Does Mikasa Become a Titan? (& When?)

Does Mikasa Become a Titan? (& When?)

If you’re looking for an interesting character in Attack on Titan, aside of Eren, of course, Mikasa Ackerman is probably your best pick. She is a soldier, a civilian, and a character that has captured the adoration of fans around the world. Mikasa truly is special and her bond with Eren is what also made her so important. So does Mikasa become a Titan in the series or not?

As a character who is half-Asian, half-Ackerman, Mikasa cannot become a Titan. Asian people and members of the Ackerman clan are unable to transform into Titans, but we also know that only Eldians can actually become Titans. So, Mikasa’s heritage makes her unable to transform into a Titan.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on this answer. We are mostly going to deal with Mikasa’s heritage and family, since that is the most important fact when considering the answer to this question. In this article, we have collected all the information from various sources that you’ll deem necessary to fully understand this issue.

Does Mikasa Become a Titan? Fully Explained

In Episode 6 of the anime series, Mikasa Ackerman states that she once felt a surge of power within her body, thus implying that she possesses Tian powers, although she never had never transformed into one. This is the only reference of these additional powers, which had fans speculating that Mikasa would eventually transform into a Titan by the time the manga is done. Now, does Mikasa Ackerman become a Titan?

Mikasa tries to talk to Eren

No, she does not. After having read the whole manga, we can confirm that at no point in the canon storyline does Mikasa Ackerman become a Titan. She is a loyal officer of the Survey Corps from start to finish, and after killing Eren, she returns to civilian life, eventually founding a family before dying of old age. Mikasa was envisioned as a character that would stay true to her ideals from the very start, so we think that it would have been extremely out-of-character for her to suddenly transform into a Titan.

Can Mikasa Become a Titan Shifter?

Now that we have established that Mikasa does not become a Titan, we might ask ourselves – can she even become a Titan in the first place? Although this wasn’t fully elaborated on neither in the manga nor in the manga, we came to understand that Mikasa cannot even become a Titan in the first place because of her heritage.

Firstly, it seems that only Eldians can actually become Titans and we know by now that Mikasa is not a true Eldian. Also, we know that Asian people cannot become Titans and that the Ackerman clan seems to be immune to the Titan serum. Now, Mikasa is half-Asian (via her mother’s lineage) and half-Ackerman (via her father’s lineage), so based on that – she also cannot become a Titan at all. Let us tell you a bit about her parents.

Mme ackerman bro

Mikasa’s mother lived as a civilian with her family near the fields, within the Wall Maria. We learn later that she was part of one of the branches of the Clan Azumabito, the latter having followed Karl Fritz when he left for Paradis by abandoning the main branch. She was an Asian from Paradis, an Azumabito, a descendant of the Shogun of Heazul, therefore a non-Eldian, which means that memory alteration is not possible on her.

That’s why she and all her clan were victims of persecution and she had to flee the city and go to the mountains. There she met an Ackerman, another line of outcasts. She fell in love with him, they moved in together, and had Mikasa as a child.

One rainy day in the year 844, she was home with her family. While waiting for Doctor Yeager, she taught Mikasa her family’s traditional embroidery, which has been passed down from generation to generation in weaving, and her husband was peeling potatoes. She congratulated Mikasa on her embroidery, and told her that one day she would teach it to her children.

Mikasa then asked how to make children, which made both parents nervous, and her father told her that the doctor would explain it to her when he arrives. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Mikasa’s father, happy, left to answer believing that it was Doctor Yeager.

As soon as the door opened, the bandits stabbed Mikasa’s father. His wife arrived and tried to snip the bandits, telling her daughter to flee. Annoyed, one of the bandits took his ax and smashed her skull with it, leaving Mikasa an orphan.

Mikasas father receives bad news

Mr. Ackerman was Mikasa Ackerman’s father and Mrs. Ackerman’s husband. He lived with his family in a glade in Wall Maria Territory, not far from Shiganshina District. He was calm, comical and quiet. He cared deeply for his family. Mr. Ackerman was a member of the Ackerman clan.

Due to the persecution suffered by members of this clan, he lived on the fringes of society in the mountains near Shiganshina District. It was there that he met Mrs. Ackerman, a descendant of Asian ethnicity who had also taken refuge far from the city and discrimination. They fell in love with each other, and the fruit of their love gave birth to their daughter, Mikasa.

The three of them lived happily for many years, living from agriculture and hunting, until that dreadful afternoon when the bandits came, killed him and his wife, and kidnapped Mikasa, who was ultimately saved, but left an orphan.

As you can see, the story of Mikasa’s parents confirms what we have been talking about. Mikasa Ackerman cannot turn into a Titan because she is not an Eldian and is of such heritage that actually makes her unable to make the transformation under any circumstances. This, as we have said, was never fully elaborated, but it is undoubtedly true from what we could gather.

Can Mikasa Inherit Eren’s Power Before He Dies?

Well, since we actually know what happens right before Eren dies, we can state the following – Mikasa cannot and does not inherit Eren’s powers before he dies. Namely, Mikasa is unable to become a Titan due to her heritage, which means that she couldn’t really inherit Eren’s powers, regardless of the circumstances. On top of that, we actually know that Mikasa is the one who kills Eren and buries him, so we know that she never actually inherited Eren’s powers in the first place.


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When Will Mikasa Become a Titan?

Since the manga has been completed for some time now, we actually know that Mikasa Ackerman never becomes a Titan, which gives us the answer to this question. Sure, we already knew that Mikasa couldn’t become a Titan due to her heritage, but the ending of the manga and its epilogue confirmed that Mikasa never becomes a Titan.

Namely, after killing Eren, Mikasa returns to her civilian life and eventually has a family of her own, ultimately dying of old age. This was revealed in the epilogue of the Attack on Titan manga.