Does Tanjiro Marry in Demon Slayer? (Who and When?)

Does Tanjiro Marry in Demon Slayer? (Who and When?)

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Although Tanjiro’s primary relationship in the Demon Slayer manga and anime was with his family, more specifically his sister, his personal life is also very interesting and has fans asking questions. We know that Tanjiro does have a significant other in the Demon Slayer series but who and when does Tanjiro marry?

In Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kamado ends up marrying Kanao Tsuyuri, a fellow Demon Slayer and the adopted sister of Shinobu and Kanae Kocho. After Muzan’s defeat, Tanjiro and Kanao eventually marry and start a family, having two great-great-grandchildren by the names of Kanata Kamado and Sumihiko Kamado between them.

The rest of this article is going to further dig into the relationship between Tanjiro and Kanao. You’re going to find out more details about the nature of their relationship, as well as some details about how it had evolved before their marriage.

Does Tanjiro Marry in Demon Slayer?

When we first see Tanjiro, he is just a 15-year-old boy. But, as the plot progresses, he grows older and although we don’t see it due to the time skip, Tanjiro Kamado becomes a healthy adult with a lovely family. At some point in his life, he does end up marrying Kanao Tsuyuri, his significant other from the time they both were Demon Slayers, and they end up founding a family together.

Who Will Tanjiro Marry?

As we have stated above, Tanjiro Kamado ends up marrying Kanao Tyusuri. She is a fellow Demon Slayer and the adopted sister of Shinobu and Kanae Kocho. The two have been in love for a long time and ended up crowning their relationship with a marriage.

Does Tanjiro Love Kanao?

Well, in order to properly answer and explain this question, we think that it’s best for us to tell you about the evolution of their relationship throughout the series, which will serve as a basis for our answer.

When Kanao first saw Tanjiro during the final selection, they had no sort of interaction as she remained distant and silent at the end of the ceremony. Later in the series, when they meet again on Natagumo Mountain, Kanao enters into a physical altercation with Tanjiro as he tries to protect his sister from death and, as a result, is knocked out by Kanao.

Tanjiro telling Kanao to follow her heart 1

Tanjiro is brought to the Butterfly Estate to retrieve and sees her in the garden, he immediately recognizes her as one of the survivors of the final selection but does not recognize her as his attacker. Later, when they start training, Tanjiro finds it difficult to beat Kanao in all tasks due to her advanced abilities, but he is able to adapt and beat her.

During one of the games, the task is to splash the opponent with a strong-smelling tea, but instead of throwing him at Kanao, Tanjiro places the cup on his head to avoid splashing him, thinking he would be cruel to splash it with something so. foul-smelling. When he bids him farewell after recovering, Tanjiro encourages him to be optimistic and open his heart, and gives him a smile as he bids him farewell.

Kanao is seen holding his hands close to his chest and blushing slightly, and falls prone when Kiyo unexpectedly calls out to him from behind. It is implied in an additional chapter after the end of the Functional Recovery Training Arc that she may have had a crush on Tanjiro. As the story progresses, Kanao begins to show more emotion and determination, especially when Tanjiro is brought back to recover at the Butterfly Mansion after the battles in the Entertainment District.

Finding out that he had woken up, she drops the vase of flowers on the floor and cries, telling him that she is glad he woke up. When the other inhabitants of the mansion start bickering during her visit to Tanjiro, she tries to calm everyone down, but ends up yelling at everyone after he falls asleep again.

During the battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, Kanao remains the only conscious demon slayer and tries to keep fighting. As Muzan is about to deliver the final blow, Tanjiro momentarily immobilizes Muzan and manages to bring Kanao to safety.

Kanao beating Tanjiro in the water cup game

Realizing that he has woken up, Kanao sheds tears as she repeatedly calls out his name and he responds to her by apologizing for being late. After Tanjiro turns into a demon, Kanao cries when he sees Nezuko trying to calm his brother down.

His sympathy for the siblings leads him to once again use the final form of Breath of the Flower, Final Movement: Eyes of the Lycoris and create an opening to inject the demon-to-human cure into Tanjiro, putting his own safety in danger and showing how much she cares about them.

After Tanjiro successfully returns to his human form, she cries with happiness and is visibly relieved to see him again safe and sound as a human, the two exchanging tearful smiles as they lie opposite each other. the other. Kanao and Tanjiro would eventually marry and start a family, having between them two great-great-grandchildren named Kanata Kamado and Sumihiko Kamado.

From what we can tell you, Tanjiro definitely loves Kanao. Their relationship started off slowly, but soon deepened and the two became a true couple with real emotions for each other. So, Tanjiro definitely did love Kanao, that is out of the question, and that is what he has proven in the anime series, as their family expanded and evolved.

Now, what is also important here, as we understand, it Kanao’s personality; Tanjiro’s personality is well-known so we won’t be repeating that aspect, but in order to fully understand this, we need to say something about Kanao.

When Kanao is first introduced, she is an indecisive and calm girl due to the abuse she suffered before meeting the Kocho sisters. She became unable to make decisions on her own and suppressed her emotions as a defense mechanism. In order to help rectify this, Kanae gave her a coin to turn over to decide which path to take when she was unsure of what to do.


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For many years, Kanao continued to show little emotion or desire. Despite this, after seeing what the demons did to Aoi, Kiyo, and Shinobu’s loved ones, Kanao developed a strong hatred against demons directly out of his own will. Initially, Shinobu asked Kanao to simply cut off demon heads without thinking, as Kanao did not have a will of his own.

However, Kanao eventually developed his own desire to fight. Despite his lack of emotion or perceived desire, Kanao defied Shinobu and Kanae’s wishes and took the final selection of his own accord, which would imply that his willpower grew stronger throughout. Between Kanae’s death and the Recovery Training Arc, she recovers slightly but still relies on her room to make decisions.

She displays a somewhat mechanical response in conversations; when Tanjiro Kamado approaches her to say goodbye, she repeats “goodbye” to him when he tries to continue the conversation. However, he eventually manages to squeeze her out of her shell and she begins to make more of her own decisions. She also acquires the ability to speak unambiguously.

Kanao gradually becomes able to express her emotions and desires more openly, as seen when Tanjiro recovers from her injuries and displays relief, when she tells Shinobu that she wishes to train alongside her. and when she expresses shock and distress at Shinobu’s plan to defeat Doma.

Later, in the final battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, Kanao was shown to have completely regained the ability to properly express his emotions and make his own choices.

During the battle, Kanao shows visible feelings of anger and dread towards the Demon Ancestor as she and her fellow Demon Slayers take him on.

Even after the battle is over, she continues to show emotion, proving that she genuinely loves and cares for Tanjiro and Nezuko after watching the latter’s desperate attempts to reach out to her Demon brother, who even reached the point of sacrificing his remaining eye to inject Tanjiro with Tamayo’s humanization drug in order to save him.

When Do Tanjiro and Kanao Kiss for the First Time?

While Tanjiro and Kanao have certainly kissed, the exact moment of their first kiss was never shown. Now, this is quite usual for shonen anime series, which encourage romance between characters (especially protagonists), but they rarely show them kissing; their emotions are pretty obvious and you can see they like each other, but you don’t actually see it materialize at any point.


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When Do Tanjiro and Kanao Marry?

The exact moment of their marriage is never revealed. We know that the two of them end up marrying sometime after Muzan’s defeat and Tanjiro’s return to his normal, human form.

Since that period encompasses a lot of time, there were a lot of possibilities for Tanjiro to marry Kanao, but the exact moment was not revealed by the author, nor was the moment of the birth of their children and the expansion of their family up to the time skip.

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