Every The Eminence in Shadow Character’s Age, Birthday, Height, & Voice Actor

Every The Eminence in Shadow Character's Age, Birthday, Height, & Voice Actor

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The Eminence in Shadow is a Japanese light novel series written by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrated by Tōzai. It has been published as an online novel since May 2018 on the text publishing site Shōsetsuka ni narō. An anime adaptation of the series produced by the Nexus studio began airing in October 2022. The Eminence in Shadow is a fairly popular series and that is why we have decided to tell you a bit about its characters in this article.

What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important The Eminence in Shadow characters and their heights, ages, birthdays, and voice actors. The data we are going to use refers to the canon data we have from the manga, which is currently ongoing, so things are certainly going to change, but we are going to focus either on the data at the time of a character’s death or the current in-universe time. Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

CharacterAgeBirthdayHeightJapanese voice actor
Cid Kagenō / Shadow / John Smith15UnknownUnknownSeiichirō Yamashita
Claire Kagenō 17UnknownUnknownRina Hidaka
Alexia Midgar 15UnknownUnknownKana Hanazawa
Iris MidgarUnknownUnknownUnknownYōko Hikasa
Rose Oriana 17UnknownUnknownHaruka Shiraishi
Alpha 15UnknownUnknownAsami Seto
Beta 15UnknownUnknownInori Minase
Gamma 17UnknownUnknownSuzuko Mimori
Delta 15UnknownUnknownFairouz Ai
Epsilon17UnknownUnknownHisako Kanemoto
Zeta UnknownUnknownUnknownAyaka Asai
Eta UnknownUnknownUnknownReina Kondō
Nu (#13)15UnknownUnknownMaaya Uchida
Sherry Barnett16UnknownUnknownSaya Aizawa
Hyoro Gari15UnknownUnknownYoshitsugu Matsuoka
Jaga Imo15UnknownUnknownShin Matsushige

Cid Kagenō / Shadow / John Smith

Fall 2022 anime 2

Cid Kageno, the main character, is the son of a noble family. He was reincarnated in the world where the narrative is set after having lived in a different one in the past. He introduces himself as the head of Shadow Garden, a clandestine group that battles the Diabolos cult.

Claire Kagenō 

Shadow Garden 02 Large 37

She is Cid’s sister and is his senior by two years. She frequently taunts Cid and even lightly strikes him because she is stronger than him. She sincerely cares about him and would risk everything to keep him safe. She had early swordsmanship training and is regarded as being exceptionally talented.

Alexia Midgar 

theeminenceinshadow pv3screenshot 1

Conscious of her duties as a princess, she makes it her duty to help Cid progress as a person, even if it means passing for a villain. She is also one of the only characters (apart from Shadow Garden members) to have personally seen Shadow in action but she is unaware that his true identity is actually Cid himself.

Iris Midgar

Iris Midgar Anime Design

She is a courageous and industrious woman who takes seriously her responsibility to defend her realm. Because of this, many people regard her as a model warrior. She does, however, have some shortcomings. Iris has a certain amount of stubbornness that keeps her from seeing that there are creatures in this world who are far stronger than she is, even if she is by no means conceited. She also lacks political and leadership abilities despite being a princess, making it impossible for her to run the Crimson Order. She even admits this to herself, saying Alexia is wiser than she is.

Rose Oriana 

rose oriana 1 edited

The princess of the kingdom of Oriana, a nearby nation renowned for its arts. Instead of learning conventional skills, she trained in swordsmanship, which generated a lot of debate. She is the president of the student council and a transfer student at Midgard’s sword academy. Iris Midgard is the only student at the academy with swordsmanship that can compete with hers.


Alpha shows evidence of fake Shadow Garden group

A lovely elf girl and the original Shadow Gardener. She is under the control of a demon when Cid first meets her. After numerous experimentation, Cid is able to set her free and win her allegiance. She is in charge of finding the other six Shadow Garden members.



She is the second Shadow Garden member. She is an elf whose beauty is well-known. She chronicles Cid’s adventures as Shadow in her book, The Warrior Chronicles of Shadow.



She is member number three of Shadow Garden. She is highly clever despite being poor on both a technical and physical level. She oversees the Mitsugoshi company’s development and construction, which allows Shadow Garden to raise money. For her to be able to replicate an item from her home world and sell it for a significant profit, Cid only needs to convey the concept of the item to her.


The Eminence in Shadow Season 2: Here Is What We Know!



A beast-girl capable of feats with her great brute strength. She also has particularly sharp senses, being able to recognize a smell at a great distance to hunt her targets. She only listens to those she has recognized as being stronger than her.


The Eminence in Shadow Newsbild Juli 2022

Being born into a noble household made Epsilon a self-confident young woman. She lost all concern after being exiled and now only wants to exact revenge on the ones she used to trust. All of that changed when she met Cid Kagenou, who gave her a new direction in life and with whom she fell in love. She has demonstrated that she at least retains some dignity if only to demonstrate her value to Cid Kagenou.

She became very self-conscious about her body as a result of her pride, believing it would be difficult to entice her lord. She, therefore, spends more time in her slime bodysuit than any other Shadow Garden member and is scared that someone will find out that her chest size is a lie.



Female beastkin Zeta has a long tail, huge wolf ears, and blonde hair. She wears the standard slim dark bodysuit that all the other characters wear, but with a big cape and a section showing her cleavage. Zeta, like Delta, her fellow Beastkin, seems to like fighting based on how the anime portrays her. In contrast to the “loose cannon,” she appears to have more self-control.


The female elf Eta has purple eyes and hair. Eta is slow-moving, as seen by the difficulty in waking her when she falls asleep. Eta appears to be somewhat of a mad scientist, according to Alpha, who worries about what she would do to their recently captured Earthling if she got her hands on her.

Nu (#13)


The numerals, with Nu being the first, follow the first seven Shadow Garden members. She was an once noble girl who fell into demonic possession and was abandoned. Later, one of the Seven Shadows of the Shadow Garden came to her aid and initiated her. She excels in donning disguises and makeup. sculpting the required shape out of properly prepared mud to resemble skin.

Sherry Barnett

sherry barnett 1 edited

Sherry can understand ancient languages because she is a bright little girl. She has spent a lot of time studying, but this makes her introverted and makes it difficult for her to interact with others. She is also incredibly devoted to the people she considers her friends, including Cid and her stepfather. She only becomes more active in an effort to get closer to the boy she has a crush on after receiving chocolate from him.

Hyoro Gari

episode 3 images v0 jp35kjtcidu91

Hyoro is an unremarkable student who is dressed in the colors of the Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy. He has a tall and lean build. Although he may look to be somewhat stylish and make an effort with his appearance, he lacks good judgment. In order to make money or find a lover, Hyoro has demonstrated a tendency to enlist his pals in his different scams. As a result, Sid, his friend, became furious with him.


‘The Eminence in Shadow’ Watch Order

Jaga Imo


He has a frail, tiny build. No matter the perspective, he wouldn’t even have the appearance of being a handsome guy, according to Cid Kagenō. When compared to his friends, Jaga Imo is revealed to be an idiot. At school, Jaga Imo, Cid, and Hyoro wagered that the loser would tell Princess Alexia their secret. While Alexia accepted the boy’s offer and the two begin a romance despite Cid losing the bet, Jaga and Hyoro are envious.

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