15 Fastest Horses in Minecraft in 2023 (Ranked)

fastest horses in minecraft

The Minecraft world is teeming with wild, deadly, useful, and beneficial animals or mobs. Among them, some Minecraft mobs prove to be highly advantageous throughout your Minecraft journey. Considering these beneficial mobs, you’ll discover that certain ones serve you in various ways, and Minecraft horses are a prime example. How do they contribute to the Minecraft experience, and which horses are the fastest? This is what we set out to discover today as we bring you a list of 15 fastest Minecraft horses, both in vanilla game and in mods.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on October 5, 2023, and reflects the most current state of the game.

15. Donkey


Donkeys are passive mobs and beasts of burden in the game. They are known for their long ears and can be tamed and ridden by players. Donkeys are useful for carrying items as they have a chest inventory, allowing players to transport additional items. They are slower than horses but have more inventory space.

To tame a donkey, players need to mount it several times until hearts appear, indicating a successful taming. Donkeys can also be bred with other donkeys or horses to produce mules, which inherit some characteristics from both parents. Since their speed is capped at 7.525 blocks/sec when spawned they are among the slowest in Minecraft


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14. Mules


Mules have slightly faster movement speed than Donkeys which puts them slightly above them on this list. They are capable of reaching between 4.8375 blocks/second and 14.5125 blocks/ second. To create a mule, you need one parent to be a horse and the other a donkey. When bred together, they have a chance of producing a mule.

Mules inherit some characteristics from both parents. They have the body shape of a horse with long ears, similar to a donkey.Mules inherit speed and jump strength randomly from either parent. This means that the speed and jump attributes of a mule can vary

13. Grey Horse

grey horse

Grey horses move between 4.74 blocks/second and 14.23 blocks/second, just like pretty much all other standard horse breeds. Grey horses have a coat color that appears grey in the game. The shade of grey can vary, and some grey horses may have a lighter or darker hue. Like other horses, grey horses can be tamed and ridden by players. Taming involves repeatedly attempting to mount the horse until hearts appear, indicating a successful taming. The specific attributes of a grey horse, such as speed and jump strength, are determined randomly.

12. Black Horse

black horse

When it comes to speed, Black horse has the standard potential of any vanilla horse, still, their unique coat color makes them relatively rare. Black horses usually spawn in plains biomes. These biomes are typically flat landscapes with grass, flowers, and occasional trees.

11. Creamy Horse

creamy horse

Creamy horse has the standard speed cap however what’s unusual about it is the fact that it does seem to produce top speed more often than not. It’s also relatively rare when compared to other coat colors and just like with any other horse, it’s state are decided randomly.

10. White horse

Base Profile Screenshot 2023.10.05

White horses are not only rare, they are also known to have the highest chance of having an offspring that is capable of moving 14.23 blocks/second this is what puts them at the top of our speed list when it comes to vanilla horses.

9. Skeleton Horse

skeleton horse

Skeleton horses do not naturally spawn in the game. Instead, they can be summoned under specific conditions. Skeleton horses can be spawned when a lightning bolt strikes a horse or a regular pig. If the struck horse was tamed, it turns into a skeleton horse. Players can then attempt to tame the skeleton horse.To tame a skeleton horse, a player needs to approach it and mount it. Like other horses, repeated attempts may be needed until hearts appear, indicating successful taming.

Skeleton horses cannot be bred with each other or with regular horses. They are a unique entity that comes into existence through specific lightning strike events.

8. Zombie horse

zombie horse

Zombie Horses do not naturally spawn in the game. They can only be obtained through a very specific set of circumstances, meaning you need to you the spawn egg to get them and even then you will be unable to ride one because they can’t be tamed under special circumstances. But there is a cheat to spawn one in-game: /summon minecraft:zombie_horse ~ ~ ~ {Tame:1b}.

Other than looking cool, Zombie Horse doesn’t appear to move faster than other horses, but it does appear like it can jump higher.


