Alana (sisters); Poseidon (paternal grandfather), Amphitrite (paternal grandmother), Neptune (paternal great-grandfather), Crustacea (paternal grandaunt)
Ethnicity: Mermaid
Powers and Abilities: Mermaid abilities

Character Information: Released in 1989, ‘The Little Mermaid’ stars Ariel, who is the titular character of the movie and is the youngest of the seven mermaid daughters of King Triton and Queen Athena. Ariel grew up curious about the human world, which she could only observe from afar. However, due to a deal with Ursula, she was able to obtain human legs that allowed her to go on land and expose herself to the human world. But what she didn’t know was that her deal with Ursula had dire consequences.


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5. Belle

gallery princess belle 2 f4a938c0

Height: 5’5”
Age: 17
Relationships: Maurice (father), The Beast (romantic interest)
Ethnicity: Caucasian French
Powers and Abilities: None

Character Information: Belle is the main character of the 1991 movie ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ which is set in a small French village. However, she was an outcast in the village because she was free-spirited, unlike most of the villagers who lived quiet and simple lives. Yearning for an adventure, Belle becomes the prisoner of the Beast, who lives in a mansion, who took her so that her father’s life would be saved. While in the mansion, Belle warms the Beast’s heart and even ends up breaking the curse that turned him into a monster.

6. Jasmine

gallery princess jasmine 2 1abea4ca

Height: 5’1”
Age: 16
Relationships: Hamed Bobolonius II (father), Sultana (mother), Aladdin (husband)
Ethnicity: Arabian
Powers and Abilities: None

Character Information: Jasmine is the leading princess of the 1991 ‘Aladdin’ movie. Aladdin is a street rat living in the Arabian kingdom of Agrabah. She is the sole daughter of the sultan of Agrabah but yearns for a life outside the palace. When she escaped from the palace to explore her own kingdom, Jasmine met Aladdin, who immediately fell for her without knowing that she was the princess of Agrabah. But after Jasmine reveals herself to be the princess, Aladdin is prompted to go on a quest for riches so that he can impress her, and this leads to him finding the magic lamp that contains Genie. 

7. Pocahontas      


Height: 5’7”
Age: 18
Relationships: Chief Powhatan (father), Kocoum (former fiancé), John Smith (former romantic interest), John Rolfe (romantic interest)
Ethnicity: Native American
Powers and Abilities: Trained hunter

Character Information Pocahontas is the Disney princess who stars in the 1995 ‘Pocahontas’ film. The movie revolves around the Native Americans and their relationship with the English settlers that came from the Old World. Meanwhile, Pocahontas fell in love with the English settler named John Smith, who returned her feelings. However, due to the actions of the settlers, a war between the Native Americans and the foreigners was sparked, and this led Pocahontas and John Smith to find a way to prevent the two sides from killing one another.


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8. Mulan


Height: 5’4”
Age: 16
Relationships: Fa Zhou (father), Fa Li (mother), Grandmother Fa (grandmother), General Li, (father-in-law), Fa Family Ancestors, Li Shang (husband)
Ethnicity: Chinese
Powers and Abilities: Various martial arts skills, B\bojutsu and tessenjutsu mastery, expert swordsmanship, archery skills

Character Information: Mulan is a Disney princess who stars in the 1998 Disney movie ‘Mulan,’ based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. The story revolves around Mulan, who doesn’t want to be defined by the Chinese traditions for women who are ultimately destined to be wives. Instead, she is a free-spirited woman who ends up going to war in her old and weak father’s stead to represent her family and make her ancestors proud. Mulan becomes the woman who ends up saving the entire Chinese Empire from the threat of the attack of a huge Mongolian army.

9. Tiana


Height: 5’6”
Age: 19
Relationships: James (father), Eudora (mother), Prince Naveen (husband), King of Maldonia (father-in-law), Queen of Maldonia (mother-in-law), Prince Ralphie (brother-in-law)
Ethnicity: African-American, frog
Powers and Abilities: Enhanced jumping and leaping, prehensile tongue, water-breathing, enhanced dexterity, animal communication

Character Information: Tiana made history when she became the first African-American Disney princess. She is the star of ‘The Princess and the Frog,’ a movie based on the classic The Frog Prince story. The story follows a waitress named Tiana, who desperately kisses the Frog Prince but ends up succumbing to the curse and becoming a frog herself. As such, she and the Frog Prince search the entire Bayou for a cure to return to their normal human form.

