Doctor Strange 2: What Does “We Should Tell Him The Truth” Mean?

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When the Super Bowl commercial of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness came out, we were treated to a full-length trailer that featured a lot of scenes that we didn’t see in the first trailer. That said, one of the parts that got fans excited is the possible cameo of an iconic X-Men movie character that we grew to love during the 2000s. In that scene, he said, “We should tell him the truth.” However, what does “we should tell him the truth” mean when taken in context with the events of Doctor Strange 2?

The familiar voice of Sir Patrick Stewart, who portrayed Professor X in the X-Men live-action movies, said that line in relation to the possible appearance of the Illuminati in the MCU in the future. That could have been a teaser of the future of the MCU, especially with the Illuminati appearing.

From what we understood in the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Loki, it appears that Phase 4 of the MCU will focus heavily on the multiverse, as our heroes are now prepared to defend several universes against a universal threat. That said, it is possible that the Illuminati is there to “tell him the truth” about what they are up against and how Doctor Strange can play a role.

Who Said, “We Should Tell Him The Truth” In Doctor Strange 2 Trailer?

It was inevitable that Marvel would use the Super Bowl to release a new trailer for its upcoming film, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, considering the massive viewership of this sporting event. And just seconds after the trailer aired as a Super Bowl commercial, it broke the internet because a lot of people were talking about the different scenes that were shown in the trailer.

In one of the scenes, we saw Karl Mordo speaking to Stephen Strange to tell him that his crimes for the desecration of reality will not go unpunished. Of course, we know who Mordo is as he was once an ally of Strange in the first film but went rogue when he lost trust in the Ancient One. In this movie, he seems to be working for a bigger authority that was put in charge to handle different events that involved reality and the multiverse.


Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Trailer Breakdown

As Doctor Strange is put into handcuffs and was escorted by guards that looked to be the same Ultron robots that Ultron was controlling back in Age Of Ultron, Strange was taken into a room where he was set to be tried by a tribunal composed of people whose faces we could not see.

The camera focuses more on Stephen Strange, who is facing the members of the tribunal, who we cannot see in the frame. Then, a familiar voice says, “We should tell him the truth.” This line broke the internet because the voice was quite familiar to those who have been watching Marvel movies for a very long time. So, who was the one who said: “We should tell him the truth”?

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It is likely that the one who said: “We should tell him the truth” is Sir Patrick Stewart. We know Patrick Stewart as the one who portrayed the older version of Professor Charles Xavier in the live-action X-Men films that were quite prominent during the 2000s and certain parts of the 2010s.

As such, it is likely the case that Charles Xavier or Professor X will be making an appearance in the movie, considering that we are talking about a film that dwells on the multiverse. It is possible that the X-Men films took place in an entirely different multiverse and that Professor X became part of a group that oversees the multiverse. The fact that Disney had already acquired 21st Century Fox, the company that owns the rights to the X-Men films, bolsters this theory.

What Could “We Should Tell Him The Truth” Mean?

Now that we know that it might have been Professor X who said, “We should tell him the truth,” what does that line even mean, especially when we take it into consideration with what is going to happen in the movie and what will eventually happen in the MCU?

Before we get there, it is important to take note that the MCU is likely heading towards the multiverse direction, especially considering that there are plenty of opportunities to explore that narrative. We have already seen this in the Loki series, wherein a group called the Time Variance Authority was in charge of making sure that there were no variants that were messing up with the correct timeline.

But considering that the events in Loki allowed the timeline to branch into different unique timelines, the multiverse was born, as there are now multiple universes with their own timeline of events in the MCU. 

The events of Loki tell the story of a universal threat that could possibly be Kang, as the “good” version of Kang, the one overseeing the TVA, was giving Loki and Sylvie a choice between allowing the multiverse to happen or sticking with the same universal timeline.

Sylvie chose freedom by killing Kang, and this opened up the entire multiverse. And we saw this in play when Loki ended up in a universe that was not his own at the end of the season.

loki sylvie kang

Meanwhile, in the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the multiverse was in full effect when Doctor Strange was able to cast a spell that should have made people forget who Peter Parker was but, instead, caused different universes to clash with one another, as characters from the previous Spider-Man films appeared in the MCU timeline.


Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Initial Story Wasn’t About The Multiverse

Going back to our point regarding the line that Professor X said, we believe that he told this at the very end of the film and not during the middle. Trailers aren’t exactly coherent in relation to the scenes they show, as some of the earlier scenes in trailers actually happen at the end.

It could be possible that the scene wherein Strange was apprehended by Mordo and the Ultron robots happened at the end of the film after the movie’s main events had just concluded. 

So, in relation to that, the tribunal that was going to oversee Strange’s trial could have been the Illuminati, which is a group of different characters that banded together to form a secretive organization. In the comics, the Illuminati is composed of powerful heroes in their own right, such as Iron Man, Professor X, Namor, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, and Stephen Strange himself.

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We are leaning towards the possibility that the “truth” that Professor X is talking about could be related to a greater threat that is approaching and is about to affect the entire multiverse. This could be the very same threat that Kang was trying to prevent in the events of Loki before he got murdered by Sylvie.

As such, Charles Xavier was telling the entire group to tell Strange the truth about the incoming threat so that they could recruit him to the organization. After all, they could use someone of his talents, especially considering that he is powerful enough to alter the very fabric of reality. And recruiting Strange into the group could open up the next events in Phase 4 of the MCU.

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