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Lost Ark features quite a spread of unique and fascinating classes, all of which come with their own special abilities and traits, in addition to various benefits and disadvantages. Creating your character will be crucial to your overall Lost Ark experience, and while you can choose from this game’s vast class and advanced class selection, choosing your chraracter’s gender isn’t so easy.

The Warrior main class is restricted to male characters, while the Mage and Assassin main classes are restricted to female characters. The Martial Artist and Gunner main classes feature a combination of male and female advanced classes. Players cannot change their gender while remaining in the same advanced class, but they may be able to switch to another gendered advanced class depending in the chosen main class.

Although there are a few classes that are not gender locked, most of Lost Ark‘s classes are restricted to a specific gender. All advanced classes are gender locked, but players may have some freedom of choice depending on certain aspects and preferences. Stick around to find out about each of the locked gender classes in Lost Ark, and if you’ll be able to change your character’s gender.

Why Are Classes Gender Lock In Lost Ark?

Playing with gender locked classes can be quite frustrating for players who have preferences concerning their appearance and gender in-game. Many Lost Ark players have felt that, apart from the annoyance of being forced to pick between the perfectly-matched main or advanced class and one’s preferred character gender, the overall design seemed rather archaic.

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It’s worth noting that the Western release of Lost Ark does lack a few classes that were included in the original South Korean version, so we may see some ‘new’ additions over time. Lost Ark’s game developers have revealed that they are working on the creation of more counterparts for classes that are still gender locked in the future.

According to their update statement made on December 2nd, 2021:

From the earliest days of Lost Ark’s announcement in the West, we heard players’ feedback about gender locked classes loud and clear. While not every class in the game currently has a male and female counterpart available, we wanted to be sure to include those that do early on. In the future, Smilegate RPG will be creating more counterparts for classes that are still gender locked, and we will bring these to Arkesia in time.

Lost Ark Gender Locked Classes

There are 5 main classes and 15 advanced classes in Lost Ark. Most of the main classes are completely gender locked, but there are a few exceptions. Players can choose a main class when starting out, and will be able to choose an advanced class when they reach level 10.

Lost Ark Male Characters Only

Most main classes feature a blend of male and female advanced classes, but the Warrior class is restricted to males only. The Warrior main class flaunts some buff and powerful advanced classes, and will be great if you’re set on having a male character in Lost Ark.

Warrior (Melee Main Class)

Warriors or considered to be the powerhouse of Arkesia, loaded with brute strength and armor to match. While they may not be as swift, nimble, or agile as other classes, they are great for situations where you and your teamates need high damage topped with high defense.

lost ark warriors

Each of the Warrior classes afford special advantages and disadvantages, but all of them are fantastic for holding the line. The Warror main class features only male advanced classes, so you won’t have any choice between character genders when choosing this class. Warrior male characters are as follows:

  • Berserker – Advanced Class, Level 10
  • Paladin – Advanced Class, Level 10
  • Gunlancer – Advanced Class, Level 10

Lost Ark Female Characters Only

There are two main classes in Lost Ark that are completely restricted to female characters only. These classes are undeniably epic, and would be a great choice if you’re set on having a female character throughout your gaming experience.

Mage (Ranged Main Class)

The Mage class is an absolute classic, and has been loved by countless MMORPG fans for ages. They flaunt a seemingly endless list of amazing traits and special magical abilities. Mages can perform well in any team, as these heroes can tap into the magic of Arkesia to support allies, heal fallen teammates, or even cast lethal spells upon evil forces.

lost ark mages

Bard is near full support, while the Sorceress is ideal if you really want to get into the action of battle. Mages are mystical yet powerful, offering a ton of nifty benefits and awesome powers. All of the mage options are restricted to female characters, and advanced classes are as follows:

  • Bard – Advanced Class, Level 10
  • Sorceress – Advanced Class, Level 10

Assassin (Melee Main Class)

