Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer? (& How)

Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer and How?

Demon Slayer is a manga and demon-themed anime series that’s filled with emotion, thanks to the values shown by some of the most important characters ever shown. As a result, when some of them die, which seems to happen every now and then throughout the series, a lot of fans do feel sad. Fans always fear Tanjiro’s death will eventually happen, so, does Tanjiro Kamado die?

Tanjiro actually died in the series when they fought Muzan Kitbutsuji. Before Tanjiro died, Muzan was also able to kill most of the Hashira members. However, Tanjiro’s death also became the catalyst for his eventual revival during the aftermath of the Final Battle.

So how did Tanjiro die, and eventually got back to life? To explain this further, let us go back and provide further details about the final battle that occurred in the Sunrise Countdown Arc only, as it is the relevant part of the series linked to Tanjiro’s death. Not only that, but I will also explain the aftermath of the Final Battle, and what happened to Tanjiro after he died.

Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer and How?

NOTE: There are several spoilers in this article. If you’re somewhere around Season 1 of the anime, it’s best to watch the series first. And since the mange has ended in 2020, if you want to catch up to understand more of what I am talking about in this article, then start reading the chapters already! The mange chapter where Tanjiro’s death happened will be revealed as you read further.

Tanjiro actually died in Demon Slayer. It was also confirmed during the post-timeskip events of the series that Tanjiro has already deceased. His death was also confirmed during the aftermath of the final battle when his pulse was checked by some of the surviving members of the Hashira. It was also noted at that moment that he was not breathing anymore.

After all, they got into a battle against one of the most powerful villains of all anime history. Later, I will not just discuss his death, but also the amazing abilities of Muzan for you to understand why he was able to easily outmatch Tanjiro and the Hashira during the Final Battle.

How Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

Basically, Tanjiro died due to being severely injured while battling Muzan and eventually injured himself further when performing Sun Breathing techniques in quicker succession. But despite the power of the Sun Breathing techniques, Muzan only found it “irritating”, which is why Muzan was still able to overpower him during the battle until dawn arrived. 

The events leading to Tanjiro’s death started the first half of the Final Battle Arc: The Infinity Castle Arc. This is the arc where they rushed over the Ubuyashiki Estate to kill Muzan and end the reign of demons, once and for all. The Hashira may be powerful Demon Slayers, but they need to team up in order to defeat Muzan. 

During this battle, they were able to attack Muzan several times. This showed how amazing the teamwork and overall strength of the Hashira were. Tanjiro and the others then attempted to attach Muzan from all sides, but they were all transported to Infinity Castle, where most of them got separated. After the major battles of the Hashira against Muzan’s demons in the Infinity Castle, the castle got destroyed and they still need to wait for the sunrise to finally kill Muzan once and for all.


Tanjiro Vs. Muzan: Who Is Stronger?

Muzan Kibutsuji’s Abilities

It is pretty obvious that Muzan is the direct reason why Tanjiro died. To learn more as to why Tanjiro died despite defeating him in the final battle, I will discuss a bit about who Muzan is, and how crazy strong he actually was. 

Muzan Kibutsuji is the Demon King and progenitor of all demons. Therefore, he has the strength of all demons combined, as he is the first demon, and has massacred a lot of humans during his more than 10,000 years of existence. He also has a wide range of abilities such as using his blood to create demons, as well as using it to create black spiked wires that he can use as a whip or as a means to entangle his opponents. 

Muzan is also known for his immeasurable strength, which is even more than the strength of all of the other demons combined. Despite Tamayo weakening him with the Anti-Kibutsuji Drug during the Infinity Castle Arc, he was still strong enough to destroy structure with ease, and even perform powerful attacks that creates huge craters. Even Gyomei, the Hashira with the highest raw strength among them, was having a hard time fighting him. 

He also has Godlike speed and reflexes as well, coupled with unlimited stamina that makes him tireless when in battle. His strength also comes with incredible durability, which is evident in how all the Hashira needed to team up to defeat him, but still caused the deaths of most members in the process. Unlike other demons, he is also immune from decapitation.

Aside from this, he can also transform into his Infant form, which is actually a shield of flesh, which is proven to be effective enough to defend himself from all the Hashira without difficulty. He also has the ability to transform his mouth into a wide beast-like mouth that can cause a scream that can internally damage whoever gets hit by its shockwave. 

Lastly, he also has a combat form, which makes his hair white and long, and gives him a more sinister appearance. This is the form responsible for defeating most of the Hashira to death and causing Tanjiro to die after their battle. With all these feats, and with the knowledge of the overall strength of the Hashira, battling Muzan really seemed impossible without the sunlight. Therefore, you can really say that the cause of Tanjiro’s death was the wounds Muzan inflicted on him. 

