Yellowstone Series in Chronological Order: Including All Spin-offs

Yellowstone Series In Chronological Order Including Mayor Of Kingstown

Yellowstone has quickly become one of the most popular series in American television today. Due to the amazing story, the great acting, and the unique themes that Yellowstone has, there are plenty of different fans of the series not just in America but in the entire world as well. And this is merely the start of showrunner Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone universe.

Due to the popularity of Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan was able to gain enough clout to come up with several other shows that are all based or loosely connected to the Yellowstone universe. Marketed as spin-offs, 1883, 1923, and 6666 are all connected to Yellowstone. Even the original series Mayor of Kingstown is set in the same universe.

But, if you want to know the chronological order of these shows to understand what is going on in the Yellowstone universe, that is what we are here to talk about.

How Many Yellowstone Series Are There? 

Yellowstone Series In Chronological Order (Including Mayor Of Kingstown And 1883)

In case you haven’t heard, one of the most popular drama series on television today is Yellowstone, which airs on the Paramount Network. The series is so popular that showrunner Taylor Sheridan was able to come up with several other series that are based or connected to the main Yellowstone timeline.

As such, how many Yellowstone series are there? Currently, there are four Yellowstone series and one series that happens in the same universe to make it a total of five.

  • Yellowstone (5 seasons)
  • 1883
  • 1923
  • 6666
  • Mayor of Kingstown

Yellowstone Series in Chronological Order

Yellowstone has a total of four different series, with three based on the main Yellowstone story and the other one happening in the same universe but has its own original story. And what you need to know is that each Yellowstone series is set in a time period that is different from the original series. This is why we are here to explore the Yellowstone series in chronological order.

1. 1883

Yellowstone Series In Chronological Order (Including Mayor Of Kingstown And 1883)

1883 is the mother of all prequels in the entire Yellowstone series. It happens in the year 1883, as the name of the series already suggests. That means that 1883 is set more than a hundred years prior to the main events of Yellowstone. So, 1883 is basically a series that looks back on the entire Dutton family (the main family of the Yellowstone series) before they founded the ranch where the series focuses on.

In a way, 1883 is the story about a family that was still finding a way to escape poverty by trying to explore Montana and expand America’s reach in the place widely regarded as the last bastion of untamed America. As such, the Dutton family of 1883 is not the same affluent and established household name that it is in Yellowstone because the family was still trying to find a way to settle down and make ends meet back in 1883.


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1883 stars country singer and actor Tim McGraw as James Dutton. The series premiered in the Paramount Network’s streaming partner Paramount Plus on December 19, 2021. This means that 1883 is a direct-to-streaming series and will not show on television, unlike the main Yellowstone series.

2. 1923

1923 is actually the sequel series to 1883, and that means that it is directly connected to the very first series that is in the chronological order of the entire Yellowstone franchise. The series is set to premiere on December 18, 2022.

As of the moment, we don’t know a lot about what 1923 will be about, but there is a good reason to believe that its events are directly related to 1883, albeit the fact that four decades separate them. In that regard, this series will follow an entirely new generation of Dutton family members that are going to continue the things that were already started back in 1883.

Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford is set to appear in this series1932: Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren Join The Upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel as the patriarch of 1923’s generation of the Dutton family. Of course, some of the challenges that he and his family members had to face during this period include Prohibition, the Great Depression, and Western Expansion.

Like 1883, 1923 is a direct-to-streaming series that will only be available on Paramount+.

3. Yellowstone

Yellowstone Series In Chronological Order (Including Mayor Of Kingstown And 1883)

Yellowstone is the main series of the entire Yellowstone universe created by Taylor Sheridan. It is set in the present time, and that means that it happens more than a hundred years following 1883. Yellowstone still follows the same Dutton family, but the difference here is that the family is no longer trying to escape poverty but is now running the biggest ranch in the entire United States. And that ranch is the center of all of the trials and problems of the Dutton family.

Season 1

Season 1 of Yellowstone mainly explores the introduction of the entire Dutton family, which includes John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his four children. The series explores the different personalities, lifestyles, and beliefs of the Dutton children, who all have their own opinions about how the ranch should be run.

Of course, the Dutton family also runs into some problems regarding different issues that focus on the ranch. This includes the Native American reserve and the large development firm that is looking to take over the ranch. Overall, it is a drama story that focuses on different beliefs and on the issues surrounding the ranch, and what the entire Dutton family does to resolve such issues.

