30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

It would not be exaggerating to say that there is an unlimited number of zombie anime. Still, finding one as per your desire and taste is not an easy thing to do. So, in this article, we have made a list of the best zombie anime.

In this list, you will find some well known and loved zombie anime, but also the ones you see for the first time. In any case, all the anime in this list are amazing if you are a zombie lover, so give a few of them a try.

30. Zombieland Saga

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

Zombies are scary beings that are attractive figures in most movies and anime and give you a different and thrilling story to learn about. This anime revolves around undead zombies and has an exciting zombie story that will make you wonder about zombies’ actions and characters in different anime series. 

Zombieland Saga is all about an undead female idol, Sakura Minamoto. Sakura died in a car accident. Seems like a horror zombie anime, right? Well, It would be pretty fun to watch this zombie anime. 

What would you see in this anime? You will find a group of idol zombies in this anime. There will be six other girls in the same group. Along with the six girls, you will also see a man to make the best zombie group named Franchouchou. 

Zombieland Saga has given the title of a typical zombie anime. You can watch this anime if you have no other option left for your spare time. Or else, you can move forward to look for the best ones for your entertainment. 

29. The Outcast

Outcast came with another exciting zombie story. Many shocking and turning events will definitely make you think about this zombie anime. What is the actual story behind this zombie anime?

The outcast will tell you a story of a college student (Chou Soran). Once upon a time, Chou was visiting his grandfather’s grave. There he found a group of zombies. Chou was a typical college student who wanted to have an everyday life. 

Within no time, Chou turned into a human-like zombie and started behaving like that. There came the main character of this zombie anime (Fu Hoho). Fu saved Chou’s life from zombies. 

After that, Chou started spending an everyday life with his motives. His movie was to find the history of his grandfather’s life. The anime is full of exciting twists and turns. You will find this zombie anime worth watching. 

What makes this zombie anime interesting is its plot and story. So, why not give this interesting zombie anime a chance when you choose the best zombie anime for yourself. 

28. Sankarea: Undying Love

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

Want a romantic comedy zombie anime for your enjoyment? Here, you have got your covered. After reading this informative guide on the best zombie animes, nothing would stop you from watching this zombie anime. 

Sankarea is all about a zombie love story. In this anime, a zombie teenager (Chihiro Furuya) is looking for a zombie girlfriend. Sounds full of love and romance? 

Throughout the anime, Furuya is trying to collect as many zombie-related things and items as he can. What else does this zombie anime show you? In this anime, Furuya wanted to kiss a zombie girlfriend. What happens next is interesting for you. 

Furuya made a potion that can turn humans into zombies. A girl named Rae happened to drink that potion as a result of her arguments with her father. Rae drank that potion and turned out a zombie within no time. Furuya was happy that he got his dream girl. After that, Furuya and Rae started spending their lives happily. 

This zombie anime is all about the revival and resurrection of a zombie being. You will also find romance, actions, destiny, and fun elements in this zombie anime. 

27. Seoul Station 

If you are a South Korean anime lover, this is the right choice and the right place. Seoul station is not a true depiction of a zombie anime. You will find it among the animated South Korean zombie films. Still, there are several reasons that you can give to choose this anime for your fun and spare time. 

There are many factors that will inspire you to watch this best zombie anime. Seoul station revolves around the life of three main characters (father, daughter, and boyfriend). At the start of the movie, you will see a young woman struggling with her life and survival. 

Seoul is trenched in a zombie outbreak. That young woman tried her level best to leave that place and move ahead to save her life. She did all she needed to make her secure and protected. 

Her father was trying to follow in the footsteps of her daughter. He wanted to find and save her daughter. Being an old man, it was difficult for him to find her daughter. That’s why he asked for help from her boyfriend. 

Unlike other zombie anime, the Seoul station came out with an unexpected ending. That’s where this zombie anime got its popularity. 

26. Soul Eater

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

The soul eater is another major addition to the best zombie animes. Still, there are a few concerns over the genre of this anime. The soul eater is not all about zombies. The anime will tell you about zombies that will revolve throughout the anime. On the contrary, anime is all about popular manga. 

This anime follows the Death Weapon Meister academy. There you will find a team at the death meister academy. Here, you will learn about the story of a student at the death meister academy. You will also see that the team members consist of a weapon master and a special weapon. 

What would be more devastating than having and using a weapon than the other humans? Well, this zombie anime will give you the same story. 

