18 Best One Piece Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

one piece theories

One Piece is jam-packed with unanswered questions and mysteries, not to mention a spread of secretive characters. Fans have been speculating various aspects of the One Piece storyline for ages, leading to some rather interesting and downright crazy possibilities. Stick around to find out about some of the best One Piece theories that will blow your mind – many of which may be far more plausible than one might expect!

18. The Gorosei Lived Through the Void Century

A shocking possibility, although with little evidence, is that the elders from the Gorosei were around during the Void Century. This theory would suggest that they are essentially immortal, possibly due to Jewelry Bonney’s power.


Some fans believe that, if this were the case, this would make them responsible for the Ancient Kingdom’s demise. However, considering how complex One Piece politics are, it’s also possible that they may have had an entirely different role.

17. Usopp’s Lies Come True (Descendant of Noland Theory)

Fans who have analyzed the entire One Piece storyline have found that while Usopp tends to lie a lot (the lengthy nose is a nice touch), his lies often come true later down the line. The most notable examples of this occurring include the following:

  • Usopp said pirates were attacking the village, and pirates attacked the village when he was introduced.
  • Usopp said he knew giants, after which he met giants.
  • Usopp said he found an island but found it was actually giant goldfish poop, and the giant goldfish was later revealed.
  • Usopp said he had an army of a thousand pirates under his command, and a swarm of pirates believed he was a god at one point.

Usopp also stated that he is a descendant of Noland, which ties into a divergent theory. Apart from Luffy becoming convinced that Noland and Usopp were the same people, it’s been revealed that most Noland descendants don’t know they are related. But, they all feel an irresistible call to the sea, and this calling is confirmed by Usopp – it’s quite possible that he is a descendant of Noland, especially since his lies have a habit of being true.

16. Cerberus Blackbeard Theory

A running theory concerns how Blackbeard ate 3 Devil Fruits. A popular theory to this complex states that before Blackbeard acquired the Dark Dark Fruit and the Quake Quake Fruit, he may have eaten a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that transformed him into a Cerberus.


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Cerberus beings have 3 heads according to mythology, meaning Blackbeard could eat another 2 Devil Fruits without suffering the same fate as others who ate more than one. Although, some fans believe this to be linked to a different theory – where Blackbeard has a condition known as “fetus in fetu”, and has two siblings inside him as a result.

jolly roger

The theory is supported by imagery of triads associated with Blackbeard, such as the Blackbeard Pirates’ Jolly Roger, which features three skulls positioned in a conjoint manner. Another example is the three diagonal scars across Shanks’s left eye, inflicted by Blackbeard.

15. Blackbeard is a Half Fishman of Octopus

The reasons why Blackbeard’s pirate flag has 3 skulls, why he can have multiple devil fruits, and why he hasn’t slept his whole life have been discussed for a long. The most common theory to explain these mysteries is that Blackbeard ate the Dog Dog Fruit Model Cerberus, an imaginary giant dog with 3 heads. However, the way Marco said, “the very structure of his body is strange,” or the way Buggy said, “he never slept in his life,” insists that he was born unusually.

The new theory is that Blackbeard is a half-Fishman of an octopus. Octopus has 3 hearts and 8 legs. Blackbeard’s pirate flag has 3 skulls and 8 bones.

Maybe Blackbeard also has 3 hearts, and that’s why Marco said, “the structure of his body is unusual,” and why Blackbeard can have multiple devil fruits. This theory will also explain why Blackbeard is said to not have slept in his life…

14. Mihawk is the Son of Rayleigh and Shakky

Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk is surrounded by mystery, with countless fans wondering who his parents could be. While there is no evidence, many fans speculate that Mihawk’s parents could be none other than Silvers Rayleigh and Shakuyaku.

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Mihawk shares a similar style and fashion sense as Shakuyaku, but there are also connections between his birth name and Rayleigh as well. In addition, doing the math, Rayleigh would have been 35, and Shakuyaku would have been 21 around the time of Mihawk’s birth, making it a plausible theory.

13. The Ancient Weapons Theory

The Ancient Weapons from The Void Century, Poseidon, Pluton, and Uranus have been a hot topic amongst fans since their reveal, shrouded by mystery for viewers and main One Piece characters. While many have speculated these Ancient Weapons stem from Greek mythology, fans believe it’s more likely to represent the planets themselves.

poneglyph one piece

However, the Ancient Weapons may actually be destined for use against the World Government. This may explain why the World Government has banned any research on the Poneglyphs, Ancient Weapons, and Void Century.

