Here’s Why Villagers Despawn in Minecraft (& How to Stop It)

how to keep your villagers from despawning in minecraft

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Minecraft is a huge and vast world, and it’s filled with both resources and entities in the form of aggressive mobs and useful villagers. The addition of villagers to the world marked a huge step in improving the game because the once seemingly lifeless world started teeming with useful NPCs, making Minecraft world a bit less lonely. Now that you have villagers near you, it’s only natural that you want the community to thrive, and it’s hard to do that if your villagers seem to disappear into thin air. Let’s see whether Minecraft villagers despawn & how to prevent it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Minecraft villagers usually do not despawn or disappear, but bugs do happen and are the primary cause of despawning among villagers.
  • You can keep your villagers from despawning by increasing the lightning of your Minecraft world, making boundaries around the house, and caging your villagers in their Minecraft houses. 

Villagers do despawn in Minecraft

Minecraft villagers typically do not despawn as long as you ensure they remain within the confines of their houses. Failing to do so may result in the unfortunate loss of your villagers.

The likelihood of despawning in Minecraft depends on several factors, including the level of care you invest in them. Tracking your villagers and providing them with proper conditions to thrive does lessen the chances of despawning. Minecraft villagers do not naturally despawn or vanish under normal circumstances, but bugs do happen.

There are several factors for Minecraft villagers to despawn


Under normal circumstances, Minecraft villagers do not despawn. However, there are specific situations where proper game mechanics may go haywire.

The despawning rate of Minecraft villagers depends on several factors, and it’s essential to be aware of them:

  1. Minecraft villagers may despawn if your house has numerous openings, such as doors and windows.
  2. The absence of a proper, well-enclosed fence around your house can increase the despawning rate of your villagers.
  3. The risk of despawning increases if you fail to keep Minecraft mobs and zombies away from them.
  4. Insufficient lighting in your world contributes to the despawning. Poor lighting is a signal for zombie presence in Minecraft. To prevent despawning, ensure proper lighting around your villagers.
  5. If a villager moves more than 128 blocks away from your house or the central area of your world, there is a chance it will despawn.
  6. They also tend to despawn if they are in breeding mode and you are not actively breeding them.
  7. Villagers are sometimes reported to despawn if they lack name tags.


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How do you stop villagers from despawning?

“Preventing your Minecraft villagers from despawning is crucial for effective and efficient gameplay. By doing so, you can fully enjoy the services of your villagers. Here are ways to prevent Minecraft villagers from despawning:

1. Quarantine them

quarantine minecraft

Want to keep your villagers safe in your Minecraft world? Well, quarantining is the best possible way in this regard. Quarantining refers to keeping your villagers at a specific and secure location. To effectively quarantine your villagers, you must place fences and doors at locations where they most often leave the premises.

2. Improve lightning in the general area

light levels minecraft

We’ve previously mentioned that one of the major reasons why villagers are known to despawn are zombies and other undead mobs. You can prevent undead mobs from spawning near villagers by ensuring adequate lighting levels. To prevent undead mobs (and other mobs) from spawning, you need to ensure at least level 8 lightning. Use torches, Redstone lamps, and glowstone to maintain a steady source of light.

3. Provide for your villagers

bed and space minecraft

To keep villagers happy, you need to have their basic needs met. This means providing them with ample food and beds, as well as space in which they can thrive.

4. Trade with them

minecraft trader

The last resort to keep your villagers from despawning is simply trading with them. This is their primary use in the first place, and once in a while, they have some good deals, too. Make sure that every spawned villager near you is assigned a job as soon as possible since having a profession severely decreases the chances of villager despawning.

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