Do Iron Golems Despawn In Minecraft?

Do Iron Golems Despawn In Minecraft?

Minecraft world is a dangerous place for all those players who are not competent enough and have plenty of enemies around them. Even a competitive player finds the battle difficult against the deadly monsters. Keeping these aspects in view, Minecraft has added self-defense for all the players out there. Iron golem is one such thing that will help you secure from your enemies. An iron golem is a neutral mob that defends the Minecraft players from all the other Minecraft mobs. But, does it despawn in Minecraft?

Iron Golems can despawn because of the hostile mobs that are present around them. Hostile mobs can kill them without even thinking of the consequences. You will find them despawn in your Minecraft world as per the latest updates. They will also despawn if they find themselves stuck in some problematic situation.

Besides enchantments, there are many other ways to defend yourself in your Minecraft gameplay. The main purpose behind using the Minecraft Iron Golems is their ability to protect you from the hostile mobs and siege attacks in your Minecraft gameplay. They are also helpful when it comes to preserving the life of Minecraft villagers. But, how would iron golems despawn in Minecraft? Read on to learn about this thing in detail. 

Do Iron Golems Despawn?

Do Iron Golems Despawn In Minecraft?

Naturally, iron golems do not despawn in Minecraft. Iron golems are the utility mobs that will help you defend against an enemy. It also servers you best when it comes to the best and peculiar Minecraft creature. Iron golems are strong, kind, and best for your environment. Minecraft iron golems spawn near a pillager outpost, in a village, or sometimes in a cage. They spawn naturally in your created Minecraft world. 

But, they do despawn under some difficult situations. They can only despawn under a few circumstances. These circumstances are as follows:

1. As Neutral Mobs

When you consider the iron golems as the neutral mobs, they will despawn in your Minecraft gameplay. 

2. When Killed By The Hostile Mobs

They do despawn when killed by the other deadly and undead mobs of your dangerous Minecraft world. When the iron golems protect you against your enemies, then there would be a chance that the iron golems may kill or die during the fight. This thing makes them despawn in Minecraft. 

3. When They Can Move Maximum Blocks

Now this is another reason why iron golems despawn in Minecraft. If an iron golem cannot move a maximum number of blocks (say 20 blocks) in Minecraft, it won’t despawn in your gameplay. 

4. When They Kill Themselves 

Iron golems can also kill themselves if they find themselves stuck in some problematic situation. The only way to get them out of that difficult situation is to kill them. That is why they despawn in Minecraft. 

How Do You Stop Iron Golems From Despawning?

Iron Golems are the strong utility mobs in Minecraft. These mobs do not despawn naturally, but there are a few exceptions. If you want to stop your iron golems from despawning in Minecraft, you need to follow one of the given methods. 

1. Make A Boundary With A Fence

Want to stop the iron golems from getting out of your world? Well, this is the perfect way to do this. All you need to do is get a lead and attach it to a fence outside your structure. This thing will help you stop your iron golems from despawning in Minecraft. 

2. Do Not Fulfill The Requirements For Spawning

It is another way to stop your iron golems from despawning in Minecraft. If you do not fulfill the requirements for an iron golem to spawn in your gameplay, then the iron golem won’t spawn. The essential things for an iron golem to spawn include a fixed number of beds and villagers in a Minecraft village. 

3. Make Them Immune To Fall Damage And Drowning

If a player makes an iron golem immune to the fall damage, then this thing will help you stop your iron golems from despawning. Make sure that they have 100% resistance to the knockback. 

4. Provide A Safe Place For Your Iron Golems

If you want your iron golems to stay longer, you will have to provide them with a safe place. It would be best if you protect them from your enemies and other Minecraft hostile mobs. This thing will also stop your iron golem from despawning in Minecraft overworld.  

Why Do Iron Golems Keep Disappearing?

Do Iron Golems Despawn In Minecraft?

Minecraft iron golems despawn irregularly. Not only the iron golems but also the villagers despawn in Minecraft. Iron golems keep disappearing in Minecraft because of the following reasons:

1. If Iron Golems Take The Damage Of Their Players

While fighting with the other hostile mobs, iron golems do damage and sacrifice their lives for their players in Minecraft. In this way, iron golems disappear for a while from your Minecraft world.

2. Because Of Minecraft Skeletons

There are chances that Minecraft skeletons may kill or shoot iron golems without considering the consequences for themselves. This keeps them from disappearing in Minecraft gameplay. 

3. Due To Unfavorable Situations

If they get stuck in things such as walls or fences, they will stay there until they find a suitable and easy way to get rid of this situation. If they stay there for a long time, they will ultimately die there. 

4. Due To The Unavoidable Skeleton Arrows

They also despawn in your gameplay because they are pretty susceptible to the skeletons’ arrows. 

5. Due to the Minecraft Bedrock Bugs

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, several bugs help them despawn in your Minecraft gameplay. These bugs make the Minecraft entities disappear even in the presence of a tight fence or restrictions. 

There is an exciting thing about iron golems in Minecraft. These utility mobs do not attack the players that made them. Iron golems won’t attack the creators.

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