12. Kaido is the Charlotte Triplets’ Father

Oven, Katakuri, and Daifuku are just three of the Charlotte children, but they were revealed to be triplets – parented by Big Mom. However, there has been very little information surrounding their father.

charlotte triplets

Some fans believe the Charlotte triplets’ father could be none other than Kaido of the Beasts, primarily since Kaido and Big Mom were part of the Rocks 40 years prior. But, the main shred of evidence is an ambiguous chat that Kaido and Big Mom have back in chapter 907 – where Big Mom tells Kaido that he owes her some hefty debt, which fans have interpreted as “unpaid child support”.

big mom kaido

There are some notable similarities between Kaido and Charlotte Katakuri such as fashion sense and love for skulled tattoos, while Oven’s spikey beard and Daifuku’s stringy mustache are reminiscent of their alleged father’s facial hair. However, it’s also worth noting that the same scene may link to an entirely different theory, stating that Big Mom used her powers to make Kaido invincible – hence the debt.

11. Big Mom’s Many Children

On the topic of Big Mom’s children, another odd theory is that Big Mom actually speeds the development of her babies in her womb by applying her soul ability to the fetus. Alternatively, this may be due to her taking off lifespan to speed up the process.


Either way, this theory is as mind-blowing as it is disturbing. It definitely gives an entirely different meaning to the name “Big Mom”.

10. Shanks the Keeper of Secrets

Shanks has been a secretive character for ages, although many theories concern Shanks’s past (touched on in One Piece Film: Red), as well as Shanks’ romantic interests and children. It’s gotten to the point where some One Piece fans have started believing Shanks is actually evil. However, there are theories as to what Shanks could truly be up to – with the most believable stemming from Shanks Observation Haki.

Shanks donne le Chapeau de Paille 3F Luffy

It’s believed Shanks can see further into the future and more accurately than fans anticipated. Whether due to his Observation Haki or due to years of travel, Shanks definitely knows more than he lets on. His shady acts may be to maintain the balance of power and keep history undiscovered as well – a possible history that might start a huge war.


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Shanks may be watching over the New World and ensuring the Poneglyphs containing the forbidden secrets of The Void Century remain undeciphered. Whitebeard reveals in his final moments that the One Piece’s discovery will turn the world “upside-down”, which could serve as a motive for Shanks’ actions within this theory. This would also explain why Gorosei wants the New World to be ruled by pirate outlaws instead of the World Government.

9. The Inherited Will Theory

The Inherited Will Theory is possibly the most well-supported One Piece theory out there. It’s insanely intricate with links to various aspects of the One Piece storyline, but it may explain what the fuss is all about concerning the discovery of the One Piece – said to be the weapon that can finish the job.

one piece will

It suggests that Roger inherited the will to unite the four seas into one vast ocean. This would involve the destruction of the Red Line to create the All Blue, potentially using the Ancient Weapons, which were forbidden by the World Government.

However, Roger became ill and couldn’t fulfill the task – instead sparking The Golden Age of Piracy so another pirate could continue the mission. There’s tons of evidence to support the theory, but the most notable occurs in chapter 610, where mermaid Madam Shyarly envisioned Luffy destroying Fish-Man Island – which could only occur if the Redline was destroyed.

8. Monkey D. Dragon is a Former Marine

An interesting theory is that Monkey D. Dragon was a marine in the One Piece universe. Oda is pretty infamous for incorporating myths, legends, and folklore into One Piece, which can be used as a base for this theory.

Fans have linked the Chinese mythological portrayal of the four seas here – North, South, East, and West. The seas are represented by Yellow, Blue, White, and Red and have also been identified by animals over time as well – a Monkey, Bird, Dragon, and Dog.

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If the North sea (yellow, monkey) were to be paired with Admiral Kizaru, the South sea (blue, bird) with Admiral Aokiji, and the West sea (red, dog) with Admiral Akainu, this would leave the East sea. It would go with Admiral “White Dragon” – believed to be Monkey D. Dragon, according to the theory.


