Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Minecraft is a world in which different types of people live and interact with each other. Various villagers take different jobs to earn a livelihood and to survive in Minecraft. These villagers have a family to feed, and they have to fulfill the other necessities of their family members. That’s why they get a job in Minecraft. But what are those jobs, and what kind of items do the villagers trade, in Minecraft? Let’s find out. 

There are a total of fifteen professions that a Minecraft villager can choose from. These jobs include Armorer, Butcher, Cartographer, Cleric, Farmer, Fisherman, Fletcher, Leatherworker, Librarian, Masons, Shepherd, Toolsmith, Weaponsmith, Nitwit, and Unemployed. Besides Nitwits and Unemployed, all the other jobs are the primary professions.

A player can see hundreds of villagers wandering around the Minecraft world. Villagers offer you the trade of different items in Minecraft. You can find your respective trade block to get your desired items in Minecraft. First, you need to know everything about the villagers’ jobs in Minecraft. This will prove to be a comprehensive guide for you. This article consists of all of the possible jobs for a Minecraft villager. 

Minecraft Villager Jobs 2021

Minecraft is a fantastic world to explore for a villager. There are a total of fifteen jobs in Minecraft that a villager can take. Each job has different and unique job sites, job blocks, characteristics, and defining features. Here, I will explain all of the fifteen jobs with their attributes in detail. If you want to learn about them, you need to go ahead. Let’s take a closer look at all of the jobs mentioned above.

1. Armorer 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Do you want to get the best armor tools to battle with your enemies? Or want to get enchanted diamond armor for your Minecraft gameplay? Well, no worries. You have this fantastic villager job to sort out your problems. It is one of the main jobs in Minecraft that a villager can take on. There are different job site blocks for various villagers’ professions. Armorer needs a blast furnace as a job site block in Minecraft. The important things about this job include:

  • Minecraft Armorer needs a blast furnace to work on. 
  • Armorer offers you armor to Minecraft players. 
  • They also sell iron and chains in Minecraft. 
  • You can also get enchanted diamond armor from these villagers. 
  • Minecraft Armorer trades emeralds for trivial things such as iron ingots, coal, etc.
  • You may want to add the valuable items mentioned above to its inventory. That’s why you will have to find a Minecraft Armorer for your world. 

2. Butcher 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Minecraft players can trade with villagers using emerald as the sole currency. Minecraft butchers are those villagers from those you can purchase meat and other meat-related items. The other essential things that you need to know about this job include:

  • They need a smoker as a job site block to work on in Minecraft. 
  • A player can get cooked meat and emeralds from Minecraft butchers. 
  • It is a source of easy profit for a Minecraft player. 
  • Butchers usually purchase raw meat for trade. 
  • Save your time from cooking meat food items in Minecraft. 
  • It is one of the desirable jobs because there are many chances for a villager to grow. A villager can turn himself into a goldmine by hunting as many animals as a villager can hunt. 
  • A villager can also keep a livestock farm to gain maximum profit in this profession.

3. Cartographer 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Are you looking for the best platform to explore Minecraft’s world? Here you have this villager job in Minecraft. You can explore this fantastic Minecraft world by trading with a Minecraft cartographer. A villager can be a cartographer in Minecraft depending upon its services to Minecraft players. Other essential characteristics of this villager job include:

  • Cartographer villagers can sell an ocean explorer map for 13 emeralds and a woodland map for 14 emeralds.
  • The block that makes a villager a cartographer is a cartography table in Minecraft. 
  • You can easily visit and find your interesting places in Minecraft by using the cartography table. 
  • You can even make an existing map larger by using the cartography table. 
  • You can also copy your maps, keep track of where you are, and get a new set of shops, such as an exploration map. 
  • Cartographers also offer you maps, banners, compasses, and patterns for your maps. 

4. Cleric 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

A cleric is a wonderful job to take in Minecraft. A villager can become a Minecraft Cleric to meet the necessities of life. You can get many extra handy materials with this villager job. Villagers take on this job to make maximum money for their Minecraft life. All you need to know about Cleric in Minecraft include:

  • Minecraft Clerics trade ender peals, Redstone, glow stones, and many other things.
  • You can also get many enchantments and useful potions to make yourself strong in front of your enemies.
  • The block that makes a villager a Cleric is a brewing stand or a brewing table in Minecraft.
  • They also offer you many magical items for your Minecraft gameplay. You will be able to purchase many enchanting bottles or bottles of potion from Minecraft clerics.
  • You can trade for these items by using emeralds as a currency in Minecraft.

