Does Spencer Dutton Have Kids? Is He John Dutton Jr’s Father?

Spencer Dutton family in 1923

Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) became one of the most popular characters of Yellowstoneverse long before he made any significant contribution to the main storyline in 1923. The cowboy who chose to hunt man-eating carnivores in Africa after WWI now holds the future of the famous Yellowstone ranch and the entire Dutton family. With his marriage to Alexandra in trouble and Liz losing her baby, fans wonder whether he will have any kids and whether John Dutton Jr. is one of them.

Alexandra told Jennifer in the 1923 first-season finale that the only family she was worried about was the one she was starting. She is serious about starting a family with Spencer and might even be pregnant for him by the time they were forcefully separated on the ship to London. There is no plot confirmation of Spencer’s descendants from Paramount, but he is still a likely patron of the Dutton family, and John Dutton Jr. might be his son or his nephew.

The gap in the family tree from 1923 to Yellowstone seemed close to being solved when Liz became pregnant for Jack Dutton, but her miscarriage proved most working theories wrong. That leaves Spencer and Alexandra as the most likely direct ancestors of John Dutton III, but that can only happen if they have kids. In the season finale, Alexandra only stopped short of telling Spencer that she was pregnant, so does she have any kids, and if so, what is their place in Yellowstoneverse?

Is Alexandra pregnant in 1923?

Alexandra and Jennifer 1923 Finale

There is no direct confirmation of Alexandra’s pregnancy as of the first season finale of 1923, but the show gave clues about the possibility. She told Alexandra that the English-speaking world was relieved of the burden of their marriage’s consumption, which would suggest that she has proof of it, which can only be her pregnancy.

Alexandra also told Jennifer that she was no longer bothered about what her family thought because she was worried about the one she was starting. Her behavioral change and surge in confidence regarding making her marriage to Spencer public all point to her possible pregnancy.

Alexandra’s sickness on the ship could also be a pregnancy symptom, but it could be just sea sickness and nothing more. Spencer and the other people on the ship didn’t seem as sick as Alexandra, though, which makes her pregnancy more likely.

It will obviously take a long time before she reaches Montana, meaning Spencer might not know about her pregnancy by the time the second season of 1923 starts. Alexandra is still a strong, resourceful woman and will make a great mother if her pregnancy turns out to be true.

Will Jack And Elizabeth have children in 1923?

Jack consoling Elizabeth after her miscarriage 1923 finale

Elizabeth Strafford had a miscarriage in the last episode of 1923 Season 1 and told Jack she might be unable to have children anymore. However, there was no confirmation of her fears from the doctor.

Jack consoled her by saying that having children wasn’t her main purpose on earth and that she could be like Cara and be the mother of the motherless. Their conversation seemed to point to their becoming foster parents rather than having children of their own.

Many fans hoped that Liz’s child would end up being John Dutton jr (the father to Yellowstone’s John Dutton), but Elizabeth and Jack seem to be out of that discussion. They still can have children in the future, but that can only happen in the second season of 1923 or other Yellowstone spinoffs.


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Some theories suggest that Jack Dutton’s official name may be John Dutton making him John Dutton III’s grandfather. John Dutton is around 60 years old in Yellowstone, so the ancestry would be possible if Jack Dutton survived in 1923 and got a child who gave birth to John Dutton Jr.

If Jack is also John Dutton, then Spencer’s children (if he has any) will not inherit the ranch. That would mean that there is a Dutton family somewhere that wasn’t introduced in Yellowstone if Spencer’s descendants survive.

As of the end of 1923‘s first season, Jack and Spencer are still possible fathers of John Dutton II. There is still a gap in Paramount’s family tree for the Duttons in Yellowstoneverse, which remains to be filled in upcoming 1923 sequels.

Will Spencer’s children inherit Yellowstone?

Young John Dutton Spencer and Alex John Dutton Jr Yellowstone

There is no evidence in Yellowstone that Spencer or his children got to inherit the ranch at any time, but it is still possible because there is no confirmation that Jack Dutton is John Dutton II either.

Spencer and Jack Dutton are still the most likely descendants of James to inherit the Yellowstone ranch from Jacob and Cara Dutton. Cara already told Spencer that he is the last hope for the ranch, meaning he has a big role in preventing it from being taken away by the Whitfields.

For there to be a ranch for Spencer and Jack to inherit, they will have to fight for it first. Spencer is the family’s best fighter since his brother died, and Jacob is old and getting too weak to fight.

His relationship with Alexandra is not over yet, so the hope of them forming a family that inherits the Yellowstone ranch is not lost. If Alex Is pregnant with Spencer’s baby, then the baby stands a chance to inherit the ranch just like Liz’s baby did.


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Will Alexandra ever make it to Yellowstone?

Spencer Dutton taken off the ship in 1923

Alexandra promised to find Spencer in Montana as he was led away in a dinghy after their separation on the ship by the orders of the Earl of Sussex. Since time is running out for Spencer to save Yellowstone, he might have to go to the US by himself, forcing Alexandra to find the ranch on her own.

Alexandra knows the address for the Yellowstone ranch because she was left with some of Cara’s letters to Spencer. The address will be her first clue to finding Spencer.

Alexandra was determined to be with Spencer and even reminded him that most people long for what she and Spencer have but never get it. She is, therefore, likely to travel to Montana after proving her marriage to Spencer in London.

The money needed for Alexandra to travel won’t be a problem because her family was rich enough for her to afford credit on the ship. However, she might have a problem with the family having left Arthur to marry Spencer.

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