‘Dog Gone’ Ending Explained: Does Fielding Find His Dog, Gonker?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Dog Gome, a new Netflix family film now available on the streaming service and based on a real-life event. The film is directed by Stephen Herek, who has plenty of experience directing many family films, including the original live-action 101 Dalmatians, The Mighty Ducks, and the cult classic, Billy & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Dog Gone stars Rob Lowe, Johnny Berchtold, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Nick Peine.

The movie is one of those feel-good movies that you might want to watch if you want something to lift your spirits or if you are a general animal lover. The movie really pushes hard when trying to depict a pure relationship between a dog and his human. The movie also tries to do some character work with the human characters, but it all ends up being a bit artificial, and everything ends up sounding too much like a self-help book in the shape of a film. Nevertheless, Dog Gone is entertaining, and even if it includes sad scenes, at the end of the day, is all about making the audience feel great.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Dog Gone. Read at your own risk.

How Does Fielding End Up Adopting Gonker?

The film begins with our introduction to Fielding, a young man who is in his second year at college and just had a big breakup. Fielding has some serious self-esteem issues and these increase when he sees that his ex-girlfriend is with a guy who is way more handsome than he is. So, he goes a bit crazy for a moment and decides to adopt a dog. His best friend at college warns him against this, as having a dog requires care, discipline, and responsibility. Fielding doesn’t hear the warning and adopts a little puppy at the animal shelter.

He names the little pup Gonker, and they even have a huge welcome party for him at the college. It all points out that this is a bad decision, but it doesn’t seem like it when years go by and Gonker grows up along with Fielding. Together, they reach graduation day, and they both look like excellent friends. It could be that having Gonker around has actually helped Fielding become more responsible. However, things go down again when Fielding realizes he is the only person in his friend group who doesn’t have a job after graduation.

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Fielding’s parents and his sister come to see him graduate, but Fielding oversleeps that day and misses the ceremony. Everyone is disappointed but there is a more potent and clear issue between Fielding and his dad. Fielding feels like his father has always been disappointed in him, and that even managing to graduate from college wasn’t enough for him.

Without a job, and zero prospects for one in the future. Fielding goes back home with her parents and takes Gonker along. However, her parents are not very convinced about it. His father doesn’t like dogs and her mother has bad experiences with when little.


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Does Fielding Find His Dog, Gonker?

However, things take a fast turn, and Gonker is so lovable that he wins the hearts of his mother and father very quickly. They start treating him as if he were their dog and not only Fielding’s. The mother buys him special foods and toys, while father starts loving playing with him in the yard and even calms him during a stormy night. Fielding is happy that Gonker is adapting to his new home so well. He doesn’t even put a leash on him. However, Fielding himself is having a hard time.

Fielding feels like his father is completely disappointed in him, and now he is even embarrassed by having him as his son. Fielding receives a visit from one of his college friends, and this lifts his spirits a bit. However, when walking in the woods, his friends point out a fox, and Gonker goes after it. The problem is that he never comes back. Fielding goes home and catches up with his parents on the situation. They calm him down, but soon they start developing a plan to find Gonker.

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Fielding is overwhelmed that his parents want to find Gonker as much as he does. While his mother attends to the phone and the house, Fielding and his father go on the road, trying to find Gonker. On their way, they find multiple people, both expected and unexpected, who seem to have deep relationships with dogs, and they all want to help Fielding find Gonker. The search becomes national when even the newspapers pick up the story. It is a wonderful network of people, and it is wonderful to see.

After a lot of searching, they receive a call from a person who has seen a dog playing with his food by throwing it in the air. They go and find Gonker, but Fielding faints. Fielding has been keeping a secret, he has an ulcer and has been in pain for many months. Thankfully, the doctors managed to operate on him and save his life. The boy and his dog unite once more at the hospital, and the entire family is now united. Now they are closer than ever before.

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