Every Sonic Character’s Age (From Youngest to Oldest)

Every Sonic Characters Age From Youngest to Oldest

If you were ever wondering how old are the characters from the famous video game franchise Sonic the Hedgehog, we are going to take a look and see how old are our favorite furry friends. There’s a lot of discussion on this topic, and some fans suggest that Sonic, for example, gives off a vibe of an immature 23-year-old. You might be surprised to see some of your favorite characters age. We should note that some of the characters, like Dr. Eggman, Vanilla, and Froggy, are unknown. Without further ado, let’s take a look at every Sonic character’s age, starting from youngest to oldest.  

1. Cream the Rabbit (6 years old)

cream the rabbit

Cream is a young female rabbit character and the daughter of Vanilla the Rabbit. She is very polite and cares a lot about her friends, Chao and Cheese. She is always ready to help out her friends in need. Sometimes, she can be a little childish, but that is understandable because of her age, even later in the video game series.

2. Charmy Bee (6 years old)

charmy bee

Charmy is a young bee character, very motivated and passionate. He co-founded Team Chaotix, which is a detective agency. He is always on a mission to motivate his friends and coworkers. One of his known strengths is his sharp stinger and trademark suit and helmet. Even though he can be a little annoying to his friends when he flies around energetically but ultimately, he means well.

3. Marine the Raccoon (7 years old)

marine raccoon

Marine is a young raccoon character that first appeared in the Sonic Rush Adventure. She is a sailor who began her travels with Sonic and his friends, joining them in finding a Jeweled Scepter. During their mission, Marines formed long-lasting friendships with everyone. Her energetic and talkative nature is what makes her so lovable. Her biggest dream is to become the captain of her own ship.

4. Miles Prower “Tails” (8 years old)

miles tails

Miles is a young fox, and he was born with a distinct feature, and because of it, he would often get laughed at. Later on, when he met Sonic, he started to build his confidence back, aspiring to be as cool as him. They would eventually become best friends. Miles also learned how to use his two tails as a weapon, so his bright and energetic personality would come back to the surface.

5. Amy Rose (12 years old)

Frontiers Amy

Amy is a young hedgehog, also known as Rosy the Rascal. She met Sonic on Little Planet, and she immediately developed a crush on him. She wants to win his heart and soon becomes his self-proclaimed girlfriend. She is a very cheerful girl but don’t let that fool you, she wields a powerful weapon called the Piko Piko Hammer.

6. Maria Robotnik (12 years old)

Maria Robotnik

Maria is the cousin of Dr. Eggman. Because of her terminal illness, she was raised on the Space Colony ARK and was never able to visit Earth. She became really close friends with the hedgehog called Shadow. In fact, she tried to help Shadow escape the colony, but this, unfortunately, led to her getting killed by a soldier.

7. Blaze the Cat (14 years old)

Blaze the cat

Blaze is a young cat who was born into a royal family. She is next in line to the throne of the Sol Empire and imperial princess. Her role as the appointed guardian of the Sol Empire is somewhat similar to Sonic’s. Even though she has her duties to fulfill, most of the time, we see her go about her day-to-day life pretty freely and independently.

8. Silver the Hedgehog (14 years old)


Silver is a young Hedgehog that comes from the future. His powers are considered normal in the future, and his psychokinetic powers serve him well in this timeline. This power means that he has the ability to manipulate the environment. His strong sense of justice comes from his mission, which is to change the outcome of the events that lead to destruction in his future home.

9. Tikal (14 years old)


Tikal is a young echidna spirit, and she was released when Dr. Eggman tried to take over the world with Chaos. She is also the only child of Pachacamac, the chieftain of the Knuckles Clan. Tikal lived through a period of war, during which she befriended Chao and Chaos. She would later go on to help Sonic and his friends when saving the world.

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10. Jet the Hawk (14 years old)

Jet hawke

Jet is a young hawk and the leader of Babylon Rogues. While he can be very arrogant and prideful, even shady at times, he is still described as an honorable Extreme Gear Rider. He is also known as the Legendary Wind Master, and this is all due to his masterful way of Extreme Gear riding, which eventually garnered an impressive reputation amongst his peers.

11. Slinger the Ocelot (14 years old)

Slinger ocelot

Slinger is a young ocelot who used to be a part of an anti-Eggman mercenary team. They were called the Diamond Cutter, and his close companion was a Cyan Wisp. He is a strong believer in justice and very intelligent, he is always very focused on his missions and aware of his surroundings. You could also describe him as laid back and confident, which plays well with his ability to be extremely professional during missions.

12. Sonic the Werehog (15 years old)


This is a special transformation that takes place in the Sonic Hedgehog series. When Sonic accidentally absorbed Dark Gaia’s energy, it triggered the transformation. Because this energy had bestial and werewolf-like elements, Sonic’s visual appearance started to look like that. Although the transformation would only be triggered by nighttime and remain throughout the day.

13. Shadow the Hedgehog (15 years old)


Shadow is a young hedgehog who was created by Gerald Robotnik. In the Sonic and the Hedgehog series, he serves as an arch nemesis for Sonic. In many ways, the two hedgehogs look similar. Gerald Robotnik used the DNA of Black Doom when creating Shadow. Gerald’s idea for Shadow was to have him provide ways of developing a cure for his granddaughter Maria, with whom Shadow became really close friends.

14. Tangle the Lemur (15 years old)

Tangle the Lemur

Tangle is a young ring-tailed lemur that appeared in the Sonic and the Hedgehog comic series. It was after the Eggman War that she met Sonic and his friends. This was when she took to action to defend her village from evil hordes that were terrorizing villages all across the world, and they were called the Badnik Horde.