Here the student will use that special weapon to collect 99 evil souls. The student will consume the wicked soul and destroy a witch’s soul to turn itself into a mighty character of the zombie anime. What made the student go through all these events? 

The student did all that to please the master of his academy, Shinigami. All that events resulted in the creation of a human-like form in the anime. 

25. Zombie-Loan

This zombie anime is a bit different from other animes. Let’s find out the striking differences between this anime and the other zombie animes. 

Zombie loan is all about two zombie friends. Both the zombie friends (Chika and Shito) were trying to ensure their survival on the land. The cost of their survival was to kill other competitive zombies throughout their lives. It would be difficult for Chika and Shito to make it possible all the time. 

Zombie loan is all about paying the zombie debts in return for the lives of Chika and Shito. Both were trying to find a permanent solution to their problem. At that time, a girl named Michiru came as a blessing for them. 

Michiru has the ability to read about undead persons with the help of a ring around their necks. Chika and Shito teamed up with that adorable and capable girl. Both were using Michiru’s special powers for paying their debts to the zombie apocalypse.

Can you imagine that a girl is capable of knowing the deaths of many people? Is that girl a supernatural entity or gifted with superpowers by God?

24. Shi Xiong 

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

Let’s talk about some of the Chinese animations here. Shi Xiong is one of the best animations from China. Along with being an influential anime series, Shi Xiong got the credit of being at a good level. Let’s talk about the story of this influential zombie anime in detail. 

Shi Xiong revolves around the story of an ordinary guy (Xiao). Xiao was a resident of H-city. The story is all about the evolution of zombies. You will see that zombies will start increasing at an exponential rate. 

There was a virus in the contaminated water bodies of H-city. Xiao found that the virus was capable of turning humans into deadly and scary zombies within no time. There were serious concerns among the residents of H-city whether they would be able to control that zombie attack or give up on their very existence. 

This zombie anime also got some of the features and characteristics of Chinese culture. You will see that the virus will devastate the whole city. The anime will end with a serious and twisting scene. There would be no more humans in H-city till the end of this zombie anime series. 

23. D. Gray-Man 

D. Gray-man is a 19th-century creation by anime lovers. This anime is popular among zombie anime lovers and a fun-packed and adventurous anime for you. 

If you want to learn about demons and superstitions, then this zombie anime is for you. Superstitions and monsters still exist in our society. Sounds strange? 

D. Gray-man has made it possible to show you some of the events relating to demons. This zombie anime is all about a family who got supernatural powers from the dark matter. Noah’s family has the credit of acquiring those unusual powers that can quickly call or summon the demons. 

There is also another leading role in this zombie anime. Black Order is an organization that tried its utmost to defend humanity from the cruelty of the Noah family. There were holy artifacts in the anime. What is unique about those artifacts? Those artifacts were against the Noah family and its tactics. Perhaps, those artifacts were the last ray of hope for the whole of humanity in that difficult time. 

To put it in a nutshell, this zombie anime is a perfect combination of thrills, actions, science fiction, and adventures. 

22. Tokkou

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

Tokkou is a pure Japanese anime series. Unlike the other zombie animes, Tokkou has not achieved fame and name. The reason behind the unpopularity of this Japanese anime series is the old and conventional animations. 

With the growing age, most anime lovers want new and high-quality animations for their enjoyment. That’s where Tokkou is lagging behind the other zombie animes. 

The story of Tokkou is also not up to par. This is another limiting factor for making it a bad choice among zombie anime lovers. Let’s learn about the story of Tokkou. 

Tokkou is all about a group of cute guys and girls. All the group members found themselves stuck in the zombies. Zombies were surrounding their station. The group members were moving along with the zombies and find a way to get rid of the deadly and scary zombies.

The group found the zombies throughout their journey and cursed the zombies all the time. That thing made them believe that they can get rid of the zombies in one way or another.  

21. The Empire Of Corpses

If you are looking for a unique and interesting zombie anime plot, then this is for you. You will find this zombie anime in the best of fun and actions. You will also find an element of popularity here in this zombie anime. 

As the name suggests, The Empire Of Corpses is all about the corpses that are the results of animations and reanimations. The story is all about a famous English scientist (Victor Frankenstein). Victor got the credit of reanimating a corpse. After Victor’s death, there were serious concerns about how to reanimate a corpse. 

