Eternals: What Happened To Ikaris At The End?

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We’ve lost count on how many articles we wrote about the newest MCU installment, but there’s always something new to find out, especially now when the movie is officially playing in theaters.


Eternals ended on quite a note. The group consisted of 10 members at the beginning, and at the end – three of them are dead, three of them were taken who knows where by Arishem, three of them are on their ship Domo, and one left the group to live a normal life. Salma Hayek’s Ajak was the first member of the group that was killed off and her death was one of the jump points of the movie. But Hayek recently confirmed that she signed on for more MCU projects in the future, so it’s safe to say we’ll see Ajak again.

But what about the other two deceased members? One of them is Don Lee’s Gilgamesh and presumably Richard Madden’s Ikaris. We repeat, presumably. We saw in the movie that Ikaris flew off to the sun after apologizing to Sersi, and that’s the last we saw of him. So, what happened to him, and what’s next for him? According to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom page, Ikaris flew headfirst the to sun to commit suicide. So, he’s dead, at least for now.

At the end of the post-credits scene, it was officially announced that Eternals will return. But, we don’t know how and when. Marvel still remains silent about the possible sequel or any Eternal possibly guest starring in some other MCU project. Also, saying that Eternals will return doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them will be back. Salma Hayek confirmed that Ajak will reappear in MCU, but what about Ikaris?

There’s definitely a chance that we’ll see Madden as MCU’s Superman again. What’s interesting, even in comic books, Eternals managed to cheat death. Also, it’s quite possible that Madden will return as a resurrected Ikaris, without the memories of the one we watched in the movie now. But for now, we won’t be wrong if we pronounce Ikars as deceased, at least for now.

Typical for MCU, the possibilities are endless. Unlike Hayek, Madden didn’t confirm yet if he’ll be back in MCU, but if Eternals will return, and we know they will, we just need to wait to see what Marvel Studios planned for every single Eternal, including Ikaris.

Eternals, the 26th MCU movie, is now in theaters.

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