Escape from Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide

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So, your inventory is full, and you have successfully avoided Scavs and other players. You have plenty of time to exit the map when suddenly you hear somebody rustling through the foliage. Instant panic grips you since you’re not sure which extraction point is closest to you.

I’m confident you did find yourself in this situation once or twice while playing Escape From Tarkov. Playing This incredibly realistic Action FPS can sometimes be accompanied by episodes of rapid heart rate. Luckily, you don’t have to wander aimlessly anymore. Since we’ve decided to sit down and write down the key stash, loot, and extraction points you should take advantage of.

Interchange map – main points of interest

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide
Interchange map

The main focus of the map is the Shopping Mall with multiple stores present (IDEA, OLI, Goshan). Plenty of loot is available if you can avoid (or take down) a multitude of Scav spawn points and their main boss Killa. Killa is a difficult encounter that you are best to avoid if possible. He has multiple spawn points on the map, usually near places that are of interest to you.

Extraction points & stashes

We’ve already mentioned 6 extraction points you can come across on the Interchange map.  With only two being uncomplicated and straightforward, Emercon Checkpoint and Railway Exfil.  It’s worth mentioning that Railway Exfil is the safer choice of the two since Emercon is in the middle of two spawn points.

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide
Shopping Mall extraction points – Source
Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide
Safe Room extraction point – Source
Emercom CheckpointAlways availableAll Factions
Hole in the fenceAlways available  (but you need to leave your backpack behind)PMC Faction
Power Station V-ExSingle-use (costs 5 000 rubles per player)PMC Faction
Railway ExfilAlways AvailableAll Factions
Saferoom ExfilAlways Available  (#11SR keycard needed)PMC Faction
Scav Camp (Co-Op)Always Available (Scav and PMC need to be present)All Factions

When it comes to Stashes, there are 19 stash spawn points that can be found across the exterior of the map. Stashes can contain good loot, but it’s not a guarantee every time. Sometimes stashes can appear in form of a blue barrel, and sometimes like a wooden box covered with foliage. You can check this guide out for easy low-risk stash runs.

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide
Stash map – Source


Idea is based on real-world Furniture Store „Ikea“. You can find plenty of Loot here. But there’s a catch, Idea has an open layout which makes ganking easier so stick to the shadows and use most of your surroundings to your advantage to remain hidden. You can find  Mostly Loose loot, Figurine spawns, cash registers, tool boxes, and money.  One important point of interest are Idea front offices that feature PC blocks, decent graphics card spawn rate, and decent flash drive spawn rate.  Beware of two Scav spawn Points and 1 Killa Spawn Point

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide
Idea points of interest – Source


Another store that has its real-world equivalent. Goshan Store is the main source of provisions, loose loot, and cash. Similar to Idea, Goshan also has offices with PC blocks and is a good source of Graphics cards. One more thing that Goshan and Idea share are open spacious floor plans, it’s best to use your surroundings like shelves & crates to avoid being seen. This area of the map has one Scav spawn point and 1 Killa Spawn point.

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide
Goshan points of interest – Source


The best source of hardware, industrial, and building materials. OLI likewise has the largest amount of PC block Spawns but has the fewest amount of cash register spawns. Use plenty of shelves to your advantage. Similar to Goshan it has only one Scav spawn point and One Killa spawn point.

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide
OLI points of interest source


What Is Considered a Good K/D Ratio?

Shopping Center Main Floor

Use various stores to navigate to the loot you need. Meds can be found in pharmacies, Jackets can be found in various clothing stores, etc. You might want to stop by Kiba the Weapons shop so prepare yourself accordingly. Two keys are needed (one quest related and one that can be looted from the parking area b under the mall itself). Entering the Kiba will sound the alarm which you will need to disable. Kiba is an invaluable source of weapon mods.  Like with other stores, use the surrounding store equipment to your advantage to stay hidden.  The Main Floor has one Scav spawn point and one Killa spawn point.

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide
Main Floor points of interest- source


Use Garage to your advantage. Garages encompass the whole complex and you can use them as an easy way in or out of the specific stores. They have numerous exits in form of torn-down ceilings and escalators so you can use those to your advantage to avoid being spotted around main hallways. You can use the garage to access every store mentioned in this guide. The only disadvantage is that it’s incredibly easy to get disoriented down there since it’s dark and underground. Use the darkness as a defense to avoid being spotted. Beware of Scavs, there are a lot of them down there.

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Stash & Extracts guide
Parking garage spawn points – source


There are plenty of stashes & loot to be found on the Interchange map. The most important thing is to use hidden garage passages to your advantage for reaching the specific loot you need easily. Use your surroundings to your advantage and keep away from the Scav spawn points if possible. You need keys for most of the cash registers in the stores, so if you don’t have them opt for the loose laying cash around instead of losing time searching for the keys. There are plenty of extraction points With only 2 being uncomplicated and easily accessible. Don’t be a sitting duck on the main open floors, and most importantly, don’t make too much noise and don’t take too long to organize your inventory.

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