Does Eddie Die in Stranger Things Season 4? (& What Will Happen to Him)

One of the things that Stranger Things season 4 did right was the introduction of new characters that had big roles to play in the series. Arguably one of the most important new characters is Eddie Munson, who plays a big role in the direction of the overall narrative of the fourth season because the event that triggered the main plot was connected to him. So, does Eddie die in Stranger Things season 4, and what happens to him?

Eddie does not die in Stranger Things season 4. There were hints that he could end up getting killed because Jason Carver and his basketball teammates were out hunting for him the entire season. However, he ended up befriending the main cast and was protected by them the entire time.

Stranger Things did a good job introducing Eddie’s character, who could easily be mistaken as a Satanist murderer due to his appearance. Nevertheless, he was shown to be a very nice and harmless guy who probably couldn’t hurt a fly. As such, let’s look at what happened to Eddie in Stranger Things and whether or not he ends up dying in the events of season 4.

What Happens To Eddie In Stranger Things Season 4?

The release of Stranger Things season 4 was a successful one as fans of the series were able to get to see the latest chapter of arguably the best series on Netflix. Of course, like any other season, this one allowed us to meet new characters that were able to contribute to the overall narrative of the series, especially because some of them were involved in one way or another.

One such character that saw a bigger role than almost all of the other new characters was Eddie Munson. When he was introduced, Eddie was seemingly a bad influence on the main characters because he looked like an older teenager that had indoctrinated Mike, Dustin, and Lucas into what seemed like a Satanic and dark club called the Hellfire Club.

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However, as the first episode went on, it was revealed that the Hellfire Club was just a simple Dungeons and Dragons club led by Eddie himself. And Eddie wasn’t exactly a bad guy because he was just an eccentric nerd, just like Mike and his friends.

Eddie, however, got himself into trouble as early as the first episode. Before he and his friends went to play D&D, he met up with a cheerleader named Chrissy, who wanted to buy drugs from him because she wanted something that could help dull her senses because she was seeing scary images that were later revealed to be caused by Vecna. But Chrissy wanted something stronger than what Eddie had, and they met up later after his D&D game and the basketball championship.

Max saw that Eddie and Chrissy entered his trailer park home. Inside the trailer, Eddie was looking for the stronger drug that he was hiding somewhere. However, Chrissy started seeing visions again and was about to get killed by Vecna. Eddie saw that the cheerleader’s body was levitating and was being snapped all over the place until she got the air seemingly sucked out of her body while blood was coming out of her eye sockets.

In episode 2, Chrissy’s body was found, but Eddie was nowhere to be found because he fled the scene, knowing that he would be the prime suspect for the cheerleader’s death. This led the police to think that he was indeed the one responsible for Chrissy’s death. And this held true even after the police found Fred’s body in the same manner as Chrissy’s.

When the police told Jason Carver, Chrissy’s boyfriend, about what happened, he ended up rallying his basketball teammates (including Lucas) to hunt Eddie down for what happened to his girlfriend. At first, it looked like they were about to find Eddie when Lucas seemingly tipped them off to his location after he learned from Dustin where he was hiding. However, Lucas tricked them and went on to meet with Dustin and the others.

Meanwhile, Dustin and his friends left Eddie all by himself in the dock house of someone called Reefer Rick, who was actually Eddie’s drug dealer. At first, Eddie was about to kill Steve when the gang found him. However, Dustin calmed his nerves down until they told him that they believed that he was innocent and that they were trying to get to the bottom of what had happened to Chrissy.

Throughout that time, the group was basically leaving food and supplies over at the dock house as they were helping Eddie while investigating the matters connected to Vecna. However, Jason and his group eventually found Eddie, who they chased around until they reached the lake. But, in the lake, one of Jason’s friends became the newest victim of Vecna as the basketball star himself saw how Vecna was killing his victims.

However, instead of thinking that this was a supernatural phenomenon, Jason concluded that Eddie was the leader of a Satanist cult called Hellfire Club and even announced to the entire town that he was actually performing rituals by killing the people of Hawkins. This led to an angry mob and a police chase. 

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Meanwhile, Eddie tagged along with Dustin, Steve, Lucas, Max, Nancy, and Robin, who were investigating the gate that could be located in the lake. Eddie came with Steve, Nancy, and Robin on a boat ride to the center of the lake, where they found the gate that led to the Upside Down. Steve dove first to investigate the gate, but Nancy, Robin, and Eddie followed him down there when the police came to the lake.

Eventually, Eddie and the other three older teenagers ended up fending off bat-like creatures that were in the Upside Down as they were forced to eventually retreat and find a way out of the other dimension so that they could get home.

Does Eddie Die In Stranger Things Season 4?

As mentioned, Eddie and the other older teenagers ended up in the Upside Down, where they had to face demonic creatures that could easily kill just about anyone. So, did Eddie end up dying in Stranger Things season 4?

There were a lot of hints that pointed to the possibility of Eddie dying in the season. For instance, Jason hunting him down was one example of a moment where he could’ve died. And the fact that he found himself in the Upside Down was also an example of another moment wherein he could’ve easily died.

However, Eddie is still alive in the first seven episodes of Stranger Things season 4, even after he made it to the Upside Down. While he and the others were in the Upside Down, he was able to dodge the monsters living in that dimension and somehow found a gate back to the real world in the Upside Down version of his home.

Eddie was one of the first persons to return to the real world via the makeshift rope that Dustin and the others made to help them get out of the Upside Down. As such, he is still alive as of this writing.

Nevertheless, considering that we still have around four hours of content left for Stranger Things because episodes 8 and 9 combine for four hours, we can’t be too sure of whether or not Eddie will survive the events of the final two episodes. Then again, we do believe that he doesn’t deserve to die because he is actually a pretty nice guy that only looks scary.

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