10. Rapunzel

maxresdefault 24

Height: 5’1”
Age: 18
Relationships: King Frederic (father), Queen Arianna (mother), Mother Gothel ( adoptive mother), Eugene Fitzherbert (husband)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Powers and Abilities: Healing abilities (formerly), aging control (formerly), decaying abilities (formerly), glow-in-the-dark hair (formerly), prehensile hair (formerly)

Character Information: Rapunzel is the very first 3D-animated Disney princess and is the star of the ‘Tangled’ movie, which was released in 2010. Basically, Tangled is based on the classic Rapunzel tale of the Brothers Grimm. The story revolves around Rapunzel, who was kidnapped by Gothel because of her hair’s magical abilities to heal wounds and to control aging, and such powers will be retained as long as she doesn’t cut her hair. However, Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert) found her locked away in a tower and helped her escape.

11. Merida

merida v001 4ab947f8

Height: 5’4”
Age: 16
Relationships: King Fergus (father), Queen Elinor (mother); Harris, Hubert, and Hamish (younger triplet brothers)
Ethnicity: Caucasian Irish
Powers and Abilities: Master of archery, master swordsmanship

Character Information: Merida is the star of the 2012 Disney and Pixar movie ‘Brave.’ Her story revolves around her proving to her family that she didn’t need to get married, and that caused a rift between her and her mother, who turned into a bear due to a spell that was supposed to fix the relationship between the mother and daughter. As such, Merida is set to protect her mother from her father, who is known as the Bear King (because he is known for wounding the ancient bear named Mor’du), while finding a way to release her mother from the spell. Merida is also known to be the first Disney princess with no romantic partner whatsoever.


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12. Anna (Unofficial)

Screen Shot 2019 11 26 at 3.16.46 PM.0.png

Height: 5’3”
Age: 18
Relationships: King Agnarr (father), Queen Iduna (mother), Elsa (sister), Hans (ex-fiancé), Kristoff (fiancé)
Ethnicity: Caucasian Norwegian
Powers and Abilities: None

Character Information: Anna is a princess of the fictional Norwegian kingdom of Arendelle (and ends up becoming queen in Frozen 2) and is one of the main stars of the ‘Frozen’ film franchise, which is the highest-grossing non-Marvel and non-Star Wars Disney franchise ever. She is a bubbly and lively princess who grew up playing with her sister, Elsa, but ultimately got hurt due to Elsa’s ice powers. Her entire journey throughout Frozen involves her trying to bring Elsa back to the kingdom and convincing her to stop the snowstorm that froze Arendelle. Along the way, Elsa met Kristoff (who would soon become her romantic interest) and the snowman named Olaf.

Fun fact: Anna isn’t an official Disney princess because the “Disney Princess” title is meant for marketing and franchising purposes. Considering that Frozen is already marketable on its own, Disney didn’t name Anna as an official Disney princess because Frozen is already a profitable franchise.

13. Elsa (Unofficial)


Height: 5’7”
Age: 21
Relationships: King Agnarr (father), Queen Iduna (mother), Anna (sister)
Ethnicity: Caucasian Norwegian
Powers and Abilities: Magical ability to create and control ice

Character Information: Elsa was crowned the queen of Arendelle during the first ‘Frozen’ movie but ended up ceding her crown to her sister in ‘Frozen 2.’ She is the eldest daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna and was born with the power to create and control ice. It was because she could not control her powers that she alienated herself from her sister, which eventually caused her to alienate herself from her entire kingdom. However, Elsa learned to control her powers later on and ended up fixing her rift with Anna and the kingdom of Arendelle.

Fun fact: The reason why Elsa isn’t an official Disney princess is the same as why Anna isn’t an official Disney princess. Of course, there’s also the fact that Elsa was introduced as a queen and not as a princess.