Season 2

Season 2 of Yellowstone did a good job in building from the first season, and this is actually where the entire story gains some traction in terms of how popular the series is. While season 1 was more of an introduction to the entire Dutton family and the problems surrounding the largest ranch in the country, season 2 already explores the individual issues that each of the main characters has.

Of course, this is where the family’s war with the Beck brothers (introduced in season 1) reaches its boiling point as it became an “us or them” kind of situation between the Duttons and the Becks. The action picks up at this point all while revealing some twists and turns that make the entire series as interesting as it is. 

Season 3

Yellowstone Series In Chronological Order (Including Mayor Of Kingstown And 1883)

Yellowstone really came to its own when season 3 arrived, as this was where fans truly became invested in the entire web that entangled all of the Duttons and their friends and rivals. Of course, the Duttons once again faced another adversary that was looking to take over their land, similar to how the family had to try to fight off some rivals that wanted to buy the property off of the Duttons.

Season 3 of Yellowstone explores John’s desire to make sure that the ranch stays within the family because this was a Dutton family legacy that every family patriarch needed to uphold, even when the land value was becoming more expensive to the point that the Duttons were finding it hard to afford to keep it. Of course, we are not spared from the different twists and revelations surrounding some of the other main characters of the story.


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Season 4

Season 4 of Yellowstone concluded on January 2, 2022. A lot of things happened in what was an action-packed season 4 for Yellowstone. Of course, one of the things that we are talking about here is the fact that John Dutton had become the new governor of Montana. As such, this gives him more control over the entire state, as this would allow the entire family to strengthen their hold over their ranch and crush their enemies in the process, even though it paints a larger target on John’s back.

Meanwhile, Kayce is now expecting the birth of his second child with Monica as he is now on a personal quest to try to make sense of his life after that trippy experience that he had back during the season. There is also the fact that Rip and Beth are now happier than before, even though we don’t know how long this happiness will last before things start to become complicated again. And there is also the native leader Thomas Rainwater, who is now looking to find a way to move forward with their project.

As such, season 5 is certainly going to build on the things that happened at the end of what was an eventful fourth season for Yellowstone. And things couldn’t get any more exciting for fans of this series.

Season 5

With its first two episodes premiering on November 13, 2022, season 5 of Yellowstone is still quite early in its lifetime, as the first two episodes only allowed us to catch up on what the characters have been doing ever since the end of the fourth season. Of course, it goes without saying that there will be more problems and complications in store for the entire Dutton family as season 5 begins to unfold its events.

5. 6666

Yellowstone Series In Chronological Order (Including Mayor Of Kingstown And 1883)

6666 is the second spin-off series based on the entire Yellowstone universe. It is said that 6666 will be exploring the story of the popular Four Sixes ranch that the showrunner Taylor Sheridan bought in real life. And like the entire Yellowstone series, 6666 happens in the present time and is probably happening at the same time as the main Yellowstone events.

Based on the current events of season 4, we can say that 6666 happens right in the middle of the events of the current Yellowstone season because, in one of the episodes of season 4, John Dutton actually sends ranch hand Jimmy White to 6666. So, while we are yet to know any more details about the plot or setting of 6666, it is safe to say that it has a loose connection with Yellowstone. 6666, like 1883, is going to be available for streaming on Paramount Plus.

5. Mayor of Kingstown

Yellowstone Series In Chronological Order (Including Mayor Of Kingstown And 1883)

While the Mayor of Kingstown also comes from the mind of Taylor Sheridan and is set in the same universe as Yellowstone, what we can say based on the information that we have is that this show follows a story that is completely original and separate from the events of Yellowstone. 

The main premise of Mayor of Kingstown follows the story of the town of Kingstown, Michigan, which makes its money out of the business of incarceration. Similar to Yellowstone, the Mayor of Kingstown focuses on the story of the McClusky family, who have a significant stake in the town of Kingstown.

Mayor of Kingstown stars Marvel superstar Jeremy Renner as Mike McClusky. Meanwhile, you can catch the Mayor of Kingstown on the Paramount Network and on Paramount Plus. The series started airing on November 14, 2021.

Taylor Sheridan said that the decision to air Mayor of Kingstown after Yellowstone allows the show to bank on the fanbase of the entire Yellowstone series. After all, the two shows come from the same creator. That also means that both Mayor of Kingstown and Yellowstone happen in the same universe. It is safe to say that the Mayor of Kingstown happens right in the middle of the events of the present day, similar to Yellowstone and 6666.

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