Does Eren Love Mikasa in ‘Attack on Titan’? Their Relationship Explained

does eren love mikasa

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Attack on Titan‘ has gripped fans with its intense storyline, captivating battles, and deeply layered characters. But amidst the chaos of Titans and the struggle for humanity’s survival, there lies a more subtle narrative that many fans can’t help but ponder: Does Eren truly love Mikasa? Let’s dive deep into this intricate relationship and unravel the truth.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Eren’s feelings for Mikasa are complex, oscillating between deep friendship, familial love, and potential romantic undertones.
  • In Chapter 138, titled “A Long Dream,” Mikasa bids Eren farewell with a kiss after she severs his head, signaling the depth of her feelings.
  • The series does not provide a definitive answer to the nature of Eren’s feelings for Mikasa, leaving room for interpretation and fan discussions.

Is Eren in love with Mikasa?

Eren and Mikasa’s relationship in ‘Attack on Titan’ is a complex blend of familial ties, shared traumas, and mutual respect. From the very beginning, they share a deep bond, forged when Eren saves Mikasa during their childhood.

This bond grows as they face the terror of the Titans together, with Mikasa often stepping up to protect Eren. While it’s evident that Mikasa harbors deep feelings for Eren, which might be romantic, Eren’s own feelings are more ambiguous. His intense focus on his mission often overshadows personal emotions. However, their interactions, particularly in later episodes, hint at a depth of emotion on Eren’s part.

It might not be the kind of explicit romantic love that fans hope for, but there’s no denying their unique bond. It’s a connection that transcends simple labels, making it all the more intriguing.

Does Eren kiss Mikasa? 

Eren Mikasa kiss

In Chapter 138 of the ‘Attack on Titan’ manga, titled “A Long Dream,” there is indeed a poignant moment between Mikasa and Eren that fans had long anticipated.

During a critical climax, after a series of intense battles and emotional confrontations, Mikasa makes a determined decision. Guided by memories and deep-rooted feelings for Eren, she is led to the mouth of his Titan form. With the aid of Levi, who creates an opening, she enters and finds Eren’s head connected to a long spine. In a swift motion, she cuts his head, effectively killing him.


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However, before parting ways, she cradles his severed head and kisses him farewell. This act is observed by Ymir Fritz, who smiles in the background. This kiss, filled with a mix of sorrow and affection, confirms the profound bond and complex feelings Mikasa has always held for Eren.

Will Mikasa and Eren get together?

Throughout the series, countless moments are hinting at a deeper connection between the two, making many roots for their romantic union.

However, the narrative of ‘Attack on Titan’ is filled with twists, turns, and tragedies. Eren’s single-minded focus on his goals often clouds the possibilities of a conventional romantic outcome.

While fans might yearn for a clear resolution to their relationship, unfortunately, following Eren’s death, Mikasa ends with Jean, and their tragic love gets an even more tragic ending.

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