Sonic vs. The Flash: Who Is Faster?

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Two of the fastest characters in their own universes are Sonic and the Flash. Sonic is Sega’s fastest character, even though other characters from the franchise are also very fast. Meanwhile, the Flash is often considered the fastest DC character there is, even though there are also amazingly fast speedsters in the DC universe. But while Sonic and the Flash belong in different universes, who is the faster character between them?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Both Sonic and Flash are incredibly fast and defy the laws of physics.
  • Flash, however, seems to be faster than Sonic because of the fact that he can tap into the Speed Force.
  • Flash’s (Wally West) speed reached 13 trillion times the speed of light at one point. He was way faster than thought and managed to outrun the death itself, which allowed him to win this race.

Sonic is naturally fast, while Flash has Speed Force

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The thing about Sonic is that he is a character who was just born to be fast, and that means that he is naturally fast. He didn’t go through any kind of special training or anything similar to that to gain his speed (although he does train) because he was simply born with his incredible speed, just like many of the different characters in the Sega Sonic universe. And he doesn’t even use any special kind of power to become fast.

wally west getting powers

Wally West, the fastest of all Speedsters in DC comics, got his powers in a similar incident as Barry Allen. He was struck by lightning while near some chemicals, and the rest is history. He managed to gain access to the Speed Force, one of the fundamental forces in the DC Universe that allows individuals to become speed itself. Speed Force governs motion and while taping into it, individuals can time travel, breaking space-time boundaries.


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Flash’s top speed beats Sonic’s top speed

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Sonic’s incredible speed is beyond question, enabling him to travel entire cities in mere seconds. His speed is so remarkable that he can even manipulate water, grabbing and tossing it like a ball before the laws of physics have a chance to deem it impossible. Sonic’s agility allows him to move at speeds comparable to or exceeding that of light. However, his maximum raw speed output approaches the speed of light. It’s general consensus that Sonic can move at the speed of light.

Wally West, as we’ve already mentioned, is the fastest out of all characters to carry the mantle of Flash, and there is a good reason for that, as he is the conduit of Speed Dorce. The Flash surpasses instant teleportation in speed and effortlessly outpaces the expansion of the Universe.

wally outrinning death

In a remarkable feat, Wally West ran to the end of time to outstrip Black Flash, compellingly illustrating the Flash’s astonishing speed. His velocity is beyond comprehension, defying measurement or comparison to anything within our understanding. At one point, Wally reached a speed 13 trillion times the speed of light. Making him far faster than Sonic.

Flash (1-0) Sonic

Flash has better abilities than Sonic


Aside from his speed, Sonic the Hedgehog is described as a capable hand-to-hand fighter and is just about as good as Knuckles in a straight-up fight. On top of that, when powered up in the different games and when he gets his hands on the crystals called Chaos Emeralds, he does get gifted with different abilities that can be quite useful in certain situations. Nevertheless, Sonic’s footspeed is simply what makes him special.

The Flash is not only fast but can use his speed to break the laws of physics to do things that the other speedsters in any fictional universe can do. One case in point is the fact that he can use his speed to travel through time, and he has done this numerous times in many different publications of the Flash. He has also shown the ability to phase through walls by vibrating his molecules and the ability to cross from one dimension to another using his speed and his connection to the Speed Force.

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Regarding his overall meta abilities, the Flash is not just a plain speedster. On the other hand, Sonic is just a speedster that’s capable of running at amazing speeds. This is why the Flash takes this round.

Flash (2-0) Sonic


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Sonic has better forms

One of the things that Sonic often employs in big battles is that he can use different forms that allow him to become much stronger. He can transform into a wide variety of different forms with their own specialties. Some of the examples include Hyper Sonic, Excalibur Sonic, and Dark Spine Sonic. All these forms allow him to reach different power levels, making him an even faster and stronger character.


On the other hand, the Flash doesn’t have any other forms that he can reach, although he can tap into the Speed Force more to become faster. As mentioned, the closer the Flash is to the Speed Force, the faster he gets. But the problem is that he can get trapped with the Speed Force if he gets too close to it, and that’s why he tends to limit his speed. Still, he can reach higher power levels, but they only increase his speed without allowing him to become stronger.

Sonic the Hedgehog wins this round because his power-ups allow him to become faster and stronger while giving him new abilities. While the Flash can indeed power himself up by tapping more into the Speed Force, he only gets faster when he does that. And that explains why Sonic gets this round.

Flash (2-1) Sonic

So, who is faster between Flash & Sonic?

Flash has speed and extra abilities going for him; therefore, he is faster than Sonic the Hedgehog. Wally West has some of the most insane speed feats in the history of fiction. Although Sonic has several alternative forms and several powerups at his disposal, he can’t even come close to reaching Flash’s top speed.

Who do you think is faster between the two? Let us know in the comments below!

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