Fallout 4: Does Gender Matter? Which Is Better, Male or Female?

Fallout 4 Does Gender Matter

Gender in Fallout 4 is one of the first choices you’re going to make every time you start a new playthrough. We’ve recently covered the topic of changing one’s gender in Fallout 4 via console command which prompted us to write about differences across genders in the game. In most games, there aren’t any significant differences if you play as female or male besides NPCs referring to you differently and voice acting being different (if it’s even present in the game), due to that let’s explore this in a bit more detail in this game as well. Let’s see does gender matter in Fallout and if it does, which is better, male or female?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Gender does not matter in Fallout 4. There aren’t any significant differences between male or female Sole Survivors besides voice acting being different and your backstory being slightly different due to the gender of your spouse.
  • Both Nate and Nora share the same abilities and perks, with one minor difference. Nora’s Black Widow perk is a slightly better choice since there are more male NPCs in the game than female ones but that’s about it.

Differences between male and female Sole Survivor in Fallout 4

When it comes to differences between the two genders in Fallout 4, they are tied to the backstory of your character at best. There aren’t any significant pros and cons against playing female or male and the choice is left to the player’s preferences. However, while they are not game-breaking and drastic some differences do exist and in the rest of this post, we’re going to analyze them all.


If you decide to play as a male in Fallout 4 you will take control of a Sole Survivor named Nate. Nate is a former soldier and decorated war hero who served in the 2nd Battalion. Nate was married to Nora and the two had a son Shaun. You will have the pleasure of meeting Shaun further down the line.
If you decide to play as a female Sole Survivor you will be taking control of Nora. In the pre-war era, Nora was an attorney and married to Nate, she lived with both Nate and Shaun before the war struck.

Spuse killing
No matter which gender you choose your spouse will be killed and your son Shaun will be kidnapped

No matter whether you choose Nate or Nora there’s no going around the fact that your spouse will be killed and the game begins in the same way. One thing important to note, however slight, is the fact that when you take into consideration the current state of the Commonwealth and the world in general, Nate’s backstory fits better with the narrative considering the fact that he was a former soldier. It makes much more sense for him to be a Sole Survivor who uses advanced technologies and weaponry as he would already be used to such tasks pre-war.


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NPC interactions

Some NPCs might comment on your gender or your backstory. The fact that Nora was an attorney or Nate decorated war her is referenced several times. NPCs might comment on your looks as well depending on the gender you chose.


Both genders are balanced in Fallout 4 and have the same stats, except for one minor difference related to perks. If you choose Nate, the Ladykiller perk is available to you. This perk essentially allows you to deal more damage to female NPCs and to make dialogue interactions with them easier.
If you take control of Nora, the Black Widow perk becomes available to you.

Black widow

Black Widow works the same as Ladykiller, it provides more damage to male NPCs and it makes it easier to persuade them in dialogue. Nora has a slight advantage here when it comes to perks solely due to there being more male than female NPCs in the game. This in turn makes Black Widow perk more useful.

Voice acting

Voice acting is also different depending on whether you choose Nate or Nora. However, this cannot be commented on objectively as players have different preferences. We will only note that there is a difference, but we cannot judge whether the male or female voice acting is better.

Does gender matter for romance in Fallout 4?

Gender does not matter for romance since your possible partners are not “gender locked”. You can date both males and females and even select multiple partners at the same time. When it comes to this criteria, both genders are identical and left to your preferences. But for more information, you can check out our romance guide through Fallout 4.

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Is male or female canon in Fallout 4

Since the male voice narrates the prologue of the game it would seem that Nate is canon Sole Survivor at least when it comes out Fallout 4. The characters of Nora and Nate are not referenced in any prior games so it’s difficult to establish the canonicity of their existence. But nevertheless, it doesn’t matter, all endings and options are available to both genders.

As you can see the differences between the two genders in Fallout 4 are irrelevant and the only thing that can give a slight advantage to Nora is her Black Widow perk. And even that is solely due to the fact that there are more male NPCs in the game. When it comes to other differences in backstory, NPC interactions, and voice acting, those differences are subjective and which is better depends on the preferences of the player.


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If you plan to roleplay as a military guy, Nate might be more suited to your preferences due to being a former soldier and decorated war hero. If however, you plan on roleplaying as a survivor with little idea of how to navigate the Commonwealth, you should probably go with Nora and rely on her wit and charisma since she was an attorney pre-war. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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