Does Spencer Dutton Marry Alexandra in 1923?


Spencer Dutton is Cara and Jacob Dutton’s nephew/adoptive son, who has been away from the family for about six or seven years. He first served in World War I and later stayed in Africa to become a big game hunter for hire. There, he met Alexandra, who would soon become his lover. But does Spencer marry Alexandra in ‘1923’?

After the mid-season finale of ‘1923’ Season 1, Spencer Dutton and Alexandra are engaged, not yet married. However, their love for each other is incredibly strong, and they’ve already been through thick and thin together. So, everything points to them returning to Yellowstone and marrying there.

There are a lot of things making me believe that the next step in Spencer and Alexandra’s adventurous journey is coming back to Montana. And, a slight hint in this show, paired with a hint from the Yellowstone TV series, might actually prove that the Dutton family lineage went completely different than we thought. Let’s explore Spencer and Alexandra’s relationship.

How do Spencer and Alexandra meet?

Spencer Dutton left home around 1917 when the United States joined World War I, and he enlisted and served as a veteran. After the war, he decided to stay away from home and go to Africa, where he worked as a big game hunter for hire, killing lions, leopards, hyenas, and other man-eating beasts for a hefty price.

Spencer was renowned as a war hero and one of the best hunters in the business when he met Alexandra at a hotel lobby where he was staying between two hunting gigs. Alexandra came from an aristocratic family and lived a secure life with no real adventure or excitement – it never made her happy. That’s why she was so enamored with Spencer from the get-go.

The problem is, at the moment, Alexandra was engaged to another guy. But the more Alex and Spencer talked, the more she realized she wanted him, not the other guy. She wanted adventure, not security. So, as Spencer is leaving the hotel one morning, Alexandra goes after him and leaves her fiance, telling him to find somebody who will actually love him.

Spencer warned Alexandra that his life isn’t for the faint-hearted and that it’s filled with danger, staring death in the eye almost every day. Alexandra then replied that she was ready to do it together with him, and the two embarked on their journey together.


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How did Spencer and Alexandra get engaged?

Already in the next episode of the show (that being Episode 3), Spencer realized how much he loved Alex and proposed to her, which she accepted. The bliss wouldn’t last that long, as Alexandra soon realized what kind of a life Spencer was living. First, an elephant attacked their vehicle and tipped it over, trashing it completely.

Then, they were forced to spend a night in the wilderness, sleeping atop a tree, when they were attacked by a pack of hungry lions. Soon, Alex realized that staring death into her eyes wasn’t exciting – it was scary.

She didn’t break off the engagement but rather urged Spencer to find another job. And, due to his love for Alexandra, he agreed. The two then went on a sort of pre-marriage honeymoon, visiting the illustrious, secluded beaches of Zanzibar. 

They were enjoying themselves to the fullest, indulging in every wonderful aspect of their relationship. Alexandra even made Spencer promise that their life will always be an adventure (boy, she has no idea what being a member of the Dutton family means). Soon, she will find out that her wishes may come true in Africa or back home in Montana with Spencer.

You see, Alex found a stack of letters from home that Spencer had never read – at least six years’ worth of them. Spencer explains that, at first, he didn’t want to read them while he was serving because he would just get homesick and likely die as a consequence. Why didn’t he read them later? He has no idea.

Anyways, Alexandra starts reading the letters to Spencer, who calmly listens. It goes through the night and into the morning, with Spence already falling asleep and Alexandra reading the last letter that Cara Dutton had sent to him.

She wakes Spencer up, telling him that he has to read it. She reads it to him, and the letter says: 

“Spencer, Your brother has been killed. By the time you receive this letter, I suppose your uncle has been killed as well. Your nephew has been wounded. This ranch and your legacy are in peril. War has descended upon this place and your family. Whatever war you fight within yourself must wait. You must come home and fight this one.”

As Spencer realizes the letter was sent three months ago, the mid-season finale ends. Where does that leave us? Where does that leave Spencer and Alexandra? Well, let’s try to figure it out!

Does Spencer Dutton marry Alexandra?

As of now, Spencer and Alexandra are engaged to one another but not yet married. Still, there’s no reason to believe that they won’t get married in the future of the show – either by the end of this season or the next, which was already confirmed by Paramount.

They might not marry if Alex decides not to go back to Montana with Spencer, which I highly doubt will happen. More likely, the couple will travel back to the Yellowstone Ranch for Spencer to help fight the war against Donald, Banner, and his sheepherders.


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Oh yes – Alexandra will learn that living as a Dutton woman can be just as scary and dangerous as facing a pack of lions in the wild – if not worse. That being said, another hint from this show, paired with a hint from the Yellowstone series, might point to the couple staying at the Ranch for a long time and probably have more to do with the Dutton family lineage than we thought…

A lineage hint you might’ve missed

The hint I’m talking about – I kid you not – is a Swarovski crystal whiskey bottle/decanter and glasses. What? How? I’ll explain.

Well, in the fourth episode of ‘1923,’ we see Spencer pour whiskey into some beautiful crystal glasses paired with a lovely decanter. Interestingly,  in Episode 7 of Yellowstone Season 5, we see John Dutton III nearly break a whiskey decanter and glasses in a fit of rage that looked pretty much identical to those that Spencer drank out of in ‘1923.’

John was livid about his herd being infected with a deadly disease, so he took the decanter and nearly smashed it into a wall – and that’s where the hint strikes. His daughter Beth was sitting on the couch in the very same room, and John didn’t see her. She tells him:

“That is a hundred years old and belonged to your grandfather. Break something else.”

Now, if those are the same crystal glasses and decanter that Spencer drank out of – which seems to be the case – it would point to the fact that Spencer is John Dutton III’s grandfather, not Jack, as we thought so far.

You see, when John Dutton Sr. died, it was believed that his son, Jack, had a son with his wife-to-be, Liz Strafford, and named him John Dutton Jr. to honor his late father. John Dutton Jr. is John Dutton III’s father, making Jack his grandfather. But what if John Jr. wasn’t Jack’s son? What if he was Spencer’s kid?

Perhaps Alexandra and Spencer will come back home to Montana, marry, and have a kid that Spencer will name John after his brother. Unless those weren’t the same glasses, or Spencer gifted them to Jack at some point upon his return, it seems that there’s a change in the Dutton family lineage from what we previously believed.

It’s not confirmed, though, and I might be reaching here, so take it with a grain of salt. We’ll probably learn more when ‘1923’ returns with Episode 5, which will premiere on February 5, 2023, exclusively on Paramount Plus.

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