Does Luffy Find The One Piece?

Does Luffy Find The One Piece?

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The One Piece is the title of the series and is the treasure that was first introduced. This is the goal of Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the series, for him to be regarded as a Pirate King. That’s why he set sail from his hometown in East Blue, towards the Grand Line – the largest ocean where powerful pirates and a lot of mysteries and adventures await. It is also the place where One Piece is.

As of the current events in the series, Luffy has not found the One Piece yet. And even though the series had already shown a major part of Gol D. Roger’s flashback through Oden’s story, the One Piece was never shown. It showed a scene where Roger’s crew was in Laugh Tale, but never showed any background of the mysterious Final Island as well!

But still, some fans say that Luffy might have the One Piece with him already, but is unaware of it. With the reveal of the gigantic Straw Hat, which was revealed as the “national treasure”, deep inside Mariejois, along with its somewhat “secret” ruler, Im-sama. Because of this, it seems that Luffy’s Straw Hat is not just some plain thing with a value that Luffy cherishes so much since it came from Shanks. But is it related to the treasure, or could be something different? 

Has The One Piece Been Found?

The One Piece was not found by Gol D. Roger, according to his flashback. It was the public who named the One Piece and labeled Roger as the Pirate King when news broke out that he finally found the last island in the Grand Line. Take note that since Roger’s life is ending because of a mysterious disease that’s taking his life slowly, he then decided to know what’s at the end of the Grand Line.

The discovery of the final islands requires you to understand the contents of 4 red-colored Poneglyphs scattered around the world. These 4, called the Road Poneglyphs, are details of a map that will reveal to them the path towards Laugh Tale, the last island. Roger speculated that translating the Poneglyphs became illegal because they don’t want anyone to discover the final island.

To get to the final island, you need to get the four Road Poneglyphs which Roger found on the following locations:

  • Fishman Island – where it sits alongside the Poneglyph containing Joy Boy’s apology letter to the fishermen and Poseidon at that time. By the time Luffy and his crew arrived in Fishman Island, the Road Poneglyph is missing for an unknown reason.
  • Zou – It is guarded by the Mink Tribe, and is hidden deep within the Whale Forest. This is the very first Road Poneglyph that Luffy and his crew discovered.
  • Totto Land – This Road Poneglyph was on Big Mom’s possession ever since Roger’s time. Roger was able to sneak and steal the contents of the Poneglyph from the monstrous Big Mom and her large country/pirate territory. Brook was able to steal a copy of this Poneglyph during the Totto Land Arc when they attempted to retrieve Sanji from a wedding.
  • Onigashima/Wano Country – This was a Road Poneglyph that seems to be always located on this island for a long time, even when Kaido has not arrived at Wano yet, since Oden mentioned that there is a Road Poneglyph in his country. As of now, Kaido owns it and is located in a yet unknown area in his mansion in Onigashima Island.

Roger found all of the 4 Poneglyphs, which is why he was able to reach Laugh Tale. Unfortunately, the final island’s contents, and what One Piece looked like, was never revealed despite the story of Roger’s Discovery of Joy Boy and the final island already happened when Oden’s flashback was shown. Perhaps the One Piece could get revealed once the flashback of Roger is shown again. What was explained by Oden was that he and the Roger Pirates laughed when they saw everything on that final Island. 

Then after that, the anime switched to the time where they left the island already and are having a party. While having fun, Roger and his crew discovered on the news that everyone is now calling Roger the Pirate King, while the treasure on the final island is now called “One Piece”. Roger never claimed himself to be the Pirate King, or even named his treasure. It was all caused by the media going around the world of One Piece. 

Roger never hinted nor claimed that he left behind a treasure on the final island, or if the One Piece is just a single item they discovered on that island. All that was known about the treasure and Laugh Tale was that the whole crew laughed when they discovered something. During this event, Roger mentioned Joy Boy as a funny and amazing person and then named the island like so because it told a funny story. But what is that story, and what is the One Piece after all? Still, no one knows!

Another Roger flashback might likely happen due to a major event in the series sometime in the future. Some say that it could happen once Scopper Gaban is shown in the present time. Maybe at that point, they would explain the treasure that Joy Boy left behind on the island, and if Roger left more treasures along with it.

