Dwayne Johnson Says His Black Adam Could Kill Superman

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Superman V Black Adam? Wow, even a slight thought about that standoff sounds epic, but at the end, only one would remain standing, and the question is, who? Well, Dwayne Johnson offered us the answer.

The first look at the upcoming DC movie Black Adam, starring Johnson in a titular role, was revealed at the DC FanDome last weekend. The first look served its purpose, it got the fans extremely excited, and now we all (im)patiently wait for the next summer when the movie will debut in theaters.

But, the first look wasn’t enough for Johnson, who usually likes to tease fans on social media with new information or some bold statements like this newest one is:

We’re pretty sure this caused a huge debate in the replies. Whose side are you on? Team Black Adam or Team Superman?

Black Adam movie is officially placed in the DCEU universe, where Superman was played by Henry Cavill. But it’s been years since Cavill wore the cape. Although fans desperately want him back as the Man of Steel, there’s no legit info if he’s ever gonna return. There were some theories that Cavill might appear in Black Adam, but nothing more than that.

Black Adam will be released on July 29, 2022.

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