‘Enola Holmes 2’ Ending, Explained: Where Is Sarah Chapman?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Enola Holmes 2, the newest Netflix film arriving this week. The first film was a huge success for the streaming service, and it allowed Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill to put another pin on their success chart. The second film feels smaller but equally clever, and it still has that feminist vein that will, of course, accompany the character and her adventures wherever she goes. However, her feminist message is never at the expense of men.

The newest entry in the series takes a real-life event and mixes it up with the fictional characters of Enola, Holmes, and even Moriarty, all of whom are fan favorites. Sherlock has an even more pronounced presence in this film than in the first one, and the film seems to be setting up an entire spin-off just focused on Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes. Which would be amazing, but now that he has abandoned The Witcher, it is uncertain if Netflix will bring him back for an entire spin-off with him as the main character.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Enola Holmes 2. Read at your own risk.

Where Is Sarah Chapman?

The film begins by presenting us with our main character, Enola Holmes. Enola has been riding on the confidence that helped her solve her first case, in the first movie. She immediately opened up her own detective agency, and she prepared herself to get to work and become famous, just like her brothers. However, it seems that Victorian England isn’t quite ready for a woman detective, especially one as young as Enola. She doesn’t receive any clients, and she is forced to close her agency soon after opening it.

Right at the perfect moment, Enola receives the visit of Bessie, a young girl who works in a match-making factory. Bessie is looking for her older sister, Sarah Chapman. She has been missing for a couple of days, and no one really knows where she is. Bessie says Sarah works two jobs. Enola accepts the case and goes to the factory to see how the girls work. There seems to be a typhus pandemic in the area, and many girls have gotten sick or are dead because of it.

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Enola discovers that Sarah stole information from the books inside the factory. She also meets a girl, Mae, who knows about Sarah but doesn’t want to reveal anything. Enola follows the clues to an apartment, where she finds Mae stabbed to death. Right at that moment, Lestrade appears accompanied by a policeman named Superintendent Grail. Grail accuses Enola of Mae’s death. She tries to escape but fails, and she is sent to jail. Meanwhile, Sherlock, who is also solving his own case, gets the news and calls for his mother’s help to release her sister from jail.

Sherlock has been chasing some missing money from the Treasury and shared his findings with Enola, who also shared her findings with him about her own case. Sherlock follows the clues and believes now that Grail is involved somehow. It seems that both cases are linked. Enola goes to jail, but she is helped by her mother, and they escape. Her mother tells her that while she is sufficient, she needs to open up to have allies. Enola thinks about this and allows herself to ask for help from Tewkesbury, who had offered his help before. They express their feelings for each other.

Who Is Behind The Missing Money?

Enola realizes that Sarah Chapman is actually a girl that she met before during a ball. There, she thought that the woman was only trying to talk to Tewkesbury because she liked him. When in fact she was trying to get to Tewkesbury because she needed help. Tewkesbury is a Lord and has a voice in the House of Commons, where the laws are made. Enola realizes that Sarah, Mae, and Sarah’s boyfriend William, the son of the match-making factory’s owner, ran experiments and discovered that the materials the factory uses to make the matches are poisonous.

The typhus outbreak is just a cover. It is revealed that the girls are dying because with those materials, the factory is saving money, and it would be a scandal if people find out. Grail was hired by whoever is stealing the money from the Treasury and was trying to extinguish the plot against the factory. William is found dead, but he gathered the evidence to put Lord, McIntyre, the person who is profiting from all this misery, behind bars.

The movie ends with a climax in the theater where Sarah worked. There, she finds out that William is dead, and they battle against Grail and his men. Grail gets killed when he falls from the top of the stage. Sherlock reveals that the mastermind behind this entire scheme is none other than the secretary of McIntyre, whose real name is Moriarty. Moriarty gets arrested, and McIntyre burns the evidence that could get him to jail in front of everyone.

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The next day, Bessie, Sarah, and Enola go back to the factory and convince the rest of the women to go on strike. They won’t be sacrificing their lives to make people rich. McIntyre is arrested by Lestrade on the charges of conspiracy and the burning of the evidence. The movie ends as Enola accepts that she must help the people on the ground while Sherlock goes for the big clients. She tells her brother that, like her, he should find allies, and that he needs a friend. Enola and Tewkesbury get together as a couple at last.

In a post-credit scene, someone knocks on Sherlock’s door. Sherlock opens the door, and the man says he saw on a sign that he was looking for a flatmate and this was the direction. Sherlock realizes that Enola has found him a flatmate and accepts to let the man enter. The name of the man is John Watson.

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