Assassin classes are another classic, although this class is relatively new compared to Mage or Warrior. Still, Assassins have been at the top of fellow fans’ favorites list for many years, boasting a wide variety of incredible skills and unique attributes. They are hard to take down, as they can easily manipulate any chance they get in battle and completely demolish foes in the blink of an eye.

lost ark assassins

Lost Ark‘s Assassins use their demonic energy and dark powers for good motives, unleashing dizzying flurries of colorful yet deadly attacks upon evil enemies. Assassins are sneaky, sly, and tactical attackers, including only female characters. The Assassin advanced classes are as follows:

  • Shadowhunter – Advanced Class, Level 10
  • Deathblade – Advanced Class, Level 10

Lost Ark Male and Female Classes

While The Warrior Class is restricted to males, and the Mage and Assassin classes are restricted to females, Lost Ark’s remaining two main classes feature a selection between male and female advanced classes. These main classes would be a great choice if you’re unsure which gender you’d like to make your character, as you will be able to choose between their gender locked advanced classes once you reach level 10.

Martial Artist (Melee Main Class)

Martial Artists offer a great balance between speed and damage. They are fast, nimble, and agile in each of their modes, dealing high DPS with swift and hard hits. This main class is great for rush attacks, as they pounce their unaware enemies with lethal combo moves at breakneck speeds.

lost ark martial

The Martial Artist main class only features one male advanced class, and the rest are female. So, you’ll be able to choose a male or female advanced class after reaching level10. The Martial Artist male and female characters are as follows:

  • Striker (Male) – Advanced Class, Level 10
  • Wardancer (Female) – Advanced Class, Level 10
  • Scrapper (Female) – Advanced Class, Level 10
  • Soulfist (Female) – Advanced Class, Level 10

Gunner (Ranged Main Class)

Although wielding classic weapons and gear is undoubtedly enjoyable, many players just love the idea of spraying custom bullets or arrows into scurrying swarms of bad guys. The Gunner class is an excellent choice for any gamers who love modern weaponry and technical styles, as this main class may demand a slightly more strategic playstyle.

lost ark gunners

They deal high damage with hard and fast-hitting range attacks, whether they yield trusty bows and arrows or uniquely tailored high-tech weapons. The Gunner main class features a blend between male and female options, offering three male advanced classes and one female advanced class for players. The Gunner advanced classes are as follows:

  • Artillerist (Male) – Advanced Class, Level 10.
  • Deadeye (Male) – Advanced Class, Level 10.
  • Sharpshooter (Male) – Advanced Class, Level 10
  • Gunslinger (Female) – Advanced Class, Level 10

Which Classes Are Not Gender Locked In Lost Ark?

There are only two Lost Ark classes that are not gender locked, namely the Martial Artist and Gunner classes. Players will be able to create either a male or female character when choosing these classes.

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However, things may change once players reach level 10 and are able to select from the set of each main class’s advanced classes. Both the Martial Artist and Gunner classes have gender locked advanced classes.

Can You Change Your Class Gender In Lost Ark?

Players cannot change their character’s gender in Lost Ark, for now at least. Players can only choose to switch to another gendered advanced class – possibly within the same main class, depending on your chosen class.

While there is the choice between male and female characters within the Martial Artist and Gunner main classes, players still feel that this is too limiting. Perhaps you wanted the feel and skills of a Striker as a female, or wanted to whip out some awesome weaponry as a male Gunslinger – which, simply isn’t possible.

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In Lost Ark, having to switch to another advanced class for the sake of a preferred gender may still have pros and cons. While you may be more pleased with your character’s overall look, you may not be able to benefit from your preferred advanced class’s abilities and traits.

Although it is certainly frustrating to choose between your most-liked class and your preferred in-game character gender, it’s just something that Lost Ark players will have to deal with for the time being. Hopefully, the Lost Ark game devs will allow more flexibility concerning class genders in the future.

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