5. Farmer 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Are you finding a way out to earn a sustainable economy? You can achieve your goals by finding farmer villagers in Minecraft. You need to provide them with a suitable job site block. The other things of prime importance about Minecraft farmer villagers are as follows:

  • Farmers usually trade food and crops. 
  • You will be able to get advanced food items from farmer villagers in Minecraft. 
  • They also sell the brewing ingredients to you. 
  • The block that makes a villager a farmer is a composter in Minecraft. 
  • Farmers help a player build a sustainable community and a strong economy for its gameplay. 
  • You can also get food items from farmers when you are running short of food supplies.  
  • You will be able to purchase emeralds in exchange for everyday fibrous food items. 
  • They are the readily available source of money generation and increasing profit. 

6. Fisherman

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Are you looking for a place from where you can buy your desired seafood items? Minecraft fisherman villagers serve this purpose. You can also buy your favorite fish for your meal from them. Let’s learn more about them in detail.

  • The block that makes a villager a fisherman is a Barrel in Minecraft. 
  • As the name indicates, fisherman villagers will offer you seafood. 
  • You will get a chance to purchase fish along with the enchanted fishing rod. 
  • Fisherman villagers usually trade fish and other campfires in Minecraft.
  • If you have emeralds, then you can easily buy the food items mentioned above. 
  • Fishers can also catch raw cod along with the fish. These raw cod will help them to increase their trade. They can trade these cod for valuable emeralds in Minecraft gameplay. 
  • Every fishing session will help them earn a considerable amount of profit. 

7. Fletcher 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Are you fond of ranged combats? If yes, then you will need to find a Fletcher villager for this purpose. A Fletcher villager is, no doubts, the easiest and quick source of making money in Minecraft. The other essential features of these villagers are as follows:

  • They usually trade arrows, flint, crossbows, and bows in Minecraft gameplay. 
  • You can sell your everyday stuff such as sticks and flint to Fletcher villagers. 
  • You will be able to target your enemy even if you are miles away from your enemy. 
  • Once the Fletcher villagers reach their highest levels, they will trade tipped arrows. Here you can choose from the fifteen different kinds of tipped arrows for your gameplay. 
  • Minecraft players have to create the Fletcher villagers with a fletching table. 

8. Leatherworker 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

This job will help you make your Minecraft horse better than before. You can easily find a Leatherworker villager in Minecraft to buy all the leather items for yourself. Other relevant information about a leatherworker villager includes:

  • They will trade leather armors, horse armor, and saddles in Minecraft. 
  • They will also trade scutes, hide, and other leather items. 
  • A player will need a Cauldron to make a villager a leatherworker in Minecraft. 
  • You can easily find a leatherworker villager spawning at the Cauldron job site block. 
  • If you want to sell your leather items, you will also need a leatherworker villager because a leatherworker can buy your leather items in exchange for emeralds. 
  • They help you with a handsome amount of money in your gameplay. 

9. Librarian 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

This job will help you get better in your Minecraft world. Librarian villagers are the best source of earning and spending emeralds in Minecraft. There are a few other things that you need to know about librarian villagers. They include:

  • You can get enchanted books in exchange for emeralds. These enchanted books will help you get valuable enchantments for your tools and weapons in your Minecraft world. 
  • You can easily set up a working station for librarian villagers using a lectern in its gameplay. 
  • It is one of the reliable sources to earn a large amount of money. 
  • You can also buy name tags from the librarian villagers in Minecraft. 
  • You can quickly turn a villager into a librarian villager by placing a lectern near him. 
  • You can also get access to many bookcases, powerful enchantments, and enchanted books. 

