Do Cheong-San & Lee Na-Yeon Die In All Of Us Are Dead?

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All Of Us Are Dead has an amazing ensemble of characters that are great in their own right, regardless of their personalities. Two of the characters that are particularly interesting to fans of the show are Lee Cheong-san and Lee Na-yeon because of how their personalities are seemingly opposite. Then again, a lot of things happened in relation to these characters and their own stories. So, do Cheon-san and Na-yeon di in All Of Us Are Dead?

It is implied that Cheong-san is dead, as he acted a sacrifice when he was bitten by Gwi-nam and knew that his time was up. He decided to distract Gwi-nam and the zombies to allow his friends to escape. Meanwhile, Na-yeon is dead as she was turned into a mindless zombie when Gwi-nam bit her.

The reason why both Cheong-san and Na-yeon are interesting characters is that the way they died is the opposite of one another. Cheong-san died in a selfless act that allowed his friends to live. Meanwhile, Na-yeon was always portrayed as a selfish girl that was willing to do anything to keep herself alive, even if it meant betraying her fellow students in the process.

Does Cheong-San Die At The End Of All Of Us Are Dead?

All Of Us Are Dead is a Netflix original series that is sweeping the world because of how it became the newest addition to the many different zombie series you can find on any streaming service. Of course, the best part about All Of Us Are Dead is that it has a good ensemble of different characters that are unique in their own ways.

One of the best characters in the entire series is Lee Cheong-san because of his overall demeanor. Throughout the entire series, Cheong-san kept his cool while making sure that she worked together with the rest of his classmates amidst the chaos of having zombies surrounding them in the school. And Cheong-san was always supportive of his best friend, neighbor, and childhood friend On-jo.

As the show progressed, what seemed to be obvious was the fact that Cheong-san was in love with On-jo, who is actually in love with Lee Soo-hyuk. Even though Cheong-san knows that On-jo has feelings for Soo-hyuk, he almost never treats it as a rivalry and was actually supportive of his friend at one point.

In one of the scenes wherein the group of friends was talking about their feelings, On-jo asked Cheong-san whether or not he had someone he loved. That was when Cheong-san confessed that he was always in love with On-jo and had been in love with her since they were six years old. This became one of the best parts of the series, as we saw a heartfelt confession during a time when the characters bared their hearts out because they didn’t know whether or not they would survive.

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On-jo told Cheong-san that they would talk about their relationship after the mess was over and that they had already survived the zombie apocalypse. Cheong-san agreed to this plan and focused on keeping his friends alive. Later on, he even went on to say that he didn’t want any more of his friends to die.

As the friends were literally outside the window of a building trying to find a way to survive the incoming bombing, the bully named Gwi-nam, who serves as the main antagonist of the series and is actually a half-zombie, arrives to terrorize Cheong-san and the group. They were able to fight off Gwi-nam but at the expense of Cheong-san, who got bitten.

Realizing that his fate was sealed and he was already going to turn into a zombie soon, Cheong-san made the ultimate sacrifice while bidding farewell to the love of his life. He told On-jo that he didn’t want anyone else to die. As such, Cheong-san used himself as a distraction while fighting off Gwi-nam to allow his friends to escape.

Cheong-san was overpowered by Gwi-nam, but he had already done his job. His friends had already escaped the vicinity of the bombing, as both Cheong-san and Gwi-nam were included in the bombing of Hyosan.


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At the end of the series, and four months after the survivors were able to find their way to the quarantine camp, they visited the roof of their former school. On the roof, the friends found Nam-ra, who survived on her own as a half-zombie for four months. 

Nam-ra, who has heightened senses, told the group that she didn’t sense the presence of any other person in the school. As such, she basically confirms that Cheong-san is dead, which is most likely the case.

However, there is a slim chance that Cheong-san is alive. After the bombing, his body was seen lying down with the other zombies. But while the implication here is that he is dead, he could still be alive if he turned into a half-zombie instead of getting turned into a mindless zombie. Considering that half-zombies are very resilient, it may be possible that he is still alive, and that will be revealed if All Of Us Are Dead will have a second season.

Does Lee Na-Yeon Die In All Of Us Are Dead??

As mentioned, All Of Us Are Dead has a lot of interesting characters that are all unique in their own right. One of the other characters that became quite popular in the worst way possible is Lee Na-yeon.

The reason why Lee Na-yeon is quite popular in her own right is that she is right up there at the top with Gwi-nam in terms of the worst characters in the series. She is a selfish bully and is not afraid of doing anything it takes to prove that she is right.

One of the worst moments involving Na-yeon was when she insulted her classmate Gyeong-san, whose family lives on welfare, by calling him a welfie. Gyeong-san had a wound on his hand, and Na-yeon was adamant at proving that he was bitten by a zombie, even though that was not the case.

To prove her case, Na-yeon wiped the blood of a zombie using her handkerchief. She then pretended to treat Gyeong-san’s wound by wiping the same handkerchief on it. This eventually turned Gyeong-san into a zombie, as Na-yeon essentially killed her own classmate.


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Na-yeon was thrown out of the group for her actions, but she actually hides in a storage room full of food and drinks. While Na-yeon lasted for a while all on her own, Gwi-nam eventually found her. The bully fed on her as Na-yeon turned into a mindless zombie.

Those who are familiar with Squid Game would be familiar with Na-yeon’s actress, Lee Yoo-mi, as well. In Squid Game, she played the role of a selfless person who let one of the main characters live at her expense. However, she was the complete opposite on All Of Us Are Dead because of how she acted in the most selfish way possible.

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When Does Lee Na-Yeon Die?

Technically speaking, Lee Na-yeon died when she was turned into a zombie by Gwi-nam. Medically speaking, this should be the time of her death because it was later explained in the video by the man who created the virus that mindless zombies are already dead.

However, if we are talking about her death even as a zombie, Na-yeon died during the bombing of the school. She was at the school playground together with the other zombies when the military dropped the bombs during the events of episode 11.

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