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Another fable could support the theory as well, namely, a story that speaks of a king with 4 followers – a bird, monkey, dog, and pheasant. The bird left after realizing the king was evil and told his comrades the truth, but the others decided to stay for different reasons. The tale links to the Chinese mythological depiction and might point to Dragon leaving his admiral position after seeing how corrupted the World Government was.

7. Numbered Devil Fruits

The Numbered Devil Fruits theory would not change the entire perception of the One Piece universe. But it’s mindblowing considering that this theory, if proven to be correct, would have been right under One Piece fans’ noses the entire time.

Straw Hat Pirates One Piece Cropped

Many fans have been speculating who would join the Straw Hat Pirates for ages, and a curious fan shared interesting insights in Oda’s Q&A column for One Piece called SBS Volume 59, stating:

“D: Odacchi! I noticed an amazing thing!!! It is that if you show the Straw Hat Devil Fruit users in numbers, it will be the numbers from 1~10!!”

This refers to how the Japanese names for the Straw Hat Pirates’ Devil Fruits range from 1 to 10. Oda apparently responded with the following ambiguous statement:

“WHAAAAAT?! (shock) Gosh that surprised me! Why was I surprised?! NO COMMENTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! NEXT!!”

Using the Japanese name of Luffy’s Devil Fruit (Gomu Gomu no Mi), “Go” would be the Sino-Japanese number for 5, while “Mu” is the Native-Japanese Number, meaning Gomu Gomu no Mi would be “”. Some other Straw Hat members’ Devil Fruit numbers would go as follows:

  • Chopper: Hito Hito (
  • Robin: Hana Hana (
  • Brook: Yomi Yomi (

All this theory would leave out is a Devil Fruit user resulting in “2.9.” The numbers also add up to an interesting reference with this theory – 6 (Gomu) + 110 (Hito) + 87 (Hana) + 43 (Yomi) + 29 (Nikyu) = 325, which could also mean “San” (3) “Ni” (2) “Go” (5), a possible nod to the Thousand Sunny.

6. The Giant Strawhat is Linked to Uranus

The giant straw hat found frozen looks remarkably similar to that of Luffy’s, initially revealed in chapter 906. During the Dressrosa arc, the Donquixote Doflamingo mention Mary Geoise’s national treasure – explaining that it “would shake the world to its core if it’s made public.”

giant straw hat

Although there is nothing confirming that the national treasure in question is the giant straw hat, the scene appeared shortly after the discussion. Because of this statement, quite a few fans believe that this straw hat may be the Ancient Weapon Uranus.


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However, most believe it’s only connected to the Ancient Weapon Uranus, either by hiding a secret message or in some other capacity. The Ancient Weapons Poseidon and Pluton were revealed to be a mermaid princess and a colossal battleship, leaving a massive gap concerning the Ancient Weapon Uranus – a gap that a giant straw hat might just fit into.

5. Joyboy Ruled the Ancient Kingdom

Robin seems to be the only one who can interpret the mysterious Poneglyphs, and she uncovers something interesting during the Fisherman Island arc. Robin discovers a Poneglyph inscribed with an apology from “Joyboy” to a “mermaid princess” found to be the Ancient Weapon Poseidon.

ancient kingdom one pice

Fans began speculating that Joyboy was the ruler of the Ancient Kingdom, which could also be inspired by a Javanese king named Jayabaya/ Joyoboyo. Joyoboyo predicted his kingdom would fall and transcribed its history as a result, similar to the Ancient Kingdom’s Poneglyphs.

Joyoboyo also foresaw that a chosen one named Ratu Adil would restore balance to the world in the future. In the One Piece universe, this could make Luffy the chosen hero.

4. Raftel is the Ancient Kingdom

The Ohara scholars identified the Ancient Kingdom’s name before their deaths, after which the Gorosei covered it up. After the Straw Hats meet Rayleigh, he explains that Gol D. Roger and his crew found Raftel and uncovered the secret of The Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom as well.

raftel one piece

Whitebeard’s final statement about the One Piece’s discovery turning the world “upside-down” has also been used for this theory as well. While it’s possible that Raftel may hold secrets relating to the Ancient Kingdom, some fans believe the island of Raftel and the Ancient Kingdom are the same.

