Is There Any Chance We Get ‘Dorohedoro’ Season 2?


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The dark fantasy manga Dorohedoro was originally published from 2000 to 2018. A total of 23 volumes have been released, with the manga series ending with Chapter 167, “All-Star Sayonara.” The series was praised by fans and critics alike, and in 2020, it was adapted into a 12-episode anime series that covered roughly the first 40 chapters of the manga. With fans demanding more, here is what is known about a potential second season of Dorohedoro.

  • Article breakdown:
  • Dorohedoro has not been renewed for a second season officially. The manga is complete, and the first season adapted less than a third of the total number of chapters.
  • If you pair that with the fact that the first season was enormously popular, we think that Dorohedoro is a likely candidate for renewal. We just don’t have any precise information on it as of yet.

Editor’s note: As of September 28, 2023, there still haven’t been any news regarding Season 2.

Dorohedoro Season 2

Dorohedoro‘s first season aired between January 12 and March 29, 2020; the show consisted of a total of 12 episodes and an additional batch of six OVA episodes, adapting roughly the first third of the whole manga. The first season of Dorohedoro aired at a time when the manga had already been completed, which means that the producers never had to wait for new material to be written.

The first season of Dorohedoro received many positive reviews, and fans usually labeled it as very “addictive.” The animation was good, the story was very attractive for fans, and it was a very enjoyable experience overall.


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Now, since the first season adapted only around 40 chapters of the manga, there are more than 100 chapters left to adapt, which means there is a lot of material for many more seasons. So, what does this mean for the future of the show?

No one has said a thing about a potential second season of Dorohedoro, or any other form of a sequel for that matter. Dorohedoro is still a likely candidate for renewal – the show has been popular, and there is more material to adapt without a doubt – but seeing how we lack any official information, we cannot really say anything particular except that the show is a likely candidate for renewal sometime in the near future.

And what do you think? Any chances we get a Season 2 of Dorohedoro?

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