After some time, a new method of reanimating a corpse was discovered. Both the ways were different from each other. The latter one was not able to put the souls back into the body of the humans. This thing made it a useless method of reanimating corpses in the future. 

At that critical and difficult time, a medical student from England took the responsibility of collecting Victor’s notes. The student was trying to find out all the necessary things regarding the reanimation of corpses. That’s where the zombie anime got its name (The Empire Of Corpses). 

20. Black Butler: Book Of The Atlantic 

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

This zombie anime is not a real and true depiction of zombies. Still, many elements will make this anime the best zombie anime among other anime series. You will find thrills, dark magic, demons, and supernatural powers in this zombie anime. 

Black Butler is all about the story of a thirteen-year-old boy (Ciel). Ciel lost his family and dog in a tragedy. A cult murdered all of Ciel’s family members and his dog. What was the irony that Ciel faced at that time? Along with being the only member of his family, Ciel faced brutality and physical assault by the murderers. 

Ciel made a contract with one of the cults. Ciel wanted to take revenge on the alleged cult. Ciel got help from a powerful cult. What did the cult do to make Ciel’s revenge possible? 

The cult arranged a ceremony for summoning demons. There the cult called a demon. Now the demon made a contract with Ciel and went against the other cult members. What’s the point of making this deal between Ciel and the cult? 

Ciel will get revenge for his family and dog, and in return, the cult will get Ciel’s soul. That’s where the zombie anime came to its end. 

19. Hellsing Ultimate 

I have chosen another interesting zombie anime that will be full of action. Hellsing Ultimate is a perfect combination of zombie and monster animes. You will not only see zombies but also see monsters throughout the anime. What’s the point of Hellsing in this popular zombie animes? What does Hellsing imply?

Hellsing is a famous organization whose ultimate aims and objectives are to preserve and safeguard humanity from deadly zombies and monsters. What makes this anime exciting and suspense filed is the continuous bloodshed and actions. 

The organization banished the threats from the supernatural entities and tried to control the further escalation of the bloodshed. 

Hellsing ultimate will not only please the zombie anime lovers but will please the military fans. You will also see military actions, vampires, undead monsters, and zombies throughout the game. There is another element that will add a value-added factor to this zombie plus monster anime. You will get yourself availed of the endless fun and enjoyment of this zombie anime. 

18. Is This A Zombie?

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

The title of this zombie anime contains a question mark. Let’s leave it on you. You can watch the whole anime and then decide whether the anime is about zombies or not. 

Is this a zombie is the best anime compared with the other animes based on comedy and entertainment. This feature makes it a distinctive zombie anime among all the other animes series. 

What does the anime tell you about? This anime is all about a murdered person, Ayumu. Ayumu had to face a serious death by a tragic and serial killer. You will learn all about the revival and rebirth of Ayumu by an adorable and magical girl (Necromancer). 

Necromancer used her powers to give a revival to Ayumu’s life. During his new life, someone killed Ayumu again. That event made Ayumu and Necromancer a little more conscious about their survival and defense. There was a demon after Ayumu. Ayumu’s life was at risk. That’s why survival and defense lie at the heart of their lives. 

The anime also contains a unique element. Sarcasm had added a lot to the popularity of this zombie anime. 

17. Sunday Without God

Want something else related to supernatural powers and entities? Are you looking for a package that consists of mystery, fiction, drama, action, and scary beings? If this is the case, then I have the best option for you. 

Sunday without God is a zombie anime that has its roots in supernatural beings and powers. This anime claims that God exists. You will learn about the journey of a grave keeper (Ai) in this zombie anime. 

According to the legends, God is no more showing his blessings to the creature. It seems as if God is angry with the creature. That’s why God has left its creature at the mercy of grave keepers.

You will learn from this zombie anime that human beings are no longer able to reproduce or die in this universe. Ai wanted to save the world from that deprivation. Ai is a young protagonist with the aim to stop the devastation of humanity. 

That’s where the zombie anime got its name (Sunday without God). You will see a world where the people have no connection with God.

16. Fullmetal Alchemist

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

This zombie anime is a little different from the other zombie animes. What makes this zombie anime different from others is the plot that the anime got. What you came to know after reading and watching this amazing piece of zombie animes. 

Fullmetal Alchemist is a story that revolves around two brothers (Edward and his younger brother). Edward and his younger brother lost their mother years back. This thing was quite disturbing and unbelievable for both brothers. Their mother was suffering from severe cardiac arrest. 

