Miraculous Ladybug Watch Order: Including Every Movie

Miraculous Ladybug Watch Order: Including Every Movie

Miraculous Ladybug is one of the best shows that adults and kids alike can enjoy because of how inclusive and how great the story of the animated series is. That said, if you haven’t seen the series and are looking to binge through the different episodes, you might be wondering whether or not you should just watch the episodes according to release order. To some extent, you can, but it is better for you to look at our Miraculous Ladybug watch order for you to understand more about how you should watch it.

How Many Seasons Does Miraculous Ladybug Have?

One of the most popular animated shows today is Miraculous Ladybug, which follows the story of the aforementioned Ladybug character and Cat Noir, who are masked superheroes living double lives. This series has been running for a long time already, considering that it has been quite popular ever since the first episode was released. So, how many seasons does Miraculous have?

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As of now, there are currently four seasons of Miraculous. Season 4 had just concluded during the earlier part of March 2022, and that means that you can binge through four seasons of the series. And the good news is that Miraculous is going to have at least seven seasons, considering that the show’s creators, Thomas Astruc and Jeremy Zag, confirmed that seasons 6 and 7 would be coming.

How Many Episodes Does Miraculous Ladybug Have?

Miraculous has a total of four seasons that have already completed airing, and each season has 26 episodes each. That means that there is a grand total of 104 episodes of Miraculous Ladybug as of the moment, and each episode has a runtime of around 21 minutes. As such, it’s going to take a long time for you to binge through all four seasons of Miraculous Ladybug if you are willing to do so.

Note: The release dates of the episodes don’t exactly follow the timeline of the events of the series. However, you don’t have to strictly follow all of the episodes based on which comes first because all of the episodes follow the story.

How Many Movies Does Miraculous Ladybug Have?

Miraculous Ladybug Watch Order: Including Every Movie

On top of the fact that Miraculous Ladybug has 104 episodes in total, as each season has 26 episodes, the series also has two TV movie specials that have already aired. The first is Miraculous World: New York, which aired back on September 25, 2020. Meanwhile, the second Miraculous movie is Miraculous World: Shanghai, which premiered back on May 28, 2021.

Miraculous Ladybug Watch Order

One of the things that fans of Miraculous Ladybug often talk about is the watch order of the series. That’s because there seems to be some sort of disconnect between the event timelines and where each episode falls. In fact, a lot of fans have come up with their own episode watch orders based on what they have observed as far as which episode comes first. However, the important part here is that there is no need to go a lot into the details because you’ll still understand the series regardless of which episode in the season comes first.

Season 1

Miraculous Ladybug Watch Order: Including Every Movie

Season 1 of Miraculous Ladybug first premiered in 2015 and concluded in 2016. It is the first season that tells the story of Miraculous. In some areas, season 1 of Miraculous premiered in 2017.

Note: The final episode, Volpina, was meant to be released as the finale of the season in terms of its story and that the origins episodes were meant to be watched after. However, for the sake of continuity, it is best to watch the origins before the first episode.

1. Origins Part 1: Ladybug And Cat Noir

2. Origins Part 2: Stoneheart

3. Stormy Weather

4. The Bubbler

5. The Pharaoh

6. Lady Wifi

7. Timebreaker/Chronogirl

8. Mr. Pigeon

9. Evillustrator

10. Rogercop

11. Copycat

12. Dark Cupid

13. Horrificator

14. Darkblade

15. Mr. Mime

16. Kung Food

17. Gamer

18. Animan

19. Antibug

20. The Puppeteer

21. Reflekta

22. Pixelator

23. Guitar Villain

24. Princess Fragrance

25. Simon Says/Jackaday

26. Volpina

Season 2

Miraculous Ladybug Watch Order: Including Every Movie

Season 2 of Miraculous premiered in October 2017 and concluded 11 months later in November 2018. Even though Santa Claws was released in 2016 and was supposedly a Christmas special for season 1, the production code counts it as part of season 2 and is entirely optional.

1. The Collector

2. Despair Bear

3. Prime Queen

4. Befana

5. Riposte

6. Robostus

7. Gigantitan

8. The Dark Owl

9. Glaciator

10. Sapotis

11. Gorizilla/The Gorilla

12. Captain Hardrock

13. Zombizou

14. Syren

15. Frightningale

16. Troublemaker

17. Reverser

18. Anansi

19. Sandboy

20. The Queens Battle Pt 1: Style Queen/ Style Queen: The Queens Battle Pt 1

21. The Queens Battle Pt 2: Queen Wasp/Queen Wasp: The Queens Battle Pt 2

22. Malediktator

23. Frozer

24. Catalyst/ Catalyst: A Hero’s Day: Pt 1

25. Mayura/ Mayura: A Hero,S Day: Pt 2

26. Optional: Santa Claws

Season 3

Miraculous Ladybug Watch Order: Including Every Movie

Season 3 started premiering in December of 2018, but it had a two-month delay that saw the next episode premiering in February of 2019. It is important for fans to watch season 2 before season 3 because there are plenty of references to season 2 in this season. The season concluded in November 2019.

1. Chameleon

2. Animaestro

3. Bakerix

4. Backwarder

5. Reflekdoll

6. Weredad

7. Silencer

8. Oni-Chan

9. Miraculer

10. Oblivio

11. Desperada

12. Chris Master

13. Startrain

14. Kwami Buster

15. Feast

16. Gamer 2.0

17. Stormy Weather 2

18. Ikari Gozen

19. Timetagger

20. Party Crasher

21. The Puppeteer 2

22. Cat Blanc

23. Felix

24. Ladybug

25. Love Eater/ Heart Hunter

26. Miracle Queen

TV Movie Specials

1. Miraculous World: New York

2. Miraculous World: Shanghai – Even though it was released in the middle of season 4, it falls after season 3 and before season 4 in terms of the timeline. The only reason why it was released during season 4 is due to the delays caused by COVID-19.

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Season 4

Miraculous Ladybug Watch Order: Including Every Movie

Season 4 premiered right around a year and a half after the conclusion of season 3, and that is the longest gap between each season of Miraculous. The COVID-19 pandemic was a large part of the reason that caused the delay of season 4. This season began in May of 2021 and was concluded on March 12, 2022.

1. Truth

2. Lies

3. Gang of Secrets

4. Mr. Pigeon 72

5. Furious Fu

6. Sole Crusher

7. Queen Banana

8. Guiltrip

9. Crocoduel

10. Optigami

11. Sentibubbler

12. Rocketear

13. Mega Leech

14. Wishmaker

15. Hack-San

16. Simpleman

17. Glaciator 2

18. Dearest Family

19. Ephemeral

20. Gabriel Agreste

21. Psycomedian

22. Kuro Neko

23. Penalteam

24. Qilin

25. Risk (Shadow Moth’s Final Attack – Part 1)

26. Strikeback (Shadow Moth’s Final Attack – Part 2)

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