Does Klaus Die In Umbrella Academy Season 3? (& What Actually Happens To Him)


One of the most beloved characters in Umbrella Academy has always been Klaus, who has done some of the wackiest and craziest things in the series. But as crazy and as fun as Klaus may be, his powers of being able to see ghosts and allow them to manifest in real life weren’t always that useful. Things changed in season 3 when he died. So, did Klaus actually die in season 3 of Umbrella Academy?

Klaus did indeed die in season 3 of Umbrella Academy. In fact, he died countless times throughout the season. But that was because he learned that he had the power to come back to life and heal from the injuries that killed him. He had to die multiple times to learn how to control his resurrection.

The evolution of Klaus’s powers in Umbrella Academy adds a different twist to the character’s personality because he can now be useful in more situations. Of course, he put his power to good use in the final episode of the season, as it was enough for him to escape the destruction of the universe. That said, let’s look at what actually happened to Klaus in Umbrella Academy.

Does Klaus Die In Umbrella Academy Season 3?

Season 3 of Umbrella Academy became one of the weirdest yet most interesting series we have today because of the fact that it added a lot of twists and turns to a narrative that has already been as crazy as any story can get. And when it comes to craziness, Klaus Hargreeves has always been at the top of that list because of his powers and his personality.

As cool as it was for Klaus to be able to see the dead and allow them to come back to life for a while, he has never been the most effective fighter on the team because he lacks fighting skills and doesn’t have powers that are useful in any kind of situation. But his story became a lot more interesting in season 3.


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In season 3, Lila surprised Diego with a boy named Stanley, who she claimed was their son. Diego bonded with Stan, who was a bit of a troublemaker that had to be tasked with cleaning the rooms in the Hotel Obsidian. Meanwhile, Diego asked Klaus to accompany the boy so that they could bond as well (even though Lila revealed that Stanley wasn’t their son).

Klaus and Stan formed an unusual bond that was focused on their common nature of being troublemakers. That was when they were able to find their way into a room called the White Buffalo Suite, which was one of the weirdest yet most entertaining rooms in the entire Hotel Obsidian. However, while playing with a harpoon gun, Stan accidentally shot Klaus. So, did Klaus actually die in Umbrella Academy season 3?

Yes, Klaus does die in Umbrella Academy season 3. In fact, he died a lot of times throughout the entire series, as that’s something we will explain later. But it was that accidental death that he experienced at the hands of Stan that allowed him to learn more about his powers.

Diego eventually caught Stan attempting to hide the evidence by dissolving Klaus’s body in acid. Understanding where the boy comes from, Diego helps him get rid of the body. However, while they were in the elevator carrying the body, Klaus suddenly came back to life and surprised the fake father and son duo. He realized that he had the power to come back to life, as he had done so multiple times in the past when he was younger.

How Does Klaus Get Back To Life?

While Klaus was dead after getting harpooned on the chest by Stanley, his consciousness was transported to a different plane of existence where he was able to see all of the things that had happened to him in the past. He understood that this was not the first time he had died because he had died more than 50 times already. And his father, Reginald Hargreeves, was aware of his hidden powers.

In fact, when he was a child, Klaus got experimented on by Reginald so that he could master his abilities. That was why Reginald killed him in the past, only for him to come back to life. And the reason why he could come back to life was connected to the fact that this is simply the nature of his powers.

So, not only can Klaus see the dead and allow them to manifest in the real world for a while, but he could also come back to life as well and heal from the injuries that killed him. But, at first, he couldn’t master this ability because he couldn’t control how long he stayed dead.

Klaus went to the Sparrow Academy version of Reginald Hargreeves, who was fascinated by his powers. That was when Reginald started experimenting on Klaus by killing him repeatedly. Klaus, crazy as he is, saw this as a bonding opportunity with a father with whom he never bonded back in their own timeline. As such, he was able to master this power and was now capable of returning to life almost at will.

Can Klaus Actually Die?

Reginald called Klaus’s newfound power near-immortality because, while Klaus can indeed die, he can return to life almost at will after their training. But can Klaus actually die such that he would no longer return to life?

It might be possible that Klaus can indeed die without returning to life. This can only happen if his existence is wiped off by something as big as the kugelblitz, which was the universal threat that both the Umbrella Academy and the Sparrow Academy were trying to prevent during the events of season 3.


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In episode 9 of season 3, Hargreeves and the children were about to enter the tunnel that would lead them to Hotel Oblivion so that they could reset the universe. However, as Klaus was about to enter, he was prevented from doing so by Reginald, who said that he only needed seven people and that he was too much of a liability for the team. As such, as the kugelblitz was eating all of reality, Klaus saw an opportunity to kill himself using the horns of the buffalo head in the White Buffalo Suite.

So, the reason why Klaus did that instead of allowing himself to be taken by the kugelblitz could be connected to the fact that getting eaten by the kugelblitz, which was erasing the entire universe, meant that he would be erased as well instead of simply dying. By doing, he was able to stay in the afterlife void, where he could choose to spend all of eternity.

In that regard, Klaus can indeed die, and that will probably only happen if his entire existence is erased by a universal threat such as the kugelblitz or a black hole. But in all other cases, he is basically immortal and doesn’t even need his body to return to life. 

It was actually revealed in episode 10 that he was able to return to life even after the kugelblitz had already erased his body. This fascinated Reginald even further as he originally thought that Klaus wouldn’t be able to follow them into the Hotel Oblivion. So, technically speaking, he is indeed immortal.

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