Scopper Gaban
Scopper Gaban

Does Luffy Find The One Piece?

As of the recent episodes and chapters, Luffy still has no idea what the One Piece even is. Even his crew still has no idea what it looks like, or if they have it already. Some would say that Luffy already has “part” of it since the treasure in Mariejois was a giant Straw Hat identical to Luffy’s in terms of appearance and color. However, there is no implication if that natural treasure of the World Government is one One Piece. Because if it is, then for sure Roger would have taken the Straw Hat from Shanks, who was left behind to take care of the sick and unlucky Buggy. 

What Season Does Luffy Find The One Piece?

There is no such event as of yet about Luffy discovering the One Piece. As of now, he is still in the middle of a battle against Kaido, who is planning to turn Wano Country into his weapons factory. Luffy is currently focused on the battle with the samurai to liberate Wano from the tyranny that it went through over the past 20 years. However, it is highly likely at this point that more details about the One Piece will be revealed after this grand battle, which is why it’s exciting to see what would unfold as the series progresses.

In Which Episode Luffy Gets One Piece?

There is no episode as of yet, and for sure it will take hundreds of episodes in the anime for One Piece to get revealed to everyone in full detail. But for those who want to know the episode where Roger went to Laugh Tale, it is at the end of Episode 966. Interestingly, the scene of the Roger Pirates in Laugh Tale had the background music of “Memories”, which is the first ending of the series. Some fans also speculated for many years that this music is best played when Luffy discovers the One Piece. However, it was a surprise to hear it on the scene when Roger did it.

Even Roger’s flashback left behind a lot of new questions and not hints about One Piece. Why did they laugh when they learned more about Joy Boy? Did Joy Boy create the One Piece? Did Roger add something to the treasure that’s already there? Or did Roger made the treasure himself and just left it for everyone to find out? These are just some of the many mysteries behind this grand treasure that sparked a great age of pirates in the series.

What Are The Other Mysteries Related To The One Piece?

With everything that transpired that’s related to the One Piece, especially because of Roger’s flashback on Oden’s journal, there are a lot of mysteries that all fans are raring to get answered. To know exactly what those mysteries are, here are the questions that a lot of fans have raised since then, up until today:

  • Who Is Joy Boy? – Joy Boy was first mentioned by Nico Robin when she discovered the Poneglyph in Fishman Island since it appears to be an apology letter made by Joy Boy. Joy Boy was once again mentioned by Gold Roger since Joy Boy did something funny that they saw in Laugh Tale. Whether it’s on another Poneglyph, or it could be a treasure that seemed funny, is still a mystery.
  • What Is The Void Century? – This era was so mysterious, as the World Government was related to it, and banned the study of it. As a result, they banned any means to read Poneglyphs, which contain instructions on how to get to Laugh Tale. The Void Century can only be discovered through the final Poneglyph that might be hidden in Laugh Tale as well.
  • What Does Laugh Tale Have? – Laugh Tale’s appearance, its features like the plants or people living in it, were never revealed. Though a lot of people hint that this might be the place where the Ancient Kingdom lived, but was eventually overthrown by the kingdoms that created the World Government, and bred those awful Celestial Dragons.
  • What Is The Giant Straw Hat In Mariejois? – There is no current explanation about the giant’s Straw Hat’s purpose, or if it’s linked to Luffy’s Straw Hat. There seems to be a reason why Roger passed the Straw Hat over to Shanks, and then to Luffy. But it is not too likely that it’s related to One Piece. Otherwise, Roger would have taken the hat from Shanks by the time they left him and Buggy to sail for Laugh Tale.
  • Is One Piece An Object? – There are some speculations that the One Piece might be something of intangible value like the power of friendship. But most likely, One Piece won’t look like that, especially when Roger and the others laughed when they saw what Joy Boy had in Laugh Tale. That scene of the Roger Pirates somewhat debunked the cliche theory that One Piece could be the “power of friendship or Nakama” only.

There are no clues nor hints left behind by Oda himself when it comes to the questions. So, as fans, all we have to do is watch and get amazed once these events transpire in the upcoming chapters and episodes.

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