Doctor Who Is Adopted & Here’s What We Know About His Parents

is doctor who adopted

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The story of Doctor Who‘s origins and family is as mysterious and varied as the Doctor’s own adventures across time and space. It’s a tale woven with conflicting accounts and intriguing possibilities. Some stories suggest the Doctor was created by the Loom of the House of Lungbarrow on Gallifrey, while others paint a picture of a family with parents, grandparents, and even aunts and uncles. What’s clear is that the Doctor’s backstory is anything but ordinary, with hints of being part human and part Time Lord. Let’s dive into this fascinating lineage and uncover the truth about Doctor Who’s parents.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Christmas special ‘The Church On Ruby Road’ revealed that Doctor Who is adopted, adding a significant layer to his complex background.
  • Doctor Who’s origins are traditionally linked to the Loom of the House of Lungbarrow on Gallifrey, indicating a unique creation process, contrasting with other accounts of him having biological parents.
  • The Doctor’s family tree includes various members and mentions of parents, such as a Time Lord father named Ulysses and a potentially human mother, along with relatives like Patience and Flavia.

The Doctor’s Mysterious Beginnings: From Looms to Parents

In the world of Doctor Who, the Doctor’s origins have always been shrouded in mystery. The revelation in the Christmas special ‘The Church On Ruby Road‘ that the Doctor is adopted adds another layer to this enigmatic character. Traditionally, it was believed the Doctor was created by the Loom of the House of Lungbarrow on Gallifrey, a concept that painted a picture of a non-traditional birth. However, this narrative was complicated by other accounts suggesting the Doctor had biological parents. According to some stories, the Doctor’s father was a Time Lord named Ulysses, and his mother was a human woman. This blend of human and Time Lord heritage has always been a point of fascination and debate among fans.

The Doctor’s parentage has been a topic of various interpretations and retellings. In some tales, the Doctor’s mother is portrayed as a Time Lord, challenging the earlier notion of her being human. This inconsistency in stories reflects the show’s evolving nature over the decades. Lady Peinforte, a character from the series, even remarked on the ambiguity, noting the idea of the Doctor being half-human was often disregarded. The Doctor’s identity, shaped by these diverse accounts, remains an intriguing puzzle.

The Eighth Doctor’s acknowledgment of I.M. Foreman as an ancestor, albeit not biological, further adds complexity to his family history. Foreman, a Gallifreyan rebel, is linked to the Doctor through shared values rather than blood, illustrating the Doctor’s connection to Gallifrey’s rebel spirit.

Family Ties: Unraveling the Doctor’s Galactic Heritage

The Doctor’s family tree extends beyond the immediate mystery of his parents, in the vast universe of Doctor Who, the Doctor has mentioned several other family members, each adding to the rich tapestry of his background. Patience was known to have taught the Doctor’s grandfather, suggesting a lineage involved in Gallifrey’s history and politics. The Thirteenth Doctor spoke of having several grandmothers, hinting at a family life that is as complex and varied as her adventures. The Eleventh Doctor even mentioned a godmother and his great-aunt Inertia, further expanding the family lore.


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The Doctor’s relatives have often been mentioned in passing, giving glimpses into his family life. For instance, he referred to an aunt, Flavia, and an uncle known simply as “the Uncle.” These mentions suggest a familial network that spans across time and space, reflecting the Doctor’s own journey through different eras and worlds. The Eighth Doctor’s recollections of coming from an “important” political family and growing up with privilege indicate that his family had a significant role in Gallifreyan society. This aspect of his background offers a contrast to his often rebellious and non-conformist nature.

The exploration of the Doctor’s family and his revelation of being adopted are more than just plot points; they are windows into the character’s soul. They tell us about the forces that shaped him, the values he inherited, and the traditions he may have rebelled against. This rich heritage, filled with Time Lords, humans, and other mysterious figures, provides endless possibilities for storytelling. It’s this intricate web of relationships and history that makes the Doctor not just a traveler in time and space but a complex individual with a past, a present, and a future as mysterious and exciting as the universe he explores.

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