10. Mason 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Want to make your place in the dangerous world of Minecraft? Here you have this villager job for that purpose. You can find and get a villager with this job to grow better as a Minecraft player and will help you find different kinds of stones to build your house, farmhouse, or other Minecraft building. The other characteristics of Masons are given below:

  • They will offer you emeralds in exchange for many everyday things such as clay, stones, granite, diorite, and many others. 
  • Mason villagers also trade cut versions of bricks and blocks in Minecraft. 
  • You can generate their working station with the help of a stone cutter in Minecraft. You can turn a villager into a mason villager by placing a stone cutter near him. 
  • They are also helpful as a source of profit. 
  • Once they reached their master levels, they will sell you 16 different kinds of terracotta for your gameplay. You can grab your desired terracotta to make your world beautiful and fascinating. 

11. Nitwit 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Nitwits have no such role to play in Minecraft. They are among those people or villagers who usually wander around the Minecraft world. Minecraft players place nitwits near the bottom of the list. Their other characteristics include:

  • They are non-playing characters in Minecraft.
  • Neither do they have jobs in Minecraft nor can they take any job at job site block. 
  • They are useless and of no value, in Minecraft until they turn into an ordinary villager.
  • One of the most useless mobs in Minecraft. 
  • They don’t have any purpose of fulfilling in Minecraft world. 
  • They are aimless and don’t have trades for Minecraft players. 
  • They can eat the food items and other leftover food particles. 
  • You can make them employed villagers by turning them into zombies and then into villagers by using different kinds of potions. 
  • The only thing that they can do is to breed with other nitwits or with other villagers. 
  • You can quickly identify them with a green robe attached to them. 

12. Shepherd 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Minecraft shepherd villagers will help you develop as a strong and better player in Minecraft. You can get the services of a shepherd villager in a variety of ways. A shepherd villager can trade with emeralds or for emeralds. The useful characteristics of this job include:

  • A shepherd villager will sell you emeralds in exchange for wool. 
  • You will be able to purchase beautifully crafted carpets of different colors from these shepherd villagers. 
  • They are also useful from the aesthetic point of view. 
  • You can improve the interiors of its house with the help of shepherd villagers. 
  • You can create a shepherd villager with a loom in Minecraft. 
  • They usually trade wool of different colors and many valuable paintings. 

13. Toolsmith 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Toolsmith villagers offer you a variety of handy materials in Minecraft. If you need those items, you will need Toolsmith villagers around you. You can use these tools when you are in dire need of them. The other defining features of this job include:

  • You can buy tools of varying colors from Toolsmith villagers. 
  • They also sell enchanted tools of varying quality in Minecraft. 
  • Toolsmiths also trade bells and minerals in Minecraft. 
  • One Toolsmith villager will help you provide many new tools when you find yourself short of the devices in your gameplay. 
  • You can get harvesting tools of various designs from these villagers. 
  • You can also sell your trivial items such as coal and iron ingots to them to exchange emeralds. They will provide you with a bonus along with emeralds. 
  • This job is a way of sound investment for a long-term collaboration. 
  • The block that makes a villager a Toolsmith is a Smithing table in Minecraft. 

14. Unemployed 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

Unemployed villagers are usually among those villagers who are at the bottom of the list. They have nothing to do in Minecraft. Neither can they trade nor sell anything for emeralds. But you can set up a job site block of your own choice, and they will start working there. They are always ready to take on any profession that you offer them. The other characteristics of this job are:

  • You don’t need any job site block for these villagers. 
  • Unemployed villagers have nothing to offer to Minecraft players. 
  • A player can turn an unemployed villager into an employed one by converting him into a zombie first. Then by using a potion of weakness, a zombie will turn into an employed villager. 

15. Weaponsmith 

Every Minecraft Villager Job Explained In Detail (2021)

This job is helpful to get the powerful enchantments for your Minecraft tools and weapons. You can easily enchant your weapons if you have a Weaponsmith villager around you. This villager will help you get the needed items for your gameplay. Read on to learn more about them. 

  • The block that makes a villager a Weaponsmith is a grindstone in Minecraft. 
  • A Weaponsmith villager will offer you iron and diamond swords. 
  • You can also purchase enchanted swords, axes, and pickaxes from these Weaponsmith villagers. 
  • They usually trade bells, enchanted weapons and tools, and a variety of minerals.  
  • This job will help you get rid of the extra coal and iron ingots in your inventory. 
  • You can also purchase diamond weapons from these villagers.
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