Edward, along with his younger brother, tried to get back his mother to life again. Both wanted to resurrect their mother. That’s why they give a try to attempt an alchemic ritual. That move proved to be a blessing in disguise for both of them. Both the brothers lost their body parts in an attempt to resurrect their mother. 

What Edward and his younger brother got was the punishment in violation of a taboo. After that, both started traveling in search of a way out to get their body parts back. 

15. Kyouduǃ Zombie Neko

Let’s explore some more zombie animes for your fun and enjoyment. If you are looking for something new to add fun and adventure, then this zombie anime is perfect for you. 

Kyoudu Zombie Neko is one of those zombie animes that revolve around the story of a cat. Here, a cat turned into a zombie. What made this possible? What would the consequences of turning a cat into a zombie cat be? Let’s explore the answers to these questions. 

Kyoudu Zombie Neko tells you that a cat suddenly came out from the grave. That cat started wandering around the land with some aims to fulfill. During wandering around the town, that cat tried her best to make all the people of the town fall in her love. Seems strange? You must be thinking about how could a cat make people fall for her?

Along with being cute, that zombie cat girl mesmerized the hearts of many people of the town. If you want to explore and know a bit more about the ending of this zombie anime, you will need to give it a shot. This zombie anime will never make you regret choosing it as your spare time activity. 

14. Love Live

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

Love Live is another masterpiece of zombie anime creations. Zombie animes are satisfying and catering to the needs and demands of their lovers. That’s why I have come with another interesting zombie anime story for you. 

Love Live is a story that revolves around zombies and their ultimate aims. Love Live made its footholds among the best zombie animes based on supernatural powers and entities. Here, you will see that how a person suffers from the curse of a zombie apocalypse. That’s why the name (Love Live) got its place among the best zombie animes. 

13. Gungrave

With the growing age, the demands for the best and unique anime are arousing. Most zombie anime lovers are asking for special and influential stories. That’s why I am sharing this great and popular zombie anime with you. 

Gungrave is one of those zombie animes in which you will see zombies surrounding you. It’s a top anime of all time. This zombie anime will make you awe with the number of actions in it. 

The zombie anime is all about the relationship and level of friendship between two friends (Harry and Brandon). Both the friends tried their best to spend their lives happily. Along with being close friends, Harry and Brandon were living together in the same place. 

Both came to know that one day the world would be cruel. That thing made them turn their friendship into a hostile relationship. Both started betraying each other. After the death of one of those friends, the dead one tried to take revenge on the other. That’s what you will learn after watching this zombie anime. 

12. School-Liveǃ

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

I have found another famous and interesting zombie anime for you. Let’s have a look at this zombie anime. School-Liveǃ is all about a high school student (Yuku). Yuku was living in her world full of fantasies and wishes. Yuku was also a member of the school living club. 

Suddenly, there came a zombie storm that not only infected all the students but also put the lives of other humans at risk. Being the last survivor in that zombie-infected high school, Yuku tried her level best to get rid of that annihilation for the long term. 

Feels a bit dissonant? Well, as soon as Yuku came to know about the fact, there were serious measures against that zombie group. Yuku also tried to outlast that zombie apocalypse to save her fellow students. Thanks to the dismay, Yuku was the only girl that survived the zombie apocalypse. 

What would you conclude after watching this zombie anime? To say the least, you will see that it was an impossible mission that Yuku was trying to fulfill. This zombie anime turned Yuku’s dreams and blissful illusions into a terrific and unbelievable reality. 

11. Corpse Princess 

You will find this zombie anime in the best of thrills and actions. This zombie anime came with another interesting story. What you need to do is to read the story given below with full concentration. 

Corpse Princess is a story of a girl who turns into a zombie. Makina turned out to be a zombie princess. Armed with two Mac-11 SMGs, Makina did her best to kill the other corpses as well. Makina was found dead in her house. There were severe thoughts and people were blaming a mysterious organization of the undead. 

Thanks to her fate, Makina rose up from her grave as a Shikabane Hime. Now Makina wanted to take revenge on her murderers. It was difficult for Makina to make that revenge possible without any external assistance. 

That thing made Makina ask for help from the priest. Makina patched up with the priest to give a final blow to her revenge. Makina also wanted to take revenge with full power. She also wanted to get that revenge by destroying a specific group of Shikabane Hime. 

