Does Sasuke Love Sakura?

Does Sasuke Love Sakura?

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Sasuke and Sakura are one of the main couples of the Naruto series but unlike other couples in the series the two don’t actually get a lot of screen time and we don’t know a lot about their relationship. The way this affects the presentation of the couple in the series leads many fans to wonder if Sasuke actually loves Sakura?

Although he doesn’t show it publicly and is portrayed as quite cold Sasuke does love Sakura and there are many subtle signs pointing to the love the two have for each other. 

If you want to know more about these two and why many don’t belive they actually love each other make sure to read this article all the way through.

Does Sasuke Genuinely Love Sakura in His Own Way or What? 

Does Sasuke Love Sakura?

Sasuke and Sukar are shown as one of the main couples in the Boruto series and since both Sasuke and Sakura are both main characters their relationship plays an important role in the series.

Despite the impact the relationship had on the series many fans wonder if the two actually love each other. There are actually quite a few reasons for this and the main one is the relationship was quite rushed in the series.

It’s easy to understand why people have an issue with this. Their relationship could definitely fit the bill of enemies to lovers, however, even if there was love behind all of it from the beginning there was also so much hate, and all of that was kind of abandoned as soon as they reconciled.

Another thing that contributes to this belief among the fans is the way Sakura confessed and the way Sasuke reacted to her confessions.

Sakura confronts Sasuke twice about her feelings. When he initially tried to escape and join Orochimaru.  The second is to persuade him to stay during the Fourth Shinobi War.

Her confessions are usually made out of desperation as if she’s attempting to save him or persuade him to stay. 

While Sakura is always extremely emotional during these confessions, Sasuke, on the other hand, typically replies coolly or maliciously to them. He replied to the first one by calling her irritating. He calls her irritating again the second time, and then actually breaks her heart with his fist.

Later in the episode, the program tries to persuade viewers that Sasuke loves her, but after these heinous acts, it’s difficult to believe.

Although all of this may lead you to believe that the two don’t actually love each other we also need to take into consideration that their dynamics is not a traditional one by no means and that’s why many people have a hard time taking their relationship seriously.

Sasuke and Sakura have a guarded and chivalrous relationship. Sasuke is a naturally quiet person, especially as an adult, who seldom expresses his feelings, and when he does, it may not be in the traditional ways that others express devotion. He has a unique way of expressing himself.

Even though they aren’t saying anything to each other when Sasuke and Sakura reconnect for the first time in almost a decade, you can tell there is a lot going on between them. 

What makes Sasuke and Sakura work so well together is that they appear to connect on a deeper level, to the point where they can understand each other even when they don’t say anything. 

They don’t say anything in the scene where they defeat Shin by exchanging places with Sasuke’s teleportation jutsu, but they know exactly what they’re about to do. This demonstrates that Sasuke and Sakura share similar sentiments and have a clear understanding of one another.

Sasuke prefers a discreet and regal romantic life to an outwardly flashy one, which would be out of character for him. 

The Uchiha all have powerful emotions, yet they are usually quiet and even embarrassed about expressing them. Sakura is aware of this aspect of her husband’s personality and has picked up on it since her approach to Sasuke is similarly shy and restrained. 

At the very least, in public. Their relationship is very different in private. They have long discussions with one other and are likely to make more displays of affection. When they are in public, however, they will act more professionally, to the point where it will be impossible to determine if they are a pair.

Does Sasuke Marry Sakura? 

Does Sasuke Love Sakura?

Unlike some other couples’ in the series Sakuras and Sasuke’s marriage was not shown in the series a lot, as the matter of fact, there are barely a few hints pointing to it before it is confirmed in Boruto.

The two got married while Sasuke was traveling while searching for a way to redeem himself. Later on, the two had a daughter who they named Sarada.

Their daughter’s birth signified Sasuke’s clan’s revival, something he had long desired. They lived as a regular family for a few years before Sasuke was called away on an important assignment that would keep him away from his family for years. 

Despite the distance, Sasuke considers Sakura and Sarada to be his two most significant people, and their marriage has been successful.

Why did Sasuke Marry Sakura? 

Since their relationship is extremely complicated and doesn’t fall into traditional connection many fans wonder why did the two actually get married. The answer is actually quite simple, although the two don’t show it often they are in love with each other and there are many subtle clues that point to how much the two are there with each other.

Once Sakura confirmed that she would be beside Sasuke when she refused to let him leave alone it was the ultimate proof of her love which ultimately lead to the two getting married.

Does Sasuke Ever Kiss Sakura? 

Although the couple is one of the most important ones in the entire series the viewers don’t actually get to see the two share a kiss, or show any affection publicly for that matter.

The lack of romantic contact is a constant in their relationship all throughout the series, which many fans consider really weird given the context of the series. Despite this, there is actually a quite simple explanation for this dynamic between the two.

There are many theories that strive to explain this one out there, however, the simplest one is the most likely one. The theory has to do with the fact that Naruto is set in Japan and both the anime and manga series uphold many Japanese traditions.

Sasuke as a character is supposed to be a representation of many of those traditions which is why it makes sense that he upholds many of them, including the lack of physical affection in public.

Although the tradition is considered quite old these days many Japanese people still believe that displaying affection in public or in front of your children is not appropriate.

Aside from this we also don’t see a lot of affection from other couples in the series which is why this dynamic actually works perfectly with both Sakura and Sasuke’s character.

Since the show doesn’t focus on physical affection many couples have displayed their romantic affection in different ways. In the case of Sasuke and Sakura, this shows through the head poke gesture. 

It is a very personal gesture to Sasuke and it is one of the only things that tie him to his family. Using this gesture with his own family shows that while he doesn’t show his affection often he does in fact love his family.

Does Sasuke Ever Cheat on Sakura?

Despite the fact that both have many admirers and that they had difficult moments in their relationship since most of it was long distance neither Sasuke nor Sakura have ever cheated on one another. 

There were instances that make fans believe that both sides were unfaithful. Sakura became really close with Naruto after the two of them rebuild team seven and Sasuke had numerous admirers all throughout the series. 

Despite that, the series never shows or implies that there was infidelity in their relationship. 

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