Does Eddie Die In Stranger Things Season 4, & What Happened To Him?


One of the most endearing new characters in Stranger Things season 4 was Eddie Munson, who was able to find his way into the hearts of fans rather quickly. He was also one of the focal points of the season because he was accused by the entire town of the killings that Vecna/Henry/One were doing. Eddie found himself working alongside Dustin and the rest of the group and even became one of the young boy’s closest friends. But does Eddie die in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2?

Unfortunately, Eddie dies in volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4. He and Dustin were tasked with attracting the attention of the Demobats protecting Vecna. However, in a heroic act to buy more time for the others to get to Vecna, Eddie allowed himself to get swarmed by the bats and died from his wounds.

Eddie died in the best way possible when he became an unsung hero that was able to help save the entire town of Hawkins. That means that he was far from the demon that the town thought of him. Of course, Eddie’s death was in line with the Stranger Things theme of killing off new characters that fans love. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Eddie’s death.

Does Eddie Die In Stranger Things Season 4?

One of the welcome additions to season 4 of Stranger Things was Eddie Munson. He was introduced as the older friend of the gang of Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. Eddie was the one who took them into their group, which is called Hellfire Club, when they were still in their first few weeks in high school. But while Eddie seems like a freaky and dangerous guy, his looks can be deceiving.

The truth was that Eddie was merely the leader of a Dungeons and Dragons group that the main kids joined. Except for the fact that he sold drugs on the side, there was nothing bad about Eddie. He was nice to Dustin and the other kids and was also welcoming enough to Chrissy when she wanted drugs that could take the edge off of the visions she was having because of Vecna/Henry/One.


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However, Chrissy eventually got killed because of Vecna/Henry/One, and Eddie was blamed for her murder. This prompted the gang of Dustin, Lucas, Max, Steve, Nancy, and Robin to investigate the situation and help Eddie, who befriended the group and warmed up to his new friends. Of course, when it became clear that the world was going to end because of what Vecna/Henry/One was planning, the gang needed to find a way to stop him amidst the fact that the entire town, led by Jason Carver, was on a manhunt for Eddie, who they believed was the leader of a Satanic cult.

The plan involved several phases where each member of the group had a role to play. Eddie and Dustin were set to team up in their phase of the plan as their role was to distract the Demobats in the Upside Down away from Vecna’s lair. While Vecna was away from his physical form to torment Max in her mind, Steve, Nancy, and Robin were supposed to kill his body.

Before attacking Vecna/Henry/One, the group was still preparing their weapons. That was when Eddie and Dustin had a playful moment wherein the older teen told his friend that he should never change no matter what happened. This seemed to be a premonition of what was going to happen to Eddie, So, did Eddie die in Stranger Thing season 4?


Unfortunately, Eddie did indeed die in what was one of the saddest moments in the series because he became one of the most lovable characters in Stranger Things because of how nice he was underneath the freaky façade that he likes to maintain and because he was a good mentor/older brother figure to Dustin and his friends. However, Eddie’s death was one of the most heroic moments in the entire series as well.

What Happened To Eddie In Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2?

In the Upside Down, Eddie and Dustin were successful in luring the Demobats to their location. This happened when Eddie played a guitar solo to attract the attention of the bats. When the bats reached their location, they retreated inside Eddie’s trailer and made sure to keep the bats fixated on them as long as possible so that Steve, Nancy, and Robin could invade Vecna/Henry/One’s lair.

Eddie Guitar solo 1

The bats found a way inside the trailer, and that forced Dustin to retreat back to the real world through the gate found in Eddie’s trailer. But Eddie realized that he needed to buy more time for their friends because the bats would eventually find their way back to Vecna’s lair to defend their master.

That was why Eddie made sure to block the opening between the real world and the Upside Down before running away to force the bats to chase after him. Dustin, who realized that Eddie was on a suicide mission, tried his best to get back to the Upside Down but broke his leg in the process of doing so.

Meanwhile, Eddie kept running until he realized that running was not going to work. He had a flashback of what he did when he got blamed for Chrissy’s death, as all he did the entire time was to run. Eddie also had a flashback moment of when he told Steve that neither he nor Dustin was a hero and that they were best suited to act as decoys.


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That was when Eddie realized that he had to stop running away from fights. He faced the Demobats head-on with his makeshift spear and shield so that he could keep their attention fixed on him. Dustin, meanwhile, struggled to get to his friend because of his broken leg.

However, Eddie couldn’t do anything against the superior numbers of the bats. They were able to pin him down on the ground while eating away at him as it was clear that he was about to die. Throughout the entire time, Eleven was in Max’s mind fighting Vecna/Henry/One. 

It wasn’t until Elven defeated Vecna/Henry/One that the plan was able to push through. Hopper, Joyce, and Murray were able to hurt the Demogorgon and the Demodogs in Russia to affect the hive mentality of the Upside Down and the bats. Meanwhile, Steve’s group was able to injure Vecna/Henry/One’s real body. This was when the bats finally left Eddie alone as Dustin was able to reach his friend.

Eddie Dying

Eddie was clearly dying when he told Dustin to promise him to “take care of the sheep” while he was gone. That was when he also told Dustin that he was finally going to graduate from Hawkins that year because he believed that it was going to be his year. A tearful Dustin saw the life exiting his friend’s body one last time as he mourned his death.

However, the town never recognized Eddie’s sacrifice because no one knew about the Upside Down and what happened in there. Hawkins still saw Eddie as a Satanist that was responsible for the bad things that were happening to the town. But when Dustin saw Eddie’s uncle in the recreation center, that was when he told him about his nephew’s brave sacrifice and how Eddie protected the town that hated him until his final breath.

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