10.  Resident Evil: Degeneration/ Biohazard

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

Zombies are lovely creatures to have around you. You can’t deny the very importance of zombies. Resident Evil is the most popular zombie anime, and it is also a big hit among all the zombie animes. Nothing can deny the quality of the anime’s work put in it to make it the best zombie anime. 

Resident evil is also known as biohazards, is all about a major biohazard. The anime portrayed a school in Singapore in which a student was infected with a deadly and lethal virus (T Virus). In this zombie anime, the student infected with the T virus turned into a zombie. 

During that chaos, there were serious apprehensions and concerns throughout the city. Most of the people tried their best to close the school. Thanks to the anime story, Professor Doug came to save the children from that deadly virus at the eleventh hour. Doug was trying to stop the virus from spreading. 

The situation got accelerated and took a sharp twist. That’s where Officer Chris Redfield intervened. Perhaps, that was the only way to save the youngsters from the T virus. The officer took several measures in this regard and finally achieved some of the goals in the long run. 

9. The Untamed/ Mo Dao Zu Shi

Unlike other zombie animes, the untamed is a Chinese creation. The untamed is a well-known and adventurous Chinese zombie anime. What makes this zombie anime special is black magic stuff and the supernatural things or powers. That’s why zombie anime is still climbing its popularity charts. 

The untamed (Mo Dao Zu Shi) got much credit from the zombie anime lovers. You won’t find this zombie anime an actual zombies-based anime. Still, there are supernatural powers and the revival of the zombies in this anime. 

The zombie anime tells you the story of a Wei Wuxian. Wei died owing to some personal issues with a zombie apocalypse. There came an interesting turn in the zombie anime. The sudden appearance of Mo made it possible to get Wei back to her life. We revived her life with the underlying sacrifices made by Mo.

Will Wei make it possible to take her revenge? Will Wei find out the hidden mysteries behind her unnatural death in this zombie anime? 

8. Ghost In The Shell

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

Ghost in the shell is the 1995 creation of the anime world. This zombie anime will not tell you about zombies and their actions. You will see that this Japanese anime is not an actual zombie anime. That’s why this anime is not as much popular as it should be among the best zombie animes. 

The anime is all about a cyborg federal agent (Maj). It is the best Japanese anime in which two friends tried their level best to get access to the computerized hacking system. Both did their best in this regard. Thanks to their dismay, they lost their true identity in their mission. Now both have started finding out their original identity by forgetting about their mission and objectives. 

Will they get their identity back? Will they be able to find the reasons behind the loss of their identity? 

7. Tokyo Majin

Tokyo Majin is all about history. You will learn that history repeats itself. What part of the history will you see in this zombie anime? Let’s get to know about the exact plot and story behind this famous zombie anime. 

Tokyo Majin tracked down the history of Nintendo role-playing video games. The anime depicts the story of a high school student (Tatsuma). Tatsuma shifted himself to Magami academy that was far away from his hometown. There Tatsuma made four like-minded friends. Now the five friends started living happily. After spending some time at that academy, all the friends found themselves possessing supernatural powers. 

That thing made them worry about their condition and future. Soon an outbreak came in their hometown. All the friends decided to use their latent powers for the safety and security of their city. They actually wanted to save their city from the dark and scary forces prevailing around the whole city. 

This Japanese zombie animation has no comparison at all. You will also find it superb when compared with the other best and popular zombie animes. 

6. Ajin

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

Zombie animes are the best Japanese animations with actions, thrills, adventures, comedy, romance, and supernatural forces and powers. One such zombie anime is under discussion here. Ajin is one of the best zombie anime of its time. 

Ajin portrays the life of another person that turned into a zombie. This zombie anime is a perfect ct mixture of themes and darker twists and turns. As the name indicates, Ajin (a kind of immortal being that came with supernatural abilities) is all about creating and reviving a zombie. 

This zombie anime will show you the actual difference between a regular human and a human-turned zombie. In the end, you will learn about real humans. There will be plenty of secrets to disclose, mysteries to solve, and adventures to acquire. That’s why you will try out this zombie anime for your enjoyment. 

5. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

During the industrial revolution, there was an outbreak of a novel and deadly virus back in early times. The virus was capable of converting normal beings into zombies. What’s the worst thing about this conversion? 

That conversion was turning the hearts of normal beings into those consisting of an outer layer made out of iron. What else could you expect from that iron heart? 