The Final Battle Which Caused Tanjiro’s Death

Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer and How?

During the Sunrise Countdown arc, all the Hashira were still alive. However, they still have more than an hour left until dawn, and Muzan is at full energy. Some members were already wounded at this point, and Muzan has entered combat mode already. This second part of the Final Battle was actually a battle of desperation, where all the Hashira, Tanjiro, and his other friends used all their abilities. But still, they have proven no match to Muzan.

During this arc, he was able to kill most of the Hashira members with his formidable strength, speed, reflexes, and how overpowered his Blood ability can get. Here are the Hashira members that he killed during the fight:

  • Kokushibo
  • Akaza
  • Kaigaku
  • Gyokko
  • Gyutaro
  • Daki
  • Hantengu
  • Doma
  • Nakime

Aside from the Hashira, he was able to kill several other Demon Slayers, whereas some of them willingly sacrificed themselves during a part of the Final Battle, to distract Muzan. But despite all these painful deaths, some of them (including Tanjiro) were able to stall him until the sunrise arrived, effectively disintegrating the Demon King for good. It was a very successful and relieving moment for them, and for the fans, but it was unexpected to see that Tanjiro eventually succumbed to his wounds after defeating Muzan. 

The damage that Tanjiro attained during the battle was truly a lot. He lost an arm in the process, broke several of his bones, especially when using Sun Breathing in quick and consistent succession, and even received a severe head wound. What caused even more damage to him, and probably the main factor that contributed to his death was the poison he got from Muzan. The poison effectively blinded and weakened him even when Muzan got defeated.

Tanjiro’s death was even confirmed by the Kakushi, who told Giyu in a tearful way that Tanjiro is not breathing anymore without any pulse as well. Tanjiro appears to be kneeling on the ground but is not moving anymore, yet holding his blade with one arm missing. But there is more to just this scene! 

Aftermath of Tanjiro’s Death, And…

However, the aftermath of Tanjiro’s death was also the scene that brought him back to life. You got it! The main hero actually went back to life after officially dying. But this time, he became a demon himself, which was the same process with regards to what happened to his sister Nezuko. The reason behind this is when Muzan got defeated, he proved that he is overpowered for one last time by using his remaining consciousness to revive Tanjiro. This eventually turned him into the new Demon King.

The result of his demon transformation brought him back to life and actually turned him into an extremely powerful demon. What’s worse about his demon form is that it gained immunity to sunlight. However, Tanjiro’s will is strong enough to resist himself from killing his sister, as well as resist getting tempted by Muzan within his subconsciousness. Thanks to his beloved sister whom he wants to save throughout the series, Tanjiro eventually went back to normal. 

But the thing is that Tanjiro does not have the abilities that he had anymore, and actually got weakened with a blind eye due to the poison that he received from Muzan. However, Tanjiro appears to be fine with it as there is no need to have a Demon Slayer anymore, as all the demons have finally been eradicated. 

Thus, Tanjiro still went back to life, but still died during the final battle. If it weren’t for Muzan’s attempt to demonize Tanjiro, he would have been dead already due to severe exhaustion, injuries, and poisoning. But in the final part of the story, a time skip occurred, and it showed what seems to be Tanjiro’s grandchildren. So technically, in terms of the story, Tanjiro died peacefully as he grew old and raised a family of his own. ‘

Therefore, you can say that Tanjiro had two versions of his death: one was due to his battle against Muzan, and the other was a peaceful one due to old age.


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In Which Episode Does Tanjiro Die?

Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer and How?

As of now, the anime of Demon Slayer is not yet finished. Season 2 is still in the works, and the release date has to be discussed yet. The anime of the series just finished releasing their successful film Mugen Train back in 2020. There is still no confirmation whether season 2 is the last part of the anime series, or if they will show the Final Battle Arc as a movie just like Mugen Train. 

But since the manga is already over, I will discuss the chapters where the death scene was shown. Tanjiro’s death happened after the battle against Muzan in Chapter 200. As for his actual death as a result of old age, it was never revealed explicitly. 

What actually happened was by the end of Chapter 204, a time skip happened where a modern-day Japan was shown. Then by Chapter 205, it showed young members of the Kamado family going to a modern-day school, whereas one of them has a striking resemblance to Tanjiro. 

This indicates that Tanjiro was able to raise a family until he died possibly due to old age. As for its anime counterpart, I guess we all need to wait for it to be released instead. 

Tanjiro Death Scene

This emotional scene of Tanjiro does not have any animated version yet. Though if you search deep online, you will be able to see Chapter 200 being discussed, as well as a video showing pages of this chapter.

There could be fan-made animated scenes about this very emotional death scene of Tanjiro. But we might need to wait if the actual animated scene will be shown in Season 2, or in another season or film that the directors will release in the near future.