Does Anna Have Powers and What are They

Does Anna Have Powers and What are They

While Anna had theoretically no powers in Disney’s Frozen, some fans are speculating that there could be new supernatural beings in Disney’s sequel. Does Anna have powers in Frozen 2?

While Elsa and Anna are sisters, Elsa is the only character with the elemental powers of the first Frozen series. However, Anna does have a different kind of power and should not be underestimated.

Even, could Anna maybe obtain seasonal magic in the second movie? Or any other power at all?

Does Ana have powers in Frozen?

Anna is the daughter of Agnarr and Iduna, Elsa’s younger sister, and the new queen of Arendelle. She was very similar to Elsa, but an accident in her youth led her parents to isolate them from each other and from the outside world.

In the long years that followed, Anna repeatedly attempted to spend time with Elsa, but to no avail. This lonely life was completed by the abrupt deaths of Agnarr and Iduna, leaving Anna completely alone.

Anna was still optimistic for the future, despite the tragedy she had experienced. When Elsa left the kingdom due to the discovery of her ice magic, Anna took it upon herself to get her sister back, no matter the possible risk. Since Anna had unwittingly shown Elsa the secret to manipulating her powers, the split between the two sisters was finally restored. 

In Frozen, Anna showed a certain power – her hug melted Elsa’s heart. We could discuss her sisterly love saved Elsa, but in terms of a supernatural theme, it is quite possible Anna either obtained a specific power, inherited it partially, or kept some of the power from the accident and reversed it. Either way, Anna was able to save her sister with magic, from magic.

Fans saw Anna totally forget about the magic inside Elsa, only to have her sister’s icy touch uncovered later in the movie. Some might say that Anna has powers of her own—because she thawed the frozen heart and rescued Elsa.

Three years later, Anna joined Elsa on her trip to the Enchanted Forest in search of the elusive voice of her sister. 

Together, the Sisters reversed their grandfather’s wrongdoings, restoring both the Enchanted Forest and Arendelle. After Elsa had agreed to stay in the forest, Anna was crowned Queen of Arendelle. Anna was unable to sleep because of the northern lights lighting the moon. 

She wanted to wake Elsa for the sake of playing, but her older sister insisted on sleeping; however, when Anna proposed making a snowman, Elsa accepted and the pair happily set out for the vast Great Hall, where Elsa delighted Anna by converting the interior into a winter landscape. The sisters didn’t waste time making a snowman, which Elsa lovingly christened Olaf. 

The two tried to play, skate and slide down a snowy hill together. The play session, however, took a risky turn. Anna started to jump from one mountain of snow to another, while Elsa used her magic to lift Anna to higher heights.

Completely immersed in her skipping, Anna didn’t notice that Elsa was trying to keep up. When Elsa stumbled while Anna was in midair, she suddenly launched a beam in an effort to intercept Anna’s crash.

The rushed beam caught Anna in the chest, leaving her unconscious and turning a streak of white hair. Concerned for Anna’s wellbeing, Elsa cried out furiously to her friends, while her heightened anxiety caused the walls of the Great Hall to develop a coat of frost.

Does Ana have powers in Frozen 2?

Does Anna Have Powers and What are They

Unconscious of the reasons behind her split from Elsa, Anna must have been trying for several years to spend some quality time with her sister, but these efforts were in vain.

During this period of solitude, Anna sought to distract herself with other things, such as playing with dolls or riding her bike around the castle halls; but in all these events, Elsa was still on her mind.

The overwhelming scale of the castle and its plethora of empty rooms only helped to deepen Anna’s isolation, leading her to go as far as talking to the many pictures decorating the interior of the castle.

After finding out what her royal grandfather had done to the people of the Northuldra, Anna led a bunch of earth giants to destroy the dam and save the tribe, while the resulting flood of water threatened all of Arendelle.

However, her older sister Elsa takes care of this: after being frozen in the ice herself, she seizes her strength as the freshly minted mystical “fifth spirit” – a character who binds the four elements to humanity itself – and rides a water horse to the rescue, forming an ice shield to prevent the kingdom from washing away.

Anna’s power turned out to be of a different kind, but we would argue they were definitely there!

What powers does Anna have?

She unintentionally saves Elsa in the process of getting it right, as well, for the second time in the franchise.

She practices what she preaches, and as Elsa claims, Anna “did what was best for everybody”—not only for herself or her niece but for everyone.

Anna, even without powers, is as vital to the story as Elsa. The bridge has two faces, and it’s the second half of the bridge between Arendelle and Northuldra. Anna becomes the one she was once supposed to be: the Queen of Arendelle. This is the happiest potential finish for Anna.

Anna is a highly-spirited person who looks at the future with almost naive hope. As a girl, Anna was particularly lively and active; she would race around the castle corridors, slipping along the floors and jumping on assorted pieces of furniture.

Highly extroverted, Anna constantly yearns for the company of others and is always quick to make new contacts, regardless of social status or even species.

So in short, Anna’s powers include extroversion, knowing what is best for her people, leadership, persistence, empathy, emotional intelligence, and high sensitivity.

All though some may not agree these are „powers“, what Anna displayed no other character was able to do. Just like her mother saved her father, she saved her sister and her kingdom.

How did Ana get her powers?

Does Anna Have Powers and What are They

And according to Frozen 2, she had these powers because her mother had rescued her father, and it was a blessing that Elsa, the firstborn, was symbolic of this union and was destined to be an elemental spirit whose mission was to calm and bind the spirits through her ice powers, which in fact are the memorial of artistic powers.

The birth of Elsa meant a revolution in the natural world, putting together two civilizations (in this case man and spirit) and establishing a new presence. 

Anna embodies the mortal side of nature, and she, too, is part of the union of the tribes. She should do what Elsa wasn’t intended to do, be an individual of people to be a bridge between them, not a dam that’s meant to be a wall.

Anna, I think she’s going to be a wise man, using her experience to continue the work of mending the bond between Arendell and Atahallan. Anna, though, is a royal Arendelle to watch, too.

Anna’s road to Frozen 2 is just as critical as Elsa’s, and she’s not getting the recognition she deserves. When Elsa wishes to go north, Anna doesn’t want to hold her back, but she doesn’t want to be left behind, either.

Anna approaches Elsa much like a mother treats a child—at one point, she even sings the lullaby of her mother to her. Anna is deeply protective of Elsa and hates that she puts herself in danger, despite the fact that Elsa is obviously capable of taking care of herself.

Anna is still disappointed that Elsa didn’t tell her right away that she heard a voice. However, in the light of both films, Anna’s responses are in line with her character.

She’s been fixed on Elsa all her life, and getting past is not a transition that happens quickly.

And if Elsa hadn’t been opening the door for her for years, Anna kept knocking. Anna’s worst concern at this stage is the loss of Elsa—emotionally or physically. If we were to pick one of the heroes of Frozen 2, that’s Anna.

It’s her decision to crack the dam because she knows that if she doesn’t make things right, Arendelle won’t have a future. She’s just learned the lesson from Pabbie, and she’s putting it into action to get past her sorrow and save her kingdom.

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