This zombie anime is different from other anime series. In this anime, Kabane (monsters) tried their best to wipe out the very existence of human beings. Kabane took the role of giant Titan in this zombie anime. 

As per the name of this zombie anime, people of the iron fortress seek help from the massive structures and walls. These things proved to be the last ray of hope in their difficult times. Let’s learn about the next half story of this zombie anime where someone has taken the role of a saver. 

Ikona was a young man who invented a kind of anti-Kabane weapons and tools. Along with massive walls and structures, that anti-Kabane weapon helped the people of the iron fortress in the long run.

Will the massive wall help the people of an iron fortress to save themselves from that zombie apocalypse? Will they be able to get rid of that infected zombie disease? 

4. Calamity Of The Zombie Girl

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

Want to enter into a different zombie world? Here, I have another interesting and best anime for you. The Calamity Of The Zombie Girl got the name and fame among zombie anime lovers. 

This zombie anime is all about the life of five university students who were trying their luck by doing something extraordinary. During summer, all the five students went to the library room in their college. There they saw a mysterious stone (Stone of life). All the students snatched the stone of life. 

As soon as they did that, there came two mummified girls. Both the girls accidentally wake up in the library room. Both were looking for a way to get that stone of life back. Now there were two options. 

Either the girls will get that stone and kill those university students, or the university students will flee from that place. What would you say? Will the students be able to safeguard themselves from those mummified girls? Will the girls get back the stone of life? 

3. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack 

Do you want something unusual for your enjoyment and fun? Or looking for a way different story than the regular zombie animes? If yes, then I have got you covered here. This is a zombie anime that will surely cater to your needs and dreams. Your wish will come true by watching this fun-packed zombie anime. 

Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack needs no introduction among anime lovers. As the name indicates, this zombie anime is all about saving Tokyo from a deadly and devastating fish attack. It was a different kind of fish attack in which the sea creatures put the lives of several humans at stake. 

What happens in this anime? Zombie fishes attacked Tokyo. The most severe side of that attack was the contraction of a deadly disease. Zombie fishes attacked with a disease. After the attack, most of the humans contracted the disease. There is another astonishing thing about that fish attack. 

Zombie fishes were different from the other fishes. Zombie fishes can walk with the help of metal present in their legs. This feature made them come out of the sea and attacked the humans. 

During that attack, a girl named Kaori was looking for her lost boyfriend. That thing made her pay through the nose. 

2. Tokyo Ghoul 

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

How can you forget to mention Tokyo Ghoul to the list of best zombie animes? You won’t find any anime more suitable in terms of story, genre, and characters. Tokyo Ghoul has got much importance among all the zombie anime lovers. 

If you are still thinking about watching this anime or not, it would certainly be time-wasting for you. Tokyo Ghoul has taken the lead among all the zombie animes. Let’s learn about the story of this best zombie anime. 

Tokyo Ghoul is a kind of modern and updated version of classic and traditional zombie apocalypse stories. This anime revolves around the real-life story of a teenager named Ken Kaneki. Ken was a college student. 

Certain incidents in Ken’s life made him turn into a half-ghoul. Ken suffered from an accident and was about to die. There a ghoul helped him live again by transplanting the needed organ. 

Ken came back to his life but was not a human anymore. How would the life of Ken change after that?  

Ken became a half-ghoul who lived on human flesh. Getting worried about the new identity, Ken made his way to gain her original life back. The anime is the best one for you if you want to really enjoy drama, horror stories, and actions. 

1. Highschool Of The Dead

30 Best Zombie Anime Ranked (2021 Update)

It is one of my personal favorite zombie anime. Highschool Of The Dead is the best zombie anime and a perfect choice for all those anime lovers who want a unique anime story for themselves. Reading more will definitely urge you to grab and watch this best zombie anime in your leisure time. 

This zombie anime is all about bloodsheds, actions, dramas, and gunfights. With the emergence of novel and deadly outbreaks, the world has to face a lot of complications. 

At that time, there was an outbreak that was turning the humans into zombies. It would be totally devastating for all humanity. It was a kind of fatal pandemic. 

You will find this anime the best choice for you as it consists of exciting turns of events, popularity, and actions. Highschool of the dead is about a high school where all the students found their lives at stake. The main characters of this anime include five school students and two other characters. All tried their best to get rid of the outbreak.

Want to learn more about the whole story of this zombie anime? Well, you will need to watch it to fulfill your desire.

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