Does Diablo: Immortal Allows Cross-Play?

Is Diablo immortal Crossplay game?

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Diablo Immortal is the latest installment in the Diablo franchise for PC, Android and iOS platforms. Continuing the tradition of its predecessors it features RP-heavy gameplay with a side of action and demon-slaying. You are left to deal with the consequences of Tyrael’s action and to prevent the demons from powering up using shattered worldstone. With the new release comes loads of questions. And one of them is definitely is Diablo: Immortal Cross-platform? Does it Allow Cross-Play?

Diablo Immortal does allow Cross-play across PC, iOS, and Android devices. You will be able to play and interact with players on all available platforms. You will also be able to save your progress across platforms.

There are lots of „cross“ terms being thrown around and we’ve cleared up the basics, so it’s time to explain what exactly this means.

Diablo: Immortal allows both Cross-Play and Cross-Progression

Diablo Immortal at the time of writing of this piece is available on 3 platforms PC, Android & iOS.  The PC version however wasn’t planned and it shows. Originally, Diablo Immortal was supposed to be released on phones only.

Historically, cross-play games weren’t really a thing. This is due to vast hardware restrictions, infrastructure limitations and legal issues publishing companies had to overcome before even attempting crossplay implementation.

Nowadays it isn’t such an issue anymore, and many recently released games have implemented crossplay successfully. There are issues of course. First and foremost how do you successfully optimize a game and offer the same enjoyment and experience on both mobile and PC platforms?


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That’s what Diablo: Immortal is currently trying to answer. This action RPG / MMO is available on both PC and mobile platforms meaning that players playing on their phones will be able to interact and play with players on PC.  Will I be blaming my lack of demon-slaying skills on my greasy phone screen? Absolutely.

When it comes to playing on phones, players are worried about the constant need to be online, mobile connections can be laggy at best sometimes and that brings the quality of playing in question. That’s why Blizzard implemented the reconnection feature so you can always make sure you leave (willingly or not) your character in the safe zone.  There’s a 10-second interval in which you can reconnect without any significant penalty if your internet connection fails.

What does Cross-Progression & Cross-Platform mean?

Essentially It means you will be able to play on your PC and mobile devices without losing progress. Since progress can be synced between devices, you will need to connect your mobile Diablo: Immortal account to your account. If you don’t have a account, you can always create one, and if you’re lazy, Blizzard has thought of everything. Blizzard created the guest account you can log into.

But be warned, once the connection has been made between your phone and account it’s essentially locked and can’t be undone. Since Diablo: Immortal is a Cross-platform, Cross-progression game (and an MMO) it means you will need to constantly be online. Why? All your progress is saved in a cloud. So you can continue playing where you left off on your other device.


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The Verdict?

Blizzard jumped on the cross-play train with its new release of Diablo: Immortal and now you are going to be able to play it on the go, (probably at work or school let’s be real). And the best part is since it allows Cross-Progression and is a Cross-Platform game, it means, that you will be able to sync your progress, and continue right where you left off on your PC as soon as you get home.

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