Do Ladybug and Cat Noir Find Out Who Each Other Are?

Do Ladybug And Cat Noir Find Out Who Each Other Are?

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Miraculous is an animated series that stars two masked superheroes named Ladybug and Cat Noir. Both of these heroes work together to fight supervillains in the city of Paris. However, one of the recurring themes in the entire series is that these characters have secret identities as normal teenagers who want to keep their superhero identities a secret as well. So, do Ladybug and Cat Noir ever find out who each other are?

Ladybug and Cat Noir find out each other’s secret identities in season 3, episode 10, called Oblivio. It was in this episode that they were able to not only find out who each other is but also end up confessing their feeling. However, they end up forgetting about it when their memories were cleansed.

Throughout the entire series, we were always hinted at the possibility of these two characters revealing to one another who they are, but it never really happened until that one episode. Still, the fact that both Ladybug and Cat Noir ended up forgetting what happened in that episode simply brought everything back to square one as we are still waiting for the ultimate reveal.

Does Ladybug Know Who Cat Noir Is?

Do Ladybug And Cat Noir Find Out Who Each Other Are?

Even though the animated series Miraculous is all about Ladybug and Cat Noir, there is no doubt that the story revolves more around Ladybug or Marinette, who is the main protagonist of the entire story. 

Throughout the entire series, Marinette enjoys life as a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a fashion designer in the future. Of course, she also doubles as Ladybug, the masked superhero who protects the city of Paris from different types of supervillains. And one of the characters that Ladybug often works together with during the entire series is Cat Noir, who also has similar powers.

Now, as the story goes on, one of the things that we often see is that Ladybug and Cat Noir seemingly only refer to one another in their superhero identities. So, does Ladybug even know who Cat Noir is?

Unfortunately, Ladybug doesn’t know Cat Noir’s secret identity. They work together throughout the entire series, but she never had a chance to get to know who was under the mask of Cat Noir. And, surprisingly, Cat Noir’s secret identity is actually Adrien, who Marinette has been crushing on for the longest time possible.

Does Cat Noir Know Who Ladybug Is?

While much of the story revolves around the point of view of Ladybug, the other main protagonist of the Miraculous series is Cat Noir. Like Ladybug, Cat Noir is actually just a high school teenage boy named Adrien, who goes to the same school as Marinette and is actually a model for his father’s fashion brand.

Similarly, Adrien dons the mask of Cat Noir through his miraculous so that he can fight the evil supervillains that terrorize the city of Paris. Of course, he works together with Ladybug in this regard so that it will be easier for them to fight off the supervillains.

However, despite the fact that Cat Noir practically sees Ladybug in almost every episode and works with her to fight supervillains, he doesn’t even know who Ladybug’s true identity is. And the truth is that Ladybug is actually Marinette, for who he has feelings.

Do Ladybug and Cat Noir Find Out Who Each Other Are?

Do Ladybug And Cat Noir Find Out Who Each Other Are?

While Ladybug and Cat Noir never really found out who each other are, there was a point in the entire series where they actually found out each other’s true identities, albeit in a manner that was merely temporary.

In that episode, Ladybug and Cat Noir woke up with amnesia as they had no idea who their true and superhero identities were. As the episode goes on, they find out more about one another and even end up developing feelings for one another as they steadily discover more about their true selves and their superhero identities.

This was the time when Ladybug and Cat Noir were actually able to reveal to one another who they were. They also went on to find out that they lost their memories because of the abilities of a supervillain named Oblivio.

After defeating Oblivio, Ladybug needed to use her miraculous powers to undo the supervillain’s attempt at wiping out the memories of everyone in Paris. She also revealed to Cat Noir that using her powers meant that their memories of what happened that day would also disappear as everything would go back to normal.

So, when Ladybug used her power to cleanse the damage that Oblivio was attempting to do, everything that happened during their amnesiac state also disappeared. Essentially, both Ladybug and Cat Noir returned to their normal selves and were now back to being unaware of each other’s true identities.

In a way, Ladybug and Cat Noir did find out about each other’s identities, but it was only temporary. It was also in a state of amnesia as neither of them really knew who they truly were in the first place. So, in a way, you could say that it was not the true identity reveal that the fans have been waiting for since the start of the season.

What Happens if Ladybug and Cat Noir Reveal Their Identities to Each Other?

Ever since the show started, fans have been wondering why Ladybug and Cat Noir never revealed their true identities to one another even though they were actually closely working together with the entire series.
It was hinted at the start of the series that either of them would become “akumatized” if ever they revealed their identities to one another. In the show, being akumatized means transforming into a supervillain as a result of the negative emotions that a person is feeling.

So, if either Ladybug or Cat Noir were to reveal their true identities to one another, there could be a good chance that one or both of them could get akumatized because of the very possibility of having negative emotions flooding throughout their hearts. And such negative emotions could come out of how both of them want to protect one another because both Marinette and Adrien always had feelings for one another regardless of their superhero identities.

When Do Ladybug and Cat Noir Find Out Who Each Other Are?

Ladybug and Cat Noir found out who each other are in episode 10 of season 3. The episode is entitled Oblivio, which is also the name of the supervillain they had to face. Similarly, the word “oblivio” can also be a play on the word “oblivious”, which basically means being unaware.

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