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14. Moana


Height: 7’6” (estimated)
Age: 16
Relationships: Chief Tui (father), Sina (mother)
Ethnicity: Polynesian
Powers and Abilities: Skilled sailor

Character Information: Moana is the first Polynesian Disney princess and the star of the titular movie ‘Moana,’ released in 2016. The movie revolves around Moana being chosen by the Ocean to save the world. This prompted her to go on an adventure and to look for the demigod Maui so that they could prevent the life-killing darkness from destroying Moana’s island. 

Fun fact: The reason why Moana’s height is listed at 7’6” is due to the fact that it was estimated based on the height of her rooster, Heihei. For some reason, Disney never corrected Moana’s height, and that means that people actually believe her to be as tall as an NBA center.

15. Vanellope von Schweetz (Adopted)

m87bfjcp 1920

Height: 2’6”
Age: 9 or 12
Relationships: Ralph (best friend)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Powers and Abilities: Master racecar driver, glitching

Character Information: Vanellope is the co-star of the ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ movie that explores the story of retro arcade characters hopping from one game to another. She was considered a “glitch” in her own game when Ralph first met her. However, the truth was that Vanellope was the true main character of her video game franchise but was removed from the game by a jealous video game character.

Fun fact: Technically, Vanellope was never an official or an unofficial Disney princess. The only reason why she is a Disney princess is that in ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ (the sequel of ‘Wreck-It Ralph’), she found herself on the Disney website and met the official Disney princesses, who adopted her after finding out that she herself is a princess.

16. Raya (Unofficial)

raya and the last dragon review.jpeg

Height: 5’6”
Age: 18
Relationships: Chief Benja (father)
Ethnicity: Southeast Asian
Powers and Abilities: Master swordsman

Character Information: Raya is the titular hero of ‘Raya and the Last Dragon,’ which was released in 2021. She is the first Southeast Asian Disney princess, although in an unofficial capacity. Nevertheless, she still makes history because she is only one of two Disney movie stars of Asian heritage. ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world that ended up turning into a wasteland when a plague turned much of humanity into stone and when the dragons went extinct. However, when Raya met Sisu, the last surviving dragon, they went on a quest to restore the pieces of the orb that would help vanquish the plague from the world.

17. Mirabel Madrigal (Unofficial)

mirabel madrigal 1637699949860.png

Height: 5’2”
Age: 15
Relationships: Julieta Madrigal (mother), Agustín Madrigal (father), Isabela Madrigal (oldest sister), Luisa Madrigal (older sister). Alma Madrigal/Abuela (maternal grandmother), Pedro Madrigal (maternal grandfather), Félix Madrigal (uncle by marriage), Pepa Madrigal (maternal aunt), Bruno Madrigal (maternal uncle), Dolores Madrigal (maternal cousin), Camilo Madrigal (maternal cousin), Antonio Madrigal (maternal cousin)
Ethnicity: Colombian
Powers and Abilities: Affinity with Casa Madrigal, athletic

Character Information: Mirabel is the star of the 2021 ‘Encanto’ movie and is one of the newest unofficial Disney princesses. She is the only member of the Madrigal family that doesn’t have a magical gift, and that makes her feel alienated from the rest of her family. However, when the miracle of the Madrigal family began to fade, Mirabel went on a journey to save the magic, all while learning more about her familial troubles along the way as she ultimately discovered that no family is ever perfect.


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18. Asha


Height: 5’9”
Age: 17
Relationships: Tomás (father), Sakina (mother), Sabino (grandfather)
Ethnicity: North African-Iberian
Powers and Abilities: The Star gave Asha a magic wand. And upon taking it, she becomes a fairy godmother.

Character Information: Asha is the newest Disney Princess introduced with the release of ‘Wish’ (2023). Asha, born in Rosas to philosopher Tomás and seamstress Sakina, grew up with her father’s lectures on the interconnectedness of stars and all living things. At twelve, her father passed away, and she was raised by her mother and grandfather, Sabino. At seventeen, she became a tour guide, welcoming travelers and immigrants to the kingdom of Rosas.

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