Eternals: What Happened To Sprite At The End?

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Marvel’s Eternals, the newest, 26th movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was released 10 days ago. The movie finished on quite a note, not only setting up the future for Eternals as characters but for the whole MCU in general.

The movie kicked off with ten main characters. At the end of the movie; 3 members of the group are dead, 3 of them are who knows where with Arishem, 3 of them are on their ship Domo, and one left the group to give normal life a shot. That character, Lia McHugh’s Sprite, decided to move on from her life as Eternal because she didn’t like the fact that she’s seven thousand years old, but still looks like a child.

After the final battle, Gemma Chan’s Sersi used her powers to turn Sprite into a human, who will grow old and eventually die, just like any other human. But one question was left unanswered – what about her powers. Each Eternal has a different ability, and Sprite’s were creating illusions, mirages, and hiding in plain sight.

The only thing we learned about Sprite after she became human is that now she needs to go to school. But, her powers are apparently sayonara, as co-writer Kaz Firpo stated in an interview for The Direct:

“As far as we’ve always considered it, what makes an Eternal an Eternal is that ability to draw on Celestial energy, and essentially what Sersi has done is remove that ability. She’s taken that generator out of her. So now she is just, as far as we know, a mortal who will age and grow, and live as one of us truly, and doesn’t have that magical ability. Doesn’t have those illusions that can make her live a different life. So as far as we’re concerned, she’s flesh and blood.”

The end of the post-credit scene of the movie confirmed that Eternals will return, but it didn’t specify which ones. Sprite might be one of those that will not return because her path seemingly ended in the first movie. We don’t know what is Marvel planning behind their walls.

Eternals is now playing in theaters.

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