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7. Zorse


The Mo’ Creatures mod introduces the Zorse, a hybrid of a zebra and a horse, into the game. While not exceptionally unique, the Zorse serves a purpose. Although it doesn’t surpass the speed of a regular horse, it becomes valuable for spawning more powerful and faster horses included in the Mo’ Creatures pack. By giving the Zorse one of four essences (Undead, Fire, Darkness, Light), it transforms into a special horse variant corresponding to the essence used. For instance, using the essence of the undead turns the Zorse into a bat horse. Download the Mo’ Creatures mod for these additions.

6. Unicorns 

Unicorn in Minecraft

Unicorns are not part of the vanilla game, but the “Wings Horns & Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod” introduces various magical fantasy horses to Minecraft, notably the speedy Unicorn. This mod stands out for its exceptional speed. It also includes fantasy equipment for horses and introduces new breeds, allowing players to create unique variants. The mod features a DNA system, enabling players to explore magical genes such as wings, aura, and horns, offering a creative twist to Minecraft horse genetics. Perfect for those looking to enhance their Minecraft horse experience.

5. Nightmare


Nightmare, like our previous horse, cannot be acquired in the vanilla game. Notable for its hellish appearance, resembling a constant state of burning, Nightmares are part of the Mo’ Creatures mod and exclusively spawn in the Nether, displaying aggressive behavior. These supernatural horses, not bound by natural laws, are exceptionally fast, often seen ridden by Pigmen. Despite their aggressive nature, Nightmares can be tamed, offering a fiery addition to your Minecraft horse collection.

4. Bat Horse

bat horse

Presenting another addition from Mo’ Creatures, the Bat Horse is a unique breed found in the overworld under low light conditions (light level 7 or lower). Renowned for its speed, zombies, skeletons, and other undead creatures often ride these horses. As an undead type, the Bat Horse is naturally aggressive but can be tamed. When defeated, it has a 25% chance to drop the Heart of Darkness, a crafting ingredient for the essence of darkness, capable of transforming other horses into Bat Horses. Untamed versions burn in sunlight, while tamed ones do not. Bat Horses play a role in crafting Pegasus by using the essence of darkness.

3. Dark Pegasus

dark pegasus in Minecraft

Introducing the Dark Pegasus, a rare addition from Mo’s Creatures. Obtaining it is challenging, as you must give the essence of darkness to a flying pegasus above cloud level. Despite being slower than a regular pegasus, the Dark Pegasus boasts a unique charcoal black coat, appealing to players with a penchant for evil or undead aesthetics. This horse variant can also be equipped with a chest, similar to other “flying” horses introduced by the Mo’ Creatures mod. While its speed may not be impressive, its distinctive appearance makes it an interesting choice for specific thematic preferences.

2. Pegasus


This ethereal horse features the appearance of a white horse with blue eyes, complemented by majestic wings. To acquire a Pegasus, apply the essence of light (an item introduced by Mo’s Creatures) to a flying Bat Horse at cloud level. Pegasus surpasses the speed of the Bat Horse and can be equipped with a chest. This trait is shared with its offspring with a unicorn, specifically the white fairy horse, and yes, it’s slightly faster than Dark Pegasus.


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1. White Fairy Horse

White fairy horse

White Fairy Horse is the fastest and the rarest horse you can come across in the modded game. This ethereal creature doesn’t appear naturally; instead, you must breed it. Combining a pegasus and a unicorn with the essence of light, a Mo’ Creatures addition, creates the elusive White Fairy Horse. It’s crucial to note that successful breeding results in the disappearance of both parent horses.

To craft the essence of light, mix the essence of undead, the essence of fire, and the essence of darkness at a crafting table. These fairy horses can be colored using light blue, pink, or lime dye and, like mules and donkeys, can carry a small chest for convenient on-the-go inventory storage.

Have a horse to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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