15. Claire Voyance (15 years old)

Claire Voyanc

Claire is another character that appeared in the Sonic and the Hedgehog comic series. She is a young howler monkey that was a part of a team we mentioned earlier called the Diamond Cutters. The anti-Eggman mercenary team, as we know, had a special mission to try and stop Dr. Eggman. She possessed extrasensory perceptive abilities, which essentially allowed her to sense targets from a distance or even have a slight precognition when she would have a bad feeling.

16. Sonic the Hedgehog (15 years old in the Modern era and 16 years old in the Classic era)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is the main character of this franchise. He was born with special abilities, and he can run faster than the speed of sound. He left his home very early on, and with his friend Tornado, he traveled the world. Leaving his home, called Christmas Island, helped him reach new places and meet new friends, including his sidekick, Miles. 

17. Knuckles (16 years old)


Knuckles is one of the main characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and he is also the sole survivor of the echidna race from the Knuckles Clan. He has a very wild nature, and his knuckles are very powerful weapons, and they make him even stronger. Another important thing to mention about him is that he is the guardian of Angel Island and a powerful relic that resides there.

18. Espio the Chameleon (16 years old)


Espio is a young chameleon who likes to stay in the shadows. He is a member of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He and his friends Vector the Crocodile and Charmy Bee, whom we mentioned earlier, solve cases together. Espio puts his skillset to good use; since he can change with the environment, he makes a really good ninja.

19. Mighty the Armadillo (16 years old)


Mighty is a young armadillo that doesn’t like violence. He has a passion for traveling, and his nature is very peaceful as well. One thing that he definitely doesn’t enjoy is roughness and violence, if he has to, he will fight, but he would prefer not to.

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20. Whisper the Wolf (16 years old)


Whisper is a member of the Diamond Cutter as well, the mercenary group we mentioned earlier. Since the Diamond Cutter supports the Restoration, she was aided on one of her missions by a team of Wisps.

21. Rouge the Bat (18 years old)

Rouge 1

Rouge is a young bat that worked part-time as a government spy. Another hobby she picked up along the way is, stealing. Later on, she became a world-famous treasure hunter since she always had a weakness for jewelry.

22. Big the Cat (18 years old)

Big the Cat

Big is a purple cat that lives within the Mystic Ruins, and he is also very kind and easy-going. His best friend Froggy and him usually spend most of their time fishing in peace. Don’t let his peaceful nature fool you, he is quite strong and is even described as one of Sonic’s strongest allies.

23. Wave the Swallow (18 years old)


Wave is a young swallow and the daughter of a mechanical expert from previous generations of the Babylon Rogues. She definitely takes after her father when it comes to her talent. She takes care of her friend’s Extreme Gears, and because of that knowledge, she is very confident and secure in herself.

24. Storm the Albatross (19 years old)

Storm Albatross

Sorm is a young albatross that is also a part of the Babylon Rogues. You can say that he is the group’s muscle, his strength is incredible, and with it, he can eliminate anyone in his way. He is not the brightest character, but he definitely makes it up with his strength.

25. Vector the Crocodile (20 years old)

Vector Crocodile

Vector is a young crocodile that is also the director of the Chaotix Detective Agency we mentioned. He and his friends Espio, and Charmy founded the agency together. He has a very intimidating exterior but is actually very kind-hearted. Because of some financial troubles, his agency will take any job that pays well.

26. Smithy the Lion (20 years old)

Smithy the Lion

Smithy is a young lion and the unofficial leader of the Diamond Cutters. His companion was a Pink Wisp during his time as the leader of the anti-Eggman group. Eventually, he was betrayed by Mimic and killed by Shadow Androids.

27. Mimic the Octopus (32 years old)


Mimic is an octopus character, a part of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. His ability centers around shapeshifting. He used to be a mercenary and a part of the Diamond Cutters, but as we mentioned earlier, he betrayed his team. Exposing their intentions to Dr. Eggman.

28. Pachacamac (52 years old)


Pachacamac used to serve as the leader of the Knuckles Clan. Many years ago, approximately three thousand years ago, he led his people into many successful wars. This resulted in expanding the Knuckles Clan. His greed eventually led to their demise. By wanting to build an empire, they were almost wiped out.

29. Zor (112 years old)


Zor was one of the antagonists of Sonic the Hedgehog. He served as a spy for a group called the Deadly Six. When Dr. Eggman wasn’t in the picture anymore, the Deadly Six decided to find ways to make themselves strong enough to rule the world. They wanted to do this by using Eggman’s Extractor.

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30. Zeena (120 years old)


Zeena is another member of the organization called the Deadly Six. She served as the manager of the group and handled certain secretarial duties. The group’s plan did not work in the end because they were defeated by Sonic.

31. Zazz (127 years old)


While we’re nearing the end of this list, you will notice we will be finishing it off with all of the Deadly Six members. Zazz is another one of them, and his role was being in charge of special attack operations.

32. Zomom (133 years old)


Another one of Deadly Six antagonists is called Zomom. Even when Eggman tried to get the members back under his control, they decided to rebel against him. Zomom was filling the role of the saboteur.

33. Zavok (148 years old)


Zavok is the main antagonist and the leader of the Deadly Six. Zavok was the one that created the plan to rebel against Dr. Eggman and eventually wanted to use Eggman’s Extractor to achieve world domination. Unfortunately for him, this did not end well.

34. Master Zik (1,036 years old)

Finally, for the oldest member of the Deadly Six and the oldest character on this list, Master Zik. He used to be Zavok’s teacher. He was also the one who founded the group, he even followed Zavok in his plan to try and conquer the world, but in the end, they did not succeed.

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