10 TV Shows & Movies Like ‘All of Us Are Dead’

10 TV Shows & Movies Like All of Us Are Dead

If you’re a fan of South Korean cinema and zombie movies, then Netflix’s new series, All of Us Are Dead, is certainly going to be something up your alley. The story, similar to anime shows like High School of the Dead, tells the story of a high school that becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak, with the trapped students having to fight their way out or turn into one of the rabid infected.

The 12-episode series has premiered on January 28, 2022, and if you’ve streamed the show, we have a treat for you – the best TV shows and movies like All of Us Are Dead you have to see.

For all those that have enjoyed All of Us Are Dead, we have decided to compose a list of the best TV shows and movies like Netflix’s new series that every fan needs to see. The list is going to include a total of 10 titles, five of which are going to be TV shows, while the other five are going to be movies that, in one way or the other, resemble All of Us Are Dead.

5 TV shows like All of Us Are Dead

1. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Original Release: October 31, 2010 – present
Number of Episodes: 161

The story follows the character of Kings County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln). He wakes up from a coma of several weeks to discover that the population has been ravaged by an unknown epidemic that transforms human beings into undead, called “prowlers”. After reuniting with his family, he quickly becomes the leader of a group of survivors from Atlanta.


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They have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, facing walkers and other groups of survivors, some of whom are even more dangerous than the walkers themselves. Together, they must somehow face a world that has become unrecognizable during their journey through the deep south of the United States.

2. Kingdom 

kingdom 101 unit 00210 cr res

Original Release: January 25, 2019 – present
Number of Episodes: 12 + 1 special

In medieval Korea of ​​the Joseon Dynasty, the king appears to have contracted smallpox. However, there are doubts. There are rumors that the king is dead. Hardly anyone has seen the king. The queen does not let the worried crown prince Chang into the palace. In addition, the soldiers seem to be listening to Cho Hak-ju, the leader of the Haewon-Cho clan.

One day, Crown Prince Chang sneaks into the palace and notices a foul smell in the partitioned-off area reserved for the king, as well as a being making noises like an animal. However, he cannot see it exactly. The king cannot be found. When asked, the crown prince was informed that he had left the palace for a short time. Through Muyeong, Chang finds out that Dongnae doctor Lee Seong-hui was treating the king. He decides to visit him to get to the bottom of the matter.

However, the place was struck by a plague. Dr. Lee arrived there a few days earlier with the body of his assistant Dan-i. He was bitten by the king and fell ill, and then succumbed to this disease as well. With little to eat, Yeongsin secretly steals the body and cooks it for the villagers to have food. However, this turned the residents into zombies.

3. Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead

Original Release: October 31, 2015 – April 29, 2018
Number of Episodes: 30

Ash Williams, an ex-demon slayer, has spent the last 30 years living in a trailer and working as a salesman in a hardware store. But one evening when he is heavily drunk, he makes the mistake of reading the Necronomicon which brings back the Cadaverous, who thus threaten to destroy humanity, Ash is forced out of his retirement as a demon slayer to save the world at using his Remington 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun and chainsaw strapped to his right hand.

But this time, he is no longer alone to fight the forces of Evil. He will be helped by Pablo and Kelly, two salespeople from the store where he works. Ash will be tracked by two women, a policewoman and a mysterious woman who claims to want revenge on Ash.

4. Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead 1

Original Release: August 23, 2015 – present
Number of Episodes: 93

The story takes place at the very beginning of the epidemic narrated in the parent series The Walking Dead and takes place in the city of Los Angeles and not in Atlanta. Madison is a guidance counselor at a high school in Los Angeles. Since the death of her husband, she raises her two children alone: Alicia, an excellent student who discovers the first love emotions, and her older brother Nick who left college and sank into drugs.

They do not really accept the new companion of their mother, Travis, a professor in the same high school and divorced father of a young teenager, Chris. Around this blended family that is struggling to put the pieces back together, strange behaviors appear and an epidemic arrives.

5. Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead1

Original Release: July 5, 2010 – September 20, 2010
Number of Episodes: 12 + OVA

While high school student Takashi Komuro mourns his childhood love Rei Miyamoto for breaking her promise and dating his best friend, he witnesses a strange incident at the entrance of Tokyo’s Fujimi High School. In this, the teachers, who want to keep a man off the school grounds, are unknowingly bitten by a zombie and turn into zombies themselves.


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He almost can’t believe what’s going on there, so he rushes back into the classroom and urges his closest friends to leave the school. In this way, Takashi, Rei, and their friend Hisashi gain the necessary head start before there is a stampede at school. On the run, however, there is an incident in which Hisashi, underestimating the power of the zombies, is bitten by one.