3. The One Piece is on the Moon

This One Piece theory has been left for last since it’s absolutely wild – while it doesn’t have too many supporters, it definitely has far more evidence than one might expect. This theory is incredibly intense, spanning across the One Piece storyline starting from the Skypiea arc (where Robin encounters the city of Shandora and finds clues of an ancient civilization that “fell”) – but, it essentially revolves around the true history stemming from outer space, and the One Piece treasure residing on the moon.

It might seem crazy, but there are numerous details that back this theory – or at least some variation of it. It links to major mysteries and theories fans have come up with, including the Poneglyphs’ secrets, the Void Century, the World Government’s secret agenda, the Celestial Dragons’ origins, the ancient civilization at Shandora, as well as the Will of D. Since there are so many aspects of this theory to cover, we’ve summarized the most important notes below.

Eneru’s Great Space Mission speaks of how Eneru flew up to the moon, featuring lore about an ancient race of beings called ‘Mooninites’. This confirms there was life on the moon in One Piece, featuring beings with various hairstyles and wings.

one piece space 1
one piece space 2

These same visual references are portrayed throughout the One Piece storyline, hinting at descendants falling to Earth and living amongst humans. This would stem from their civilization being attacked – either using the Ancient Weapons of mass destruction or in a fight for their control, with their names referring to their interstellar origins (and not Greek mythology).

one piece space 3

With this theory, the attackers left behind would later become a lineage known as the Celestial Dragons, which would tie into why Celestial Dragons have political complexes in the One Piece universe. This would also explain why the World Government is so against deciphering the Poneglyphs.

On the other hand, descendants of the Mooninites would have grown up and procreated with humans to create a new bloodline. These would be characters with “D.” in the name, which links to “The Will of D.” and resembles half of a moon – referencing descendants being half Mooninite and half-human.


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While this theory is definitely out there, it started gaining more traction after Oda published the cover below, depicting Luffy with wings. Could this be a more ‘canon’ reference to Luffy being a descendant of the Mooninites, destined to take down the World Government and restore harmony to the world? Only time will tell.

luffy moon

That’s all of the craziest and most mind-blowing One Piece theories so far, with images thanks to Screenrant, Anime Underground Ranker, as well as dedicated fans on Reddit and Quora. Although there’s nothing solid to confirm any of these theories, it’s definitely fun piecing tiny details together in order to fill in some of the most perplexing gaps. That being said, Oda isn’t shy about teasing fans with ambiguous responses, so there may be far more truth to some of these theories than fans might expect.

2. Luffy’s Gear 5 (Nika) was planned from Chapter 1

We found out that the Gomu Gomu Fruit was actually Hito Hito Fruit Model Nika. Would you believe if I said Oda had this planned from chapter 1? Luffy is a character based on a Hindu God called Hanuman.

You can see that Hanuman and Luffy have the same outfit, but that’s just the beginning. Here are some of the commonalities between Luffy and Hanuman.

luffy based on hindu god
  1. Hanuman is the Monkey God. Luffy’s name is Monkey. D. Luffy.
  2. Hanuman won’t be harmed by thunder and can change the size of his body. Same with Luffy.
  3. Hanuman’s brother is Agni, the Fire God. And Agni is a God with 2 faces.  Luffy has 2 brothers, both with the power of Mera Mera Fruit.

In one of the tales, Hanuman mistakes the sun for a fruit, and he tries to eat the sun. This links with how Luffy mistakened the devil fruit of Sun God Nika with a fruit. Oda has already decided from chapter 1 that the Gomu Gomu Fruit will be related to the power of the sun when he made this link with Hanuman’s tale.

Check out the full theory:


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1. Shanks is IM sama’s Son

In the latest movie, ONE PIECE FILM RED, Oda revealed that Shanks was found in God Valley. 38 years ago, Rocks attacked the celestial dragons in God Valley, and that’s when Gol. D. Roger and Garp joined hands to take down Rocks. After this battle, Roger found baby Shanks in one of the treasure boxes he had taken away.

There is a high chance that IM sama was in God Valley when this battle happened and that Shanks is IM sama’s son who got left in God Valley.

First, Rocks’s ambition was to become the king of the world. Maybe he found out about the existence of IM sama and attempted to take over the world from IM sama. Also, the islands that got erased from the map (Ohara, God Valley, Lulusia) all have something to do with the world government’s taboo.  Perhaps, this might be the reason Shanks cried when he heard something from Roger…

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