Demon Slayer: Does Kanao Die? Her Fate Revealed!

Demon Slayer: Does Kanao Die? Her Fate Revealed!

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Kanao Tsuyuri was a major supporting character in Demon Slayer. A former slave, Kanao Tsuyuri, was rescued by Kanae and Shinobu, who freed her and took her in as their adopted sister. They also trained her to become a Demon Slayer, with Kanae teaching her her Flower Breathing Style. When we first meet her, Kanao is a silent character, but as the story progresses, she becomes more active and talkative in the story, becoming a major character later on in the plot. In this article, you will find out whether Kanao Tsuyuri died in Demon Slayer.

Kanao Tsuyuri had one major fight against Dōma during the final arc, whom she fought alongside Shinobu and Inosuke. Kanao survived the fight and would later have, alongside Nezuko, an important role in saving Tanjirō from Muzan’s demonic transformation. After the fights, she ended up marrying Tanjirō Kamado and starting a family with him, which means that she did not die.

The rest of this article will focus on Kanao Tsuyuri and her fate in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Kanao Tsuyuri is a very popular and beloved character in the series that profoundly influenced the story’s protagonist. Her fate is of interest to all fans, and that is why we will reveal what happened to her in this article. This article will contain some spoilers from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga, so be careful how you approach it.

Kanao’s past was a disturbing one

Kanao Tsuyuri had a disturbing and depressing past in Demon Slayer, as we discovered when her story was revealed. Namely, when we first saw her, she was an always-smiling yet completely silent and enigmatic girl living in the Butterfly Mansion. Her backstory revealed the reasons for such behavior, as we discovered that Kanao had a pretty traumatic past before we first saw her in the story.

It turned out that Kanao Tsuyuri was born into an abusive family. Their parents would beat them and even drown them for doing anything they did not like, including crying and expressing pain. It was implied that some of her siblings also died in the process, and Kanao was eventually broken psychologically, after which she was sold into slavery.


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One day, while her master was walking her, tied to a rope, the Kochō sisters saw her, and they used a trick to “steal” her and take her to the Butterfly Mansion, effectively freeing her from slavery. But only then did they observe how traumatic her past was and how broken her psyche was.

Kanao as child

And while Shinobu argued that she was useless and potentially dangerous, Kanae did not want to give up on her and cared for her for a long time until her death. She is also responsible for giving Kanao the characteristic coin, which she is later seen using with Tanjirō; the coin was a way for her to decide in a situation where she could not decide what to do. Kanae raised Kanao to be like her, which often annoyed Shinobu, although they have never really been on bad terms and were quite close.

Unfortunately for everyone, one day, several years after Kanao’s adoption, Kanae ran into Dōma, the Upper-Rank Two of the Twelve Kizuki and one of the most powerful Demons in the series. The two of them engaged in a bitter fight, which makes sense since they were on opposite sides. Kanae wanted to kill Dōma, whereas Dōma found her beautiful and wanted to devour her. We don’t actually know too many details of that fight, but knowing how powerful Dōma was, we can understand how he was able to overpower Kanae. At some point in the battle, the Flower Hashira received a fatal wound, and just as Dōma was about to devour her, the sun started coming out, so the Demon had to run away because the sun would have killed him.

Shinobu soon found her dying sister, who urged her to leave the Demon Slayer Corps and live a peaceful life with Kanao, but Shinobu urged her to describe her killer to her, which Kanae did before succumbing to her wounds. Shinobu did not listen to her sister and swore that she would avenge her, which she ultimately did, but she had to sacrifice herself in the process. Still, Dōma was killed in that battle, and Kanae’s premature death was ultimately avenged by her sister, who had help from both Inosuke Hashibara and Kanao Tsuyuri in the big fight against Dōma.

She recovered and proved her strength later on, surviving the events of Demon Slayer

After Kanae’s death, Kanao felt quite useless because she did not cry at her funeral, but everyone understood why it happened like that. In the meantime, Kanao had learned Flower Breathing from simply observing Kanae. Since she could not do healing work around the house, she decided to become a Demon Slayer and passed the Final Selection even though she did not have permission to do so. Still, when we first met her, she was silent and depended on the coin to make decisions for her. This is why she did not talk to Tanjirō initially, nor did she reply to his courting, but she did like him. She just had to find a way to express it.


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And she did. As time passed, Kanao became more and more secure, and she started using the coin less frequently. All of this culminated during the fight against Dōma, where Kanao not only showed off her skills but also her courage. Namely, After Dōma absorbed Shinobu, Kanao was left alone to face the powerful Demon. And while it seemed that Dōma would finally kill her, Inosuke jumped through the ceiling at just the right moment and used his Beast Breathing, Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting, to defend Kanao. He then noticed Doma’s rank and, in his unique way, commented how great that was and how he would definitely become a Hashira if he killed Dōma; he then asked Kanao what his title as Hashira would be.

He wonders where Shinobu is, and after Dōma tells him what happened, he, remembering Shinobu’s kindness to him, becomes very angry and promises Dōma that he will slaughter him, proceeding to attack him with his Beast Breathing, Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ Dice. Dōma comments on how bizarre Inosuke’s techniques are, as Kanao warns him to be wary of Dōma’s cold air.

Dōma tries to decapitate Inosuke with his fang, but Insouke jumps on the fan and dodges the attack. The two then proceed to exchange attacks until Inosuke uses his Beast Breathing, Ninth Fang: Extending Bendy Slash to cut Dōma’s head off, but fails and only manages to slice his eyes, which quickly regenerate. Commenting further on how bizarre he is, Dōma quickly steals Inosuke’s mask, and as the Demon Slayer yells at him to give it back, Dōma remembers him.

Kanao tells Tanjiro about the tree CH204

The battle intensifies after the Demon reveals the story of Inosuke’s mother, with Dōma creating clones of himself and Kanao telling Inosuke to hold their ground only a bit longer, knowing that Shinobu’s poison would take effect soon. And it happened. At one point during the battle, Dōma’s face began to melt, and he began to crumble. He tried to save himself using his Blood Demon Art: Rime – Water Lily Bodhisattva, but even that was in vain. Kanao initially tried to cut Dōma’s head off but could not do so; Inosuke then came up with the Beast Breathing, Sudden Throwing Strike, throwing his blades into Kanao’s to give them the necessary strength to cut through Dōma’s neck. They succeeded, and Dōma’s head finally fell down.

Later, during the decisive conflict with Muzan Kibutsuji, Kanao was revealed to have fully reclaimed her capacity for appropriate emotional expression and free will. As she and the other members of the Corps engage the Demon Progenitor in combat, Kanao exhibits overt displays of rage and despair. She doesn’t stop acting emotionally long after Muzan’s ultimate defeat, demonstrating that she genuinely cares about Tanjirō and Nezuko after witnessing the latter’s frantic attempts to connect with her Demon brother, who even went as far as giving up her remaining eye to give Tanjirō Tamayo’s medicine that turns Demons into humans to save him.


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After the main plotline, we find out that Tanjirō and Kanao eventually married and started a family, with the marriage seemingly being a very peaceful one in a time of peace without any Demons. We don’t know what happened to them, but we have seen their descendants in the epilogue, seemingly confirming their happy marriage and family. So no, Kanao Tsuyuri did not die in Demon Slayer, she eventually died of old age, but she was not a victim during the main plot, as she successfully survived the final battle against Muzan Kibutsuji and lived on to have a happy life and marriage with Tanjirō.

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