Black Adam Vs. Hawkman: Who Would Win and Why?

black adam vs hawkman

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam movie is finally hitting the big screen in 2022, introducing the anti-hero to the DC Cinematic Universe. We know Aldis Hodge will play Carter Hall, meaning we’ll probably see a Black Adam and Hawkman collision. So, who would win that fight if the characters were based on their comic book origins, powers, and abilities?

Both Black Adam and Hawkman have perks they could use to defeat one another, but Black Adam is ever so slightly stronger. His Shazam powers give him superhuman strength, speed, courage, and wisdom that Hawkman can’t match.

Hawkman has plenty of versions, but he’s most commonly portrayed as only slightly physically stronger than human strength. Still, with his Nth metal equipment and endless reincarnation, he’s just as invincible as Adam. Even if he dies battling Adam, he will reincarnate again. Without further ado, let’s compare the characters to get a better picture.

Black Adam and His Powers

Black Adam is a DC Comics character first appearing in Fawcett Comics (later bought by DC Comics) in 1945, in The Marvel Family #1. His original form was Teth-Adam, an ancient Egyptian who inherited the powers of a wizard named Shazam.

The word Shazam is an abbreviation: S – The Stamina of Shu, H – The Swiftness of Horus, A – The Strength of Amon, Z – The Wisdom of Zehuti, A – The Power of Aton, and M – The Courage of Mehen. When Teth-Adam says Shazam, he turns into Mighty Adam, a hero doing great deeds for Egypt.

However, he soon becomes corrupted with his power and decides to take over Egypt, killing the pharaoh. In another version, he was bewitched to do so by a woman, later revealed to be Shazam’s evil daughter, Blaze. Later, he had been a villain in numerous comics, but he became more of an anti-hero, trying to clear his name.

The Stamina of Shu

As portrayed in the comics, the initial origins suggested that Shazam gives Black Adam the ability to draw powers from Greco-Roman deities, but later, it was turned to be ancient Egyptian ones. One of Black Adam’s powers lies in The Stamina of Shu.

He doesn’t get tired, meaning his longevity is virtually endless. He can go toe to toe with and DC heroes, including Hawkman and even Superman.

The Swiftness of Horus

Horus is a falcon-headed god that ruled over the entire Egypt. When he speaks Shazam’s name, Adam gains his swiftness and the ability to fly. His superhuman speed allowed him to get back to Earth after being banished to the furthest star. It did take him nearly 5000 years, but he got there.

The Strength of Amon

The strength of Amon gives Black Adam superhuman physical power. It also gives him invulnerability, meaning almost no weapon can harm him. He is also very capable of defending against magic.

The Wisdom of Zehuti

Black Adam’s power doesn’t end with physical dominance. He has the wisdom of Thoth, an ancient Egyptian god, meaning he has a genius-level intellect and never rushes into traps but rather thinks things through.

The Power of Aton

For a while, Aton was the central deity in ancient Egyptian religion. Black Adam can control magical thunder and lightning when summoning his power, much like DC’s Captain Marvel.

The Courage of Mehen

Finally, what sets Black Adam apart is his mentality. He has The Courage of Mehen, giving him incredible fearlessness, focus, and very high hand-to-hand combat skills.

When in full power, Black Adam is simply unbeatable. The only way he can be defeated (as he is in the first number he had appeared in) is to trick him into saying Shazam again, turning him back into human form. Still, after he was resurrected in the comics almost 30 years later, he had been one of the strongest characters in the universe.

Hawkman and His Powers


Hawkman’s first appearance came in 1940, in Flash Comics #1, where he appeared as Carter Hall, an archaeologist turning into a reincarnation of an Egyptian prince, Khufu. His origin story got much more complicated when he was introduced as Katar Hol in The Brave and the Bold #34 in 1961. Hol is an alien from Thanagar, and it’s uncertain how Carter and Katar are connected.

Nevertheless, his powers did change somewhat depending on the version (there are at least five), but some key features always stay the same. Let’s see what the Hawkman can do.

The Use of Nth Metal

Nth Metal (ninth metal) is a supernatural material that the Hawkman possesses and uses its powers. His harness and belt are made of the Nth Mater, giving him all kinds of powers such as flight (defying gravity), superhuman strength, vision, speed, and healing.

He can heal his wounds at incredible speeds, and he can control the temperature. He does all that by mentally controlling his harness, virtually bending the Nth Metal powers to his will.


As I said, most Hawkman powers come from the Nth Metal, and one of those abilities is reincarnation. He comes back from the dead numerous times. In his origins, he was first an Egyptian prince named Khufu. 

After his and his soulmate’s demise, he gets reincarnated as Carter Hall. Later, he becomes Katar Hol and many other identities over time, always remembering everything from his past lives.

Although his personality changes depending on the identity he possesses, his Hawkman personality always stays the same – strong-willed, tempered, and determined.

Weapons Expertise

Hawkman is known for his Nth Metal-enhanced mace, but he is an expert with numerous weapons. We’ve seen him wield a sword, a shield, spears, and much more.

Due to his ancient origins, it’s clear that he likes using traditional weaponry more instead of modern arms, but he uses them incredibly proficiently.

Eyesight & Intellect

Without the Nth Metal, Hawkman isn’t nearly as strong as he is when he has it. Still, one thing that remains even if he doesn’t have his gear is his superior intellect. He is a brilliant strategist and knows how to be a leader. Carter Hall’s background as an archaeologist also gives him immense knowledge in history. It is said he is up to par with Batman in terms of intelligence.

There’s one more reason why he’s called the Hawkman. He has remarkable eyesight, just like a Hawk, enabling him to see danger from miles away. He’s also capable of communicating with birds.

Black Adam Vs. Hawkman: Who Would Win?

So, now that we know the background and abilities of both characters, who would win in a fight?

Although later versions of Hawkman are even more formidable (as he learns to create a full-body armor out of Nth Metal at will, I don’t believe he could compete with Black Adam – at least not to death. Although he is incredibly strong, Adam would simply outlast him, provided that he stays in Black Adam form.

They actually collided in the comics once: in Hawkman #25, they go head-to-head, although it wasn’t really a one-on-one battle. Hawkman bangs up Black Adam with his mace, and although he manages to hurt him slightly, it’s nowhere near killing or defeating him.

Therefore, while it would be a long, hard battle, Black Adam would eventually emerge victoriously. I expect a similar scenario in the Black Adam movie if the two characters collide, but we shouldn’t rush to conclusions. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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