5 movies like All of Us Are Dead

1. Train to Busan

Train to Busan111

Release Date: May 13, 2016
Duration: 118 minutes

A virus of unknown origin that turns people into zombies quickly spreads in South Korea, forcing the government to enforce martial law. Seok-woo is a divorced, hardworking stockbroker living with little daughter Soo-an. As a birthday present from her, Soo-an asks him to take her to Busan, to meet her mother.

They board a Korea Train Express train, which also includes worker Sang-hwa and his pregnant wife Seong-kyeong, a high school baseball team (including Yong-guk and cheerleader Jin-hee), the rich and selfish CEO Yon-suk, elderly sisters In-gil and Jong-gil and a homeless man traumatized after witnessing a zombie attack. As the train departs, a young woman begins to have severe convulsions due to a bite on her leg; She quickly becomes a zombie and attacks a train attendant, quickly spreading the infection.

2. Peninsula 

Peninsula film

Release Date: July 15, 2020
Duration: 116 minutes

A zombie outbreak occurs in South Korea, where the government is overwhelmed within a day. Former Korean Navy captain Jung-seok leads his family members to a ship. Along the way, he meets a couple with a young daughter, but ignores their requests for help because the man is bleeding. Jung-seok’s family board a ship where an infected man turns into a zombie and infects several people in a cabin, including Jung-seok’s grandson, Dong-hwan.

Jung-seok’s sister refuses to leave Dong-hwan, so Jung-seok closes the cabin as the zombies bite her. Jung-seok prevents his brother-in-law Chul-min from entering as armed soldiers arrive. Other nations contain the epidemic by quarantining South Korea. Four years later, in Hong Kong, a guilt-filled Jung-seok and Chul-min are recruited by Chinese mobsters for a mission with two other Koreans to return to South Korea and recover a truck containing 20 million dollars; if they are successful, they will presumably get half the money.

The team arrives at the peninsula at night by boat and finds the truck. The team pushes back and kills the zombie trucker, making noises that attract other zombies. Jung-seok shoots them and the team escapes.

3. Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

Release Date: May 14, 2021
Duration: 148 minutes

A military convoy, carrying a mysterious cargo from Area 51, is the victim of a serious accident. A powerful zombie is released and attacks the surviving soldiers, not far from Las Vegas. Very quickly, the contamination spreads, and thousands of zombies infest the city. The area is then quarantined.

The President of the United States announces that he is going to carry out a massive nuclear strike to destroy the city and the zombies. At the request of billionaire Bly Tanaka, mercenaries are sent there to recover $200 million from a casino. Scott Ward leads this team including Maria Cruz, helicopter pilot Marianne Peters, German Ludwig Dieter (a safe specialist), and Mexican sniper Mikey Guzman. Martin, Tanaka’s right-hand man, also joins them. To enter this locked area, Scott asks for help from his daughter Kate, who works as a volunteer at a quarantine camp near Vegas.

She introduces him to Lily alias “Coyote” who knows the terrain well. Kate, who has a conflicting relationship with her father, insists on going to Las Vegas too, to find her friend Geeta there. The group will have to give the best of itself to hope to come out alive from Las Vegas with the promised money.

4. World War Z

World War Z

Release Date: June 2, 2013
Duration: 116 minutes

What seems like any other day to Gerry Lane and his family soon turns out to be the beginning of a worldwide tragedy. A terrible infection, which turns humans into zombie-like mutants, rages in Philadelphia and the rest of the globe. All men, if bitten by a zombie, come into contact with the virus and in a few seconds turn into zombies: very fast creatures with such strength as to allow an infected to lift an adult man with one arm.

They are extremely ferocious towards the uninfected, who will try to bite, literally jumping on them, until they manifest the symptoms of the infection; the only way to permanently kill them seems to be to shoot them in the head or cause a head injury. Gerry calls Thierry Umutoni, UN undersecretary and old friend of his, to save his family, asking him to send a helicopter to recover him and his family.

5. Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

Release Date: October 1, 1968
Duration: 96 minutes

Barbra Blair and her brother Johnny travel to Pennsylvania to pay their respects at their father’s grave. This annual rite irritates Johnny, who tries to scare Barbra, telling her that the dead are coming for her. Barbra, upset, isolates herself, and is assaulted by a person with a mechanical gait and a ravaged face.


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Her brother defends her, but dies in the struggle, his head smashed against a tombstone. Barbra flees and takes refuge in an isolated farm, where she discovers the mutilated body of a woman. Wanting to leave the house, she is confronted by the man from the cemetery and other strange menacing figures. An African-American trucker, Ben, joins her, and boards the doors and windows. He also finds a radio and a shotgun. Barbra passes out, and is left in shock when she wakes up.

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