Does Vegeta Have a Brother? (& Is He Canon?)

Does Vegeta Have a Brother? (& Is He Canon?)

Dragon Ball is one of the largest and most expansive universes in the history of anime. Over the years, Akira Toriyama has significantly expanded his narrative to include numerous characters, worlds, and even universes. In that aspect, what we knew about some characters in the beginning, changed over the course of the series’ development. This, of course, includes families and similar relations. The question of this article is related to Vegeta, as we are going to tell you whether Vegeta has a brother and whether that character, if he exists, is canon.

Vegeta does indeed have a brother, a character named Tarble, whose manga debut made him a canon character. Tarble is a member of the Saiyan race and the youngest child of Vegeta III. Thus, he is the estranged, younger brother of Vegeta IV, and husband to a peculiar alien named Gure. He has not made many appearances in the canon works and is a minor character.

In the remainder of this article, we are going to tell you about Vegeta’s brother Tarble and his story from the series. Some spoilers are going to be present, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with the latest developments in the Dragon Ball series, be careful how you approach our text. For those that are, we are going to answer all the questions you might have about this topic.

Does Vegeta have a brother? Who is Tarble in Dragon Ball?

Tarble, like Vegeta, was born on Planet Vegeta. Tarble was expelled from his planet by his father, King Vegeta III, to be sent to a remote planet on the grounds that he lacked the aggression and combat skills necessary to be a Saiyan warrior, classifying Tarble as a Saiyan. lower class He lived peacefully on the planet and at some point, he meets and marries Gre.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, after blowing up Planet Vegeta, Vegeta mentions it to the surviving Saiyans. Two years after Little Boo’s defeat, Tarble, accompanied by Gre, fled to Earth to seek help from Vegeta in defeating the brother-duo Avo and Cado, former minions of Freeza. According to Tarble, they have become as powerful as their former leader and have come to terrorize their home.

Dokkan Battle Pure Saiyan Tarble 28Brotherhood Galick Gun29 card

Avo and Cado chase Tarble and Gre to Earth using Saiyan Ships. Upon landing on Earth, Tarble and Gre find Goku and his friends, whom he recognizes as a Saiyan. Vegeta reveals who Tarble is by calling him by his name, while Tarble identifies Vegeta as his brother, shocking everyone. When Goku wants to fight, Tarble checks his power with his scouter, and tells Goku that his power level is not enough to beat Avo and Cado.

Goku soon after, powers up to his Super Saiyan state, making Tarble reconsider his scouter’s ability. When asking Vegeta for his help against Avo and Cado, the others also decide to help and decide who will do it through a competition, the one who takes the longest radish from Goku’s garden will win, at the end of the competition Trunks is the winner. Gre wishes him luck as Vegeta asks who he is.

Tarble then introduces her as her wife (much to Vegeta’s surprise). Once Avo and Cado arrive, Trunks and Goten (who has charged into battle) prepare for their battle, Tarble then just watches the fierce battle. When Aka prepares her best technique, he is seen with her arms around Gre to protect her from harm and is last seen laughing at Mr. Satan with everyone else after Videl reminds him of her promise to be more humble.

Tarble and Gre subsequently left Earth to arrive through space. Vegeta’s younger brother is mentioned in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, when Goku and his friends learn that they need a sixth Saiyan for the Super Saiyan God transformation, however they found no method to communicate with him.


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Tarble is a suave and gentle Saiyan who lacks the initiative to fight and lacks the natural aggressiveness of a pureblood Saiyan. This forces his father, King Vegeta, to banish him from Planet Vegeta to a distant planet. Despite their estrangement, Tarble gets along well with his older brother Vegeta and thinks highly of him, praising him for example for his mistaken belief that it was Vegeta who defeated Frieza.

Tarble also seems to be on good terms with his sister-in-law and nephew, and he had no problem with Trunks fighting two enemies he believed were stronger than Frieza, although he did express concern for him. Trunks well-being. Tarble has a very loving relationship with his wife Gure, whom he has known since childhood, and proudly introduces her to Vegeta, who reacted with surprise to the revelation.

Is Tarble canon?

Tarble has had two major debuts in his history. The first one was in the Dragon Ball Z manga, Chapter 1, “Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!”. He also appeared in the movie Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends!. Now, Tarble has had subsequent appearances and mentions in the series, and the fact that he has debuted in the manga makes him a